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Hi, and welcome to our website, I’m glad you found us.

So who are the “us” in us?

Me (Graham) and Mandy. We’ve been caravanning since 2006 and know what it’s like to be a beginner. Now, there are some very fine caravan based websites and You Tube channels, but there’s always room for one more, isn’t there? We think so.

What do we do?

We impart our knowledge built up over many years. We know what we didn’t know (if that makes sense) and do our best to cover things in as much detail as possible.

Although I like a lot of the caravanning resources on the internet, sometimes they don’t go into enough details and maybe assume more knowledge than people have. For example, “Connect up the Caravan to the electric” You will understand that as a sentence, but how do you actually do it? Show me?

Many years ago I had to replace a washer in a gearbox on an old car I had, it was making a noise and a mechanic had seen it before. This washer costs about £3. He wanted nearly £400 as he’d have to remove the gearbox etc etc. Well, I went out and bought this washer along with a Haynes manual. How difficult could it be to replace a washer, while I’m at it I’ll replace all the cogs inside too, why not it would cost me about £150 and I’ll have a brand new gearbox.

I opened up the Haynes manual on the correct section.

  1. Remove gearbox
  2. Replace washer

Hang on, how do i remove the gearbox? It assumed a lot of knowledge, I found out how to remove the gearbox, in a different section.

My point? Well, something might sound easy if you know how to do it. However, if you don’t you’ll need more information. For me, the more information I get the better I understand something and the less stressed I feel.

Did I answer the question? Maybe, maybe not.

Why We Do It?

To become internet millionaires. Ha. No, actually I work in IT so I’m a little bit obsessed with creating websites. We also love caravanning and it’s our only source of holidays. We don’t fly (arms aren’t strong enough), it’s a long story, but it’s to do with all the faffing about you need to do at the airport. Anyway, we take our caravan everywhere. But we refuse to let it in the house..

We go away a lot so if we start documenting our trips, pretty soon we’ll have a nice record of where we’ve been. We also look at a lot of reviews before booking somewhere, or even buying accessories.

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If you have a project in mind that you’d like to work with me on, them please check out this page and I’ll explain the types of collaboration work I undertake.

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