25m Caravan Mains Electric Hook Up Cable

Do we really need three 25m Caravan Mains Electric Hook Up Cables? I hear you ask.

Why Three Electric Hook-Up Cables?

An electric hook-up cable is an important, in fact, must-have caravan accessory. But why 3? Well, one travels with us in the caravan. The second is for use at home. We have the caravan on the drive and use the EHU cable to keep the caravan connected whilst it’s on the drive.

We’ve never felt the need to have a longer cable than 25m, it’s been able to reach every EHU (electric hook up) on-site without any issues.

Semloh ML25 Mains Extension Lead, 25 m*
  • Brand New 25 metre heavy duty orange hook up cable
  • Suitable for your caravan, camper or motorhome
  • 240v 16Amp plug and coupler connectors
  • High visibility Orange colour as approved by Caravan Sites
  • 2.5mm² thick 100% Copper 3 Core Cable

To get power to your caravan you simply plug one end of the cable into the electric hook up (EHU) and the other into your caravan. It’s recommended you plug into your caravan first so that you’re not walking around with a potentially live cable in your hand. The opposite is from when packing away. Disconnect from the EHU first. Simple safety tip.

If you’re camping you’ll probably need a different 25m Caravan Mains Electric Hook Up Cable. Like this one :

All Lengths 16 AMP to 4 Gang 13 AMP UK Socket 4 Way 16A Caravan Hook Up Extension Lead Motorhome Mains Hook Up 1.5mm 3183Y Orange Cable (25m)*
  • 16 AMP to 4 Gang 13 AMP 240V Extension Lead
  • 2P+E IP44 Rated Plug
  • 13 AMP 4 Gang White Trailing Socket with Neon Power Indicator
  • 1.5mm 3 Core 3183Y Orange Flex Cable
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use

You’ll see the difference straight away, you have plug sockets on the end so you can plug whatever it is you need to plug in.

On and the 3rd 25m Caravan Mains Electric Hook Up Cable is just a spare. We had two 25m Caravan Mains Electric Hook Up Cable already and the 3rd came with the caravan when we bought it.

They all have suitable ends to fit on UK and in fact European sites we’ve never had and issue. You might like to look at getting something to check reverse polarity It’s a personal choice thing, but I always think better safe than sorry, especially as they are not that expensive.


Electric hook-up cables are relatively inexpensive. Cheap enough for you to carry a spare or to use a separate one at home. However, they are an essential piece of equipment, so best leave it in the caravan so you don’t forget it. Not that we ever have, honest…

*Last update on 2024-02-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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