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“5 Reasons Why You Need an Aquaroll Stand for Your Next Camping Trip”

If you’re planning a camping trip and will be using an Aquaroll water carrier, you may want to consider purchasing an Aquaroll stand as well. Here are five reasons why an Aquaroll stand can be a useful accessory for your next camping trip:

Aquaroll Stand
Aquaroll Stand
  1. Easier to fill: A stand elevates the water carrier to a comfortable height, which can make it easier to fill with water. This is especially helpful if you have a back condition or other physical limitation that makes it difficult to bend down to fill the water carrier.
  2. Stable base: The Aquaroll stand provides a stable base for the water carrier, which reduces the risk of it toppling over and spilling water. This can be particularly important if you’re filling the water carrier on uneven ground.
  3. Convenient faucet access: The stand has a built-in faucet that allows you to access the water without having to lift the carrier. This can be helpful if you need to fill a pot or wash your hands and don’t want to lift the heavy water carrier.
  4. Saves space: When the Aquaroll is placed on the stand, it takes up less floor space than it would if placed on the ground. This can be important if you have limited space in your camping area.
  5. Easy to transport: The stands are lightweight and easy to disassemble, which makes them easy to transport to and from your camping location. This can be helpful if you’re travelling in a car or camper van and have limited storage space.

Overall, an Aquaroll stand can be a useful addition to your caravan accessories for your next camping trip, providing a stable base for your water carrier, making it easier to fill and access the water, and saving space in your camping area.

Hitchman 40ST 145 Stand for Aquaroll*
  • Hitchman stand for the 40ltr Aquaroll
  • Ideal for campers using an Aquaroll without a pump
  • The stand holds the water carrier above ground level enabling use of the tap without lifting or tilting your Aquaroll
  • You can fit the stand and the tap even when the Aquaroll is full without lifting
  • Remove the handle, place the Aquaroll on the end, fit the tap, hold the stand in position and use the handle to lever onto the stand

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