Have you had a Alde Heating Gurgling Noise coming from your wardrobe?

When we collected our newest caravan we were lucky enough to have Alde heating preinstalled. We spent our first night in the caravan and it was a cold night, so were obviously keen to know exactly how good Alde Heating is.

For those who don’t know it’s a wet heating system much like the one you might have at home. So in effect there are radiators, this of course replaces hot air heating that caravans also have. It does mean that you don’t get a “fire”. However, much like the heating at home you can leave it on during the day when you’re out or at night when you’re asleep. Or if you’re under 30 years old, it might be the other way around?

We are very pleased with the performance of the Alde Heating, but we experienced a weird thing on the first night. In our caravan the expansion tank is in the wardrobe my side of the bed, typical.  I could hear a weird gurgling, or bumbling noise. On further inspection it was the water bubbling in the expansion tank. I could see it bubbling like a kettle. Two things flash through my mind, firstly I did think the gurgling was my stomach and secondly on noticing the bubbling, I was concerned that the water had got a bit too hot!

The next morning I had a look into the issue. I first found the circulation pump, which is placed next to the boiler under the front seats. It works the same way as your pump at home will work, it circulate the water around the system. I noticed the circulation pump was set to number 5, which is the fastest setting. On reading through the manual (yawn) it is normally only set to 5 when you’re purging air from the system. So, I’d come to the conclusion that during the caravan’s PDI the heating system was tested.

It seemed the engineer hadn’t change the pump setting back. Normal operation the pump should be set to 2. I changed it and the next night I had a peaceful sleep.

To fix the Alde Heating gurgling noise, set the pump to 2. Chances are it’s been set to 5 and hasn’t been corrected..

The next thing I need to check is that from the start the pump has been set to continuous mode, where I think it should be set to thermo so that the pump only comes on when heat is required, much like at home.

Information about this and other Alde Control settings, take a look at my Your video detailing the settings…



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