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All bow to the king of caravan water containers. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the Aquaroll. The thing is, you’re not a real caravanner until you own and have used an Aquaroll. If you’re ever on site do NOT say to anyone, “Oh, what’s that mate?” and point to the Aquaroll. You’ll most likely be banned from the caravan site. I know what you’re thinking – what’s so special about the Aquaroll? If the Aquaroll is that blooming good, why is no one else crowing about it?

What you are of course forgetting, is that I am the one and only International CaravanVlogger and I’ve forgotten more about caravanning than you’ll ever know. Now that we have that straight, settle down and read on about this king of caravan accessories; the Aquaroll.

The Aquaroll is a bit like the Hoover, or maybe an iPad. By that I mean it’s a brand name that describes an item. You’ll here people say, “pass me the iPad”, when actually it’s a Samsung tablet, I mean what’s wrong with people? Someone might say, “Run the hoover around for us will you?” The person being requested will, without a second though pick up the Dyson and start sucking the dust up. They wouldn’t say, “Do you mean the Dyson?” You get my point.

“Don’t forget the Aquaroll Maureen” an excited caravanner might ask of their partner as they pack away the last pieces into the car. Maureen will of course, just pick up the water container without even batting an eyelid or questinging the fact that it’s actually a Waterhog (God help us)

Why All The Fuss About a Water Container / Carrier ?

You’re right of course, no grown adult should get too excited about an Aquaroll water carrier, it’s just not healthy. However, the next time you’re on site, take a look around and most will have an Aquaroll and sometimes two! The main thing with the Aquaroll is that it is simplicity personified. In a nutshell it’s a plastic water butt with a couple of screw tops. But is it?

Hitchman Aquaroll – Silver 40 Litres*
  • Hitchman Aquaroll – Silver 40 Litres
  • Product type: BLANKET
  • Brand: ArkiFACE

Design Features

If we take a closer look at this ubiquitous water carrier (and who wouldn’t want to) you’ll see a new stand out design features. Now FL Hitchman, who designed the Aquaroll, knew a thing or two about caravanning. Founded in 1953 and in over 60 years, it hasn’t changed that much. At this point I’d love to insert photos of the changing design of the Aquaroll, but I don’t have any, so let’s just say it hasn’t changed much.

The first thing you’ll notice are the two black bands, this are, in effect the water carriers tires. They make it easier and more importantly, quieter, so when you’re filling up the Aquaroll at 06:00am because you didn’t do it the previous evening and the other half is now saying they want a shower. No, they are not walking across to the shower block and YOU should have filled it up last night. You see, you should have bought two. Anyway your 06:00am trip to the service point will be that much quieter due to these tires.

Next are the two caps, one at the top and another at the side. This geniously allows you to have the water carrier either upright, or laying on its side when attached to the caravan or filling it up at the service point. Brilliantly simple.

You’ll notice on the top and the bottom and little black thing. What is this little black thing I here you ask? Well, it’s for inserting a handle. Can you imagine getting a 40 litre barrel back to the caravan (let’s face it all service points are downhill from where you pitched) from the service point if you had to roll it? There would be many an unfortunate accident with Aquarolls running out of control full of water. As we all know, 1 lire of water weighs 1 kg, so this beast, when full, weighs 40kg. You don’t want that hitting someone’s child, or worse still, your caravan!

So, the handle slots in either side to make moving the Aquaroll more socially acceptable and will probably stop you getting involved in fights, or being sued for criminal damage.

Below is an example of an Aquaroll with the handle attached. You might also notice it’s in blue. This signifies ihat it’s the economy version. It’s a little cheaper, as the name suggests, it’s made from recycled plastic and the walls are slightly thinner

Aquaroll Hitchman Economy 40 Litre Roll Along Water Carrier*
  • Aquaroll Hitchman Economy 40 Litre Roll Along Water Carrier
  • Brand : Aquaroll
  • Product type: WATER DISPENSER
  • Aqua

You’ll have to admit this is the longest, in depth article of the Aquaroll you’ve ever read. We’re not finished yet. Before we leave let’s have a look at some accessories that might improve your Aquaroll experience and, well, who knows, might even improve your life (no guarantee on that obviously)

First accessory is the Aquaroll stand. Have you ever seen such a fine Aquaroll stand? I think not …

Hitchman 40ST 145 Stand for Aquaroll*
  • Hitchman stand for the 40ltr Aquaroll
  • Ideal for campers using an Aquaroll without a pump
  • The stand holds the water carrier above ground level enabling use of the tap without lifting or tilting your Aquaroll
  • You can fit the stand and the tap even when the Aquaroll is full without lifting
  • Remove the handle, place the Aquaroll on the end, fit the tap, hold the stand in position and use the handle to lever onto the stand

Next up, is the Aquaroll mains adapter kit. Now this really will change your life! You can connect your Aquaroll to a tap and insert this gadget, it acts a bit like a ballcock on an old water cistern. Once the float reaches a certain lever i.e. when it’s full, the water stops. As the water level drops, it’s automatically topped up…Some prefer this on a serviced pitch as they worry about floods having the mains connected straight into your caravan. (but of course some people worry about anything)

And that my friends is about all there is to say about the good old Aquaroll. Feel free to purchase any of the items listed on this page and if you do, you have my sincere thanks…

Suitable for Aquaroll Mains Water Adaptor Ball Valve Kit with Space Saving 10 mtr FLAT Food Grade Hose by Care-avan*
  • Care-avan Branded Products
  • Award Winning Company
  • Mains Water Adaptor Kit Unique kit with Space saving Flat Food Grade Hose
  • Ball Valve with 10 mtr 32 feet FLAT Food Grade Hose with Tap Adaptors
  • When using a “super pitch” this valve is an economical way to enjoy the benefits of a continuous supply of fresh water to your caravan, at an affordable price!!!

Best Selling Aquaroll Accessories

Bestseller No. 1
Hitchman 80TA Tap for Aquaroll, Black*
  • Hitchman tap for the 29/40 litre Aquaroll
  • Easily screws into the end cap of the water carrier
  • Allowing campers to dispense water with no hassle
  • Not suitable for the 29 or 40 litre Aqua rolls manufactured before 1992
  • 176 Tap For 29L 40L Aquaroll
SaleBestseller No. 2
SaleBestseller No. 3
Colapz Collapsible Water Aquaroll Fill Up Hose Caravan Accessory Extendable 1m*
  • Collapsible Design – Perfect for Caravans, Motorhomes or when camping this Colapz fresh water trunk is compact and lightweight and extends from 50cm length to 1m and and connects to your site fresh water source with the large trunk opening and the adjustable silicon strap.
  • Foodgrade – All parts of the Colapz trunk are made from 100% foodgrade BPA free materiel suitable for filling all fresh drinking water containers with and opening bigger than 32mm. Coloured blue to differentiate from the Colapz grey waste pipes.
  • No More Mess – Now fill your water containers without leaks, spill or mess by directing water directly into your vessel. The genius trunk opeining and strap allow you to connect it to any sized tape or water source.
  • Carry Bag – The Colapz trunk ships with a Colapz nylon bag to keep your trunk clean and safe and all the parts together so they don’t get lost.
  • Colapz – Colapz is a BRITISH brand designing high quality and innovative space saving Camping, Caravan and Camper van equipment and accessories. Search our full range of eco-friendly collapsible products including our brilliant buckets and colourful watering cans.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Hitchman HA Aqua Roll with Handle, Silver*
  • Hitchman spare Aquaroll handle
  • The official Aqua roll handle is supplied in three easy to assemble pieces
  • Made from Aluminium
  • Can be easily attached to 29 or 40 litre Aqua rolls manufactured after 1992
  • Spare Handle For The Aquaroll
SaleBestseller No. 5
Hitchman 40ST 145 Stand for Aquaroll*
  • Hitchman stand for the 40ltr Aquaroll
  • Ideal for campers using an Aquaroll without a pump
  • The stand holds the water carrier above ground level enabling use of the tap without lifting or tilting your Aquaroll
  • You can fit the stand and the tap even when the Aquaroll is full without lifting
  • Remove the handle, place the Aquaroll on the end, fit the tap, hold the stand in position and use the handle to lever onto the stand
Bestseller No. 6
SaleBestseller No. 9
Xtremeauto Replacement Cap For Aquaroll, Wastemaster, Economy etc – 80mm Direct Fit Spare – 29 & 40L Aquaroll Caravan Motorhome Campervan Silver Blue Beige*
  • DIRECT REPLACEMENT – This 80mm Cap will suit all aquaroll and wastemaster types manufactured after 1992
  • For use with F L Hitchman Aquaroll and Wastemaster.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY – Manufactured using the highest quality of materials, rest assured this Aquaroll cap is built to last.

*Last update on 2024-05-22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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