The Best Bailey Caravans Model Comparison 2024




The all-in-one-place Bailey caravans model comparison table. I’ve looked at all of Bailey’s most up to date model and added them to the comparison table below.

You’ll be able to filter and whatever is most important to you. Price, Layout, MTPLM and Payload.

Click on any of the images and it will take you straight to the manufacturer’s page for that model, where you’ll be able to drill deeper into the caravan configuration and decide on your perfect caravan.

Below you will find a list of caravans manufactured by Bailey with the basic information of each model. This is a work in progress and I’ll be adding more models and manufacturers.

Bailey Caravan Models Comparison

Bailey Alicanto Grande Lisbon
A list of touring caravans manufactured by Bailey Caravans. Search and filter on your favourite models, comparing prices, sizes and weights.
ImageMakeModelPrice £BerthLayoutMTPLMPayloadWidthLengthAxle
Phoenix GT75 762BaileyPhoenix GT75 76227,4996Twin Singles Rear Washroom16361802.217.86Twin
Phoenix GT75 644BaileyPhoenix GT75 64024,9994Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom14361552.217.37Single
Phoenix GT75 644BaileyPhoenix GT75 64424,9994Transverse Bed End Washroom14261552.217.37Single
Bailey GT75 AnconaBaileyPegasus Grande GT75 Ancona29,8995Bunk Beds, Dinette15791862.457.37Single
Bailey GT75 AmalfiBaileyPegasus Grande GT75 Amalfi31,4996French Bed, Dinnette17502302.457.86Twin
Phoenix GT75 642BaileyPhoenix GT75 64224,9994Twin Singles End Washroom14331552.217.37Single
Phoenix GT75 440BaileyPhoenix GT75 44024,4994French Bed End Washroom13701502.216.88Single
Phoenix GT75 420BaileyPhoenix GT75 42022,9992End Washroom11421172.215.56Single
Pegasus Grande GT75 MessinaBaileyPegasus Grande GT75 Messina31,4994Rear Island Bed End Washroom17081602.457.86Twin
Pegasus Grande GT75 BolognaBaileyPegasus Grande GT75 Bologna31,4994Transverse Bed End Washroom16691602.457.86Twin
Pegasus Grande GT75 PortofinoBaileyPegasus Grande GT75 Portofino28,8994Rear Island Bed End Washroom15741552.457.37Single
Bailey Pegasus Grande GT75 BrindisiBaileyPegasus Grande GT75 Brindisi28,8994Transverse Bed End Washroom15201552.457.37Single
Bailey Discovery D4-4BaileyDiscovery D4-421,4994French Bed Rear Washroom12481462.227.14Single
Bailey Discovery D4-4LBaileyDiscovery D4-4L21,4994Rear Washroom10831342.225.92Single
Bailey Discovery D4-2BaileyDiscovery D4-219,9992Rear Washroom9981112.225.61Single
Bailey Unicorn PamplonaBaileyUnicorn Pamplona34,4994Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom17551592.267.81Twin
Bailey Unicorn CartagenaBaileyUnicorn Cartagena34,4994Transverse Bed End Washroom17251592.267.81Twin
Bailey Unicorn CabreraBaileyUnicorn Cabrera31,8994Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom14391612.267.34Single
Bailey Unicorn VigoBaileyUnicorn Vigo31,8994Transverse Bed End Washroom16001702.267.34Single
Bailey Unicorn MadridBaileyUnicorn Seville31,1994Rear Washroom Dinette15001522.266.88Single
Bailey Unicorn CadizBaileyUnicorn Cadiz31,8994Rear Washroom Twin Singles16001772.267.34Single
Bailey Unicorn SevilleBaileyUnicorn Seville30,0992Rear Washroom14151262.266.47Single
Bailey Alicanto Grande PortoBaileyAlicanto Grande Porto38,9994Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom18471602.457.86Twin
Bailey Alicanto Grande LisbonBaileyAlicanto Grande Evora38,9994Transverse Bed End Washroom18551602.457.86Twin
Bailey Alicanto Grande LisbonBaileyAlicanto Grande Lisbon37,1994Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom17001542.457.38Single

Bailey has long been on of the premier caravan manufacturers in the UK. They have a wide range of caravans starting from the smallest Discovery models right up to the larger twin axle Alicanto Grande.

Everyone is catered for from solo travellers to larger families with their twin axle 6 berth models. As with many manufacturers, they introduce models at an almost alarming rate and it’s difficult to keep up to date with the changes in models and ranges.

Bailey Caravans Model Comparison

Choosing the perfect touring caravan for your adventures can be a bit like finding the right key for a lock – there’s an ideal match out there, but with so many models and options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

You want value for money, comfort, and a design that fits your travel needs whether you’re heading to the coast or exploring inland terrain.

Enter Bailey Caravans, renowned among touring enthusiasts for their diverse range of models tailored to different lifestyles. From cosy coupes to spacious mobile homes-on-wheels, Bailey offers something unique in every model.

This blog post will compare their latest offerings in simple terms: breaking down specifications, prices and layouts to guide you to your dream caravan. By comparing top features and listening to customer feedback, we’ll help align those specs with your personal expectations.

Discover how easy it is to find your next home from home on wheels.

Key Takeaways

  • Bailey Caravans offers a variety of models with unique features to suit different touring needs, including family-friendly layouts and luxurious touches.
  • The advanced Alu-Tech design used in Bailey caravans enhances durability, comfort, and protection against the weather whilst travelling.
  • Prospective buyers can tailor their Bailey caravan experience through customisation options that include fixed island beds and modern appliances.
  • Insightful customer reviews and industry awards underscore the quality and reliability of Bailey Caravans across their range of models.
  • Interested individuals can access detailed information by requesting brochures or signing up for newsletters to keep up-to-date with new models, features, and exclusive offers.

Overview of Bailey Caravans

Discover the best touring caravans and explore the new 2024 ranges from Bailey Caravans. With a variety of models to choose from, there’s something for every caravan enthusiast.

Best Touring Caravans

Bailey Caravans stands out with its diverse range of best touring caravans, blending value for money and superior layouts to suit every traveller’s need. Their models feature innovative Alu-Tech design for longevity and comfort, presenting various customisation options that cater to both solo adventurers and families.

Opting for a Bailey caravan means you’re investing in a high-quality, reliable home away from home.

With offerings like the luxurious Alicanto Grande series that boasts fixed island beds or the compact yet spacious Discovery caravans perfect for family getaways, Bailey ensures there is an ideal match for everyone.

The Pegasus Grande GT75 takes pride in family-friendly layouts while Phoenix GT75 appeals to those seeking practicality without compromising on style. Prospective owners can explore these models through a virtual showroom before making informed decisions on their purchase.

New 2024 Ranges

Gear up for the unveiling of Bailey Caravans’ 2024 range, where sophistication meets next-generation technology. Discover models that push the boundaries with cutting-edge designs set to redefine touring experiences.

Expect lighter, more aerodynamic structures that make towing a breeze whether you’re crossing country borders or exploring rugged landscapes.

The 2024 lineup features revamped interiors boasting luxurious touches and innovative family-friendly layouts for unforgettable journeys. Fixed island beds promise comfort akin to home, while superior layout choices cater to individual needs ranging from solo adventurers to full-fledged family escapades.

Dynamic customisation options allow caravan owners to tailor their mobile abode precisely to their taste, ensuring every adventure is as unique as they are. Delve into the virtual showroom where detailed specifications and prices offer clarity and confidence in choosing your ideal travel companion.

Model Comparison

Compare the different Bailey Caravan models, such as the Alicanto Grande, Discovery, Pegasus Grande GT75, Phoenix GT75, and Unicorn. Each model offers unique features and layouts to suit various preferences and needs.

Bailey Alicanto Grande Caravans

Bailey Alicanto Grande caravans offer a touch of luxury for those who love to travel in comfort and style. These models come with high-end finishes and are designed to provide an exceptional level of sophistication.

You’ll find the interior spacious, featuring superior layouts that boast fixed island beds and modern kitchens equipped with the latest appliances.

Travellers looking for family-friendly layouts will appreciate the Alicanto Grande’s smart design, which maximises living space without compromising on amenities or storage solutions.

Each caravan also comes with a range of customisation options allowing you to tailor your mobile home to suit your specific touring needs. With their sleek exteriors and durable Alu-Tech construction, these caravans not only look great but are built to last, ensuring value for money over many memorable journeys.

Bailey Discovery Caravans

Bailey Discovery caravans offer a modern twist on the traditional touring experience with their lightweight design, making them ideal for adventurers looking to explore without being weighed down.

Their compact yet clever layouts maximise the available space and are perfect for both couples and small families. With customisation options at your fingertips, you have the freedom to tailor your caravan to match your travel style.

The Discovery range provides value for money with its competitive prices while not compromising on quality or features such as fixed island beds and family-friendly layouts that promote comfort on the road.

Step into a virtual showroom and delve into superior layouts that set Bailey Discovery apart from other models in its class. Moving forward, let’s examine how the Bailey Pegasus Grande GT75 caravans further refine luxury and space in touring.

Bailey Pegasus Grande GT75 Caravans

The Pegasus Grande GT75 series from Bailey Caravans stands out for its spacious interiors and family-friendly layouts. With a width of 2.45 metres, these touring caravans offer more room to move around and relax comfortably while on the road.

From superior layouts that include fixed island beds to customisable options, they cater to those seeking both luxury and practicality in their travels.

These models showcase a modern design with stylish furnishings that provide a homely feel. The top-notch Alu-Tech construction guarantees durability no matter the weather, promising peace of mind as you explore new destinations.

Each caravan ensures convenience with fully equipped kitchens and washrooms designed to make life on the go smoother. Prices reflect value for money, making them an attractive option for those who want quality without breaking the bank.

Bailey Phoenix GT75 Caravans

Bailey Phoenix GT75 caravans stand out with their innovative design and practicality, making them a smart choice for families and couples alike. They feature spacious layouts that maximise living space, including options with fixed island beds which are perfect for those looking for a touch of home comfort on the road.

With top-grade insulation and Alu-Tech construction, these touring caravans keep you cosy whatever the weather.

Customisation choices let owners personalise their space – from selecting upholstery finishes to adding extra features that suit individual travel styles. Prices reflect value for money, considering the high-quality specifications these models boast.

Entertainment systems and well-equipped kitchens come standard, ensuring each journey is as enjoyable as the destination. Bailey Phoenix GT75 caravans offer superior layouts designed to cater to your every need while exploring life on the move.

Bailey Unicorn Caravans

Bailey Unicorn Caravans stand out in the touring caravan market for their luxurious design and superior layouts. Every model boasts a stylish interior, complete with all the comforts of home to ensure a top-notch travel experience.

The range offers spacious living areas, fixed island beds and full-sized washrooms, making them an excellent choice for those who refuse to compromise on comfort whilst exploring.

Customisation options are plentiful with Bailey Unicorn Caravans, allowing owners to tailor their caravans to their specific needs. From selecting the perfect upholstery to adding extra features that enhance convenience on the road, these caravans provide family-friendly layouts and practical solutions designed for long-term travel.

With high-end materials and meticulous attention to detail, they represent outstanding value for money among discerning caravan enthusiasts looking for quality without question.

Features and Specifications

Explore the advanced Alu-Tech design and innovative features of Bailey Caravans. Discover customer reviews, awards, brochure request options, and newsletter sign-up for the latest updates on new models and promotions.

Alu-Tech Design

Bailey caravans are built with Alu-Tech Design, which provides a lightweight yet strong structure. This innovative design minimises the risk of water ingress and enhances thermal efficiency, ensuring a comfortable interior regardless of the weather outside.

The use of durable materials in Alu-Tech construction makes Bailey caravans reliable and long-lasting, offering touring caravan owners peace of mind during their travels.

The advanced features of Alu-Tech Design make Bailey caravans an ideal choice for those seeking durability and comfort on their journeys. With this robust construction, touring caravan owners can enjoy worry-free adventures while exploring new destinations or familiar favourites.

Customer Reviews and Awards

Transitioning from the Alu-Tech design, touring caravan owners will find valuable insights in customer reviews and awards. With a focus on value for money, these accolades reflect the reliability and quality of Bailey caravans across different models.

Customers share positive experiences and satisfaction with the superior layouts, customisation options, and family-friendly features.

Owners looking for reassurance about their investment can take confidence in the recognition received by various Bailey caravan models. Awards highlight exceptional design, innovation, and overall excellence within the industry.

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Bailey Caravans offers a range of touring caravans that cater to different needs. The model comparison provides valuable insights into the features and specifications, helping customers make informed decisions.

With various layouts, customisation options, and superior designs, Bailey Caravans ensures value for money and family-friendly options for touring caravan owners. Touring caravan enthusiasts can explore the new 2024 ranges and find their ideal caravan through the virtual showroom or brochure request.