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Adria Adora Tiber

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I first looked at the Adria Adora Tiber when we were looking to buy our next caravan. Unfortunately it hadn’t been released and details were a bit sketchy. Well, the Adria Adora Tiber has now been released (as of 9th Feb 2021), however the details are still a bit sketchy. It will be at dealers during April 2021.

Adria Adora Tiber Tech Specs

Let’s start with the price – £25,995. There’s a lot of caravan for that price.

As you can see from the above, it’s a rear island bed, centre washroom, front lounge layout. This is exactly the layout we were looking for.

Here’s the sizes. I don’t understand why, a caravan that has officially been released, still doesn’t quote MRO and MTPLM ?

Length: 8244 mm
Width: 2460 mm
Total Height: 2610 mm

Key Features

Adria claims that the main panoramic roof is the largest of any caravan in the UK and it certainly does look impressive. The lounge has wood over head cupboards and the kitchen has white cupboards. The fridge is 140 litres. It does have ALDE heating. I’m not 100% sure it has ATC, I’ve read some reports it does, but Adria themselves don’t seem to mention it as far as I can see? The rear island bed can slide to make more room during the day.

As with all Adrias, the windows make the interior very bright. Although these photos are with the lights on, all other Adria’s are flooded with natural light from the massive front windows and roof lights.

Key Features List From Adria:

  • Spacious, light and airy lounge
  • Panoramic roof window
  • Dedicated bedroom with plenty of storage
  • NEW Island bed layout within Adria’s best-selling caravan range
  • Functional Kitchen with full oven/grill, large 140L fridge and microwave oven
  • Great bathroom facilities with full separate shower and changing area
  • Alde Heating
  • Stylish exterior body with new aerodynamic wind diffusers
  • Al-Ko chassis for secure and stable towing

Adria’s technical document of the Adora Tiber can be found below:

Conclusions – Adria Adora Tiber Review

Just to give you some context to this review, I’m not an Adria fan boy, their interiors are too contemporary for me personally. However, I did my best to give a fair and reasoned review of what I’ve seen. You might not agree with me, that’s fine, I’m sure we can still stay friends…

I( do think this is a cracking caravan though. I do like it, I just wouldn’t buy it. )

** My review Vlog to follow soon **

Photo from However, now I don’t think it’s the Tiber at all, I think it’s the Thames..But, as you can see, it has a 3 panel window.

For me, the interior is just too contemporary. I know that’s exactly what Adria have meant and they have achieved it. I’m just not their target customer. Adria make perfectly good caravans, as do most other caravan manufacturers. The quality looks perfectly good.

There’s also something boxy and if I can say this without offending too many people, they are a little “tank like”. Buy that you could read “well built” I guess. They just look boxy. Now, with the Tiber they have specifically said that this is more aerodynamic and streamlined.

Until lockdown is over and dealers have them in stock and start sharing exterior photos I don’t know the Placement of electric, external BBQ point and water outlets, I guess we can assume for now they are the same as others in the range.

See Adria’s website for more info on the Adria Adora Tiber:

Adria’s press release for the Tiber:

Adria Adora Tiber In Their Own Words

Adora, our best-selling caravan model has been taken to the next level with an all-new design both inside and out. The Adora’s signature features are it’s panoramic roof window, new stunning exterior body profile and all new interior design which creates a home from home feeling.

The request for a central island bed layout within Adora has escalated, which encouraged us to produce a layout which meets this demand during season 2021 even if it was to be available mid-season. The development was underway several months ago and the very first production model is now complete and ready to make it’s entrance into the UK.

Fresh off the production line and making its well awaited launch into season 2021, this incredibly spacious and stylish 4 berth caravan proves perfect for both couples and small families. The bedroom area is so light, airy and functional with maximised storage and featuring bedside storage for all of your personal items.
The main feature of the open plan spacious lounge is the huge panoramic window and triple front window which lets in maximum natural light and creates a comfortable, airy living space.

The lounge is complimented by a blend of white and light wood interior furniture, stylish décor and adjustable lighting. You can also expect a TV bracket fitted within both the lounge and bedroom area.
The functional kitchen boasts a full oven/grill with generous storage and a large fridge to accommodate everything you need for that much needed longer escape.

Another fabulous feature is the bathroom. Space is maximised by a separate shower cubicle positioned adjacent to the toilet/washroom. This centrally located bathroom creates a spacious changing room by just the closure of a door to create an en-suite and is a very welcome feature to this layout.

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One response to “Adria Adora Tiber Review”

  1. Steve greenwood avatar
    Steve greenwood

    Disappointed with Tiber.
    We have got our Adria Tiber First we were really pleased, now we have used it for 2 days.
    Heat pump is beside the bed and hums all night switching on an of.
    We decided to leave heating off second night, we were cold. The insulation doesn’t appear to be good
    In the morning had to get up to turn heating back on
    TV, the sockets fowl the Ariel socket to the point you have to force the plug in
    Some electrical sockets flap up which means a transformer plug will not fit.
    We are finding water pump in shore is disappointing.

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