Caravan Awning Pegs Reviewed

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Caravan Awning Pegs

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This weekend I have treated myself to some new Awning Pegs. We use the caravan all year round and most of the time find ourselves on hardstanding. Hardstanding pitches require a certain type of peg and your standard tent peg just want cut the mustard. Actually they won’t break the surface of a hardstanding.

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A hard standing pitch isn’t grass. Seems obvious but they’re harder than grass. This picture is us recently at Rookesbury Park. You can see we’re on a hardstanding pitch, it’s similar to Type 1 – compacted gravel for want of another word.

No plastic tent pegs here.

I know what you’re thinking “How on Earth did he get the awning pegs in that stuff?”.

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Instead of plastic tent awning pegs, you need to use metal ones. They’re available from all good camping stockists, and some bad ones too. I’ve spent the last couple of years using these:

Metal awning pegs. Mallet required…

Good sturdy metal pegs. You pop them through the rubber loop attached to the awning and give them a good old whack. Minding your fingers of course. These work really well. If you look closely they have a small thread at the bottom and as you hit them they screw themselves in. They are a bit tricky to get out and on a couple of occasions I’ve pulled my back, or done some kind of injury – awningitis probably, as well as the odd hammer rash hitting my thumb. However, they are good pegs and I’d certainly recommend them. They aren’t cheap but are worth the money

As I said at the top of the article, I did treat myself to some new pegs. It all came about because I’d also bought myself a new cordless drill. I’ve always used a cordless drill to put the stays (corner steadies) up and down and the battery was always running out. Recently I’ve been taking the charger as well, which is all added weight.

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy metal awning pegs that you could screw in with a cordless electric drill/screwdriver”. I was pretty sure some bright spark would have them on the market. I mean who wouldn’t want them?? I know I would.

Praise be to the God of Awnings.

There is someone up above the clouds..

OK, they look good, but will they actually work? Well, this weekend I tried them.

Kampa Steel Screw Peg 20s with 13 mm screw peg drill adaptor
65 Reviews
Kampa Steel Screw Peg 20s with 13 mm screw peg drill adaptor*
  • 20 Pegs
  • 20.5 cm (8")
  • Genuine Kampa Accessory
  • Free hex adaptor

You even get a little hex head to attach to your drill/screwdriver, which looks a lot like this.

They were a little bit fiddly to start with, if you use too much speed they churned up the gravel and made a reasonably sized hole, so care and precision is needed. You need to be directly above it and push a little, but not too much. They don’t always work the first time but putting them in isn’t the best bit.

Just wait until you pack away to go home. This is where I’ve hurt my back by pulling the sodding things our of the hardstanding. The whole purpose of these pegs is so that your awning doesn’t fly away in the middle of a gale and snowstorm or whatever the British summer throws at you! So, I’m glad they don’t come out easily, at least that is until I need them to come out. On grass, it’s easy, just a tug with a hock, or maybe the fork end of a hammer. With the metal ones I prize them out this a hammer until I’m red in the face and they’ve only moved 2 mms.

Awning Pegs Removal

Removal is just like removing a screw, albeit a large one. So, just position the head on the top of the peg, set your drill to anti-clockwise and press the button. The unscrew easily and without any effort at all.

The only problem I have with these is that putting them in can be a little tricky, however, everything is made good with these once you come to the removal. I’ll definitely be using them next time, I’ll also pack the bang in type, just in case my battery runs out.

One thing that just occurred to me. How to get them out if your battery is flat when you try to extract them. I’m probably worrying unnecessarily…..

Best Selling Awning Pegs

SaleBestseller No. 2
Blue Diamond POWER Pegs Hard Ground Tent & Awning Pegs x 20 With Plastic Storage Case*
  • Designed For Penetrating Harder, Stoney Ground Pitches
  • 6mm Gauge Steel, 20cm Long, 20 Pegs Per Box
  • Includes Robust Storage Case (Recyclable), Durable Plastic Head (Recyclable)
  • Loose Peg Heads for Personalised Fitting
  • May come in Orange or White Colourway (can not be specified)
Bestseller No. 3
ZOCIPRO 30 Pcs Plastic Durable Camping Pegs, Screw in Tent pegs, Strong Garden Ground Pegs with Spiral Design, Suitable for Camping Accessories, Camping Awning, Caravan Awnings*
  • 【Premium material】 This plastic tent peg is made of high-quality plastic, which is solid and durable. Plastic is different from metal, It is not easy to age or be corroded. It can be used repeatedly and is very suitable for outdoor use, especially for wet and windy weather.
  • 【Spiral design】 The top of these plastic tent pegs is a hook design for easy installation and remove. And the lower part of the peg is designed in a spiral shape, which increases the friction between the peg and the ground and makes it stronger.
  • 【Super bargain set】Each camping peg weighs just 6 g and the length is only 14.6 cm. This plastic tent pegs a pack of 30, enough for you to use for a long time, so value for money.
  • 【Easy to use】 Just take the membrane peg and screw in the ground, and then tap the top of the peg with camping mallet to easily fix it.
  • 【Wide range of applications】 These screw in tent pegs are widely used, mainly for fixing outwell tent, car awning, caravan awnings, rubber grass mat, weed suppressant membrane and so on. It can also be used to fix pond net, garden membrane, trailer tents, weed barrier, ground anchor and football net pegs.
SaleBestseller No. 4
20 Crusader Glow In The Dark Rock Pegs for Caravan Awnings Tents In Case*
  • Hard Ground Rock Pegs
  • 20 supplied in sturdy plastic carry case
  • 200mm long x 8mm diameter with Plastic head
  • Knurled / Threaded lower shaft for extra bite in ground
  • Sharp point for driving through hard / rocky ground
SaleBestseller No. 5
Blue Diamond Heavy Duty Steel Metal Tent Awning Groundsheet Pegs- Box Of 15*
  • Quality 6.5mm gauge steel peg
  • Length: approximately 100mm
  • Flat top non-trip peg head
  • Free robust storage case
Bestseller No. 6
Ultimate 30 x Camping Drill in Heavy Duty Tent Peg for General Purpose, Rock or Hard ground, Tents, Awnings, Gazebo's, Free Drill Adapter
163 Reviews
Ultimate 30 x Camping Drill in Heavy Duty Tent Peg for General Purpose, Rock or Hard ground, Tents, Awnings, Gazebo's, Free Drill Adapter*
  • Hassle Free No Hammering Required Pegs For Hard Ground
  • Simply Fit the free 13mm Socket To An Electric Drill And Screw The Peg Into The Ground In Seconds!
  • 200mm Long X 8mm Diameter Steel Peg
  • Plated For Corrosion Resistance
  • Can Be Screwed Into The Ground Using An Electric Drill With the free 13mm Socket
Bestseller No. 8
The Caravan Supermarket Ground Sheet Pegs (Grey x 25)*
  • Grey colour, 90mm length, 25, 50 or 100
  • Domed head for a smooth finish
  • Round top helps prevent tripping
  • Does not mark ground sheet
  • Extractor hole for easy removal

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