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Bailey of Bristol is to continue its manufacturing operations during the forthcoming lockdown period in order that it can continue to satisfy outstanding customer orders for its caravans and motorhomes.

The company is fully supportive of the Government’s decision to take the measures required to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus across the country and the need to keep everyone as safe as possible. At the same time it must balance this with safeguarding the future of the business and protecting the livelihoods of its employees.

Since Bailey Retailers re-opened in July following the first national lockdown, customer demand for both its caravans and motorhomes has been very strong with more and more people looking for a new safe and sustainable way to holiday. As a result Retailer Network stocks have reduced by over 75% and are now at their lowest levels for over a decade. Customer feedback on the new season models has also been extremely positive and the Bailey retail forward order book now extends well into 2021.

Consequently, Bailey has taken the decision that, in-line with the Government Guidelines on the opening of manufacturing businesses, it will continue with the scheduled production of its caravans and motorhomes. As before support functions, (such as Finance, Sales, Marketing and Customer Services) will keep working to ensure that contact is maintained with Customers, Retailers and Supplier Partners. PRIMA Leisure will also remain open during this period fulfilling on-line customer orders for leisure vehicle parts and accessories orders.

In order for the business to be able to continue operating in this way, it has required the implementation of a series of new working practices, covering hygiene, social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment, which ensure Bailey remains a safe place to work. The company would like to thank all of its employees for actively engaging in this programme and successfully adapting to their new COVID-secure working environment.

With Approved Bailey Retailers currently closed it is not possible for members of the public to arrange product viewings. However, to assist potential buyers to decide which Bailey leisure vehicle is right for them we have created two new ‘virtual showrooms’, one for caravans and one for motorhomes on the company website.

Visit the Caravan Virtual Showroom

Visit the Motorhome Virtual Showroom

These showrooms display all our current caravans and motorhomes in a single place with a 360 degree interior tour of every vehicle as well as walkthrough videos for each of the new-for-2021 models. An in-depth search function will assist with finding the right model and prospective customers can also complete an on-line enquiry form to send to their local Bailey Retailer to organise a viewing once they re-open.

In addition, for those people who cannot stretch to the purchase of new vehicle and are considering a pre-owned model instead, we now have an on-line archive stretching back 10-years. This includes a 360 degree interior tour of every caravan and motorhome model we have built since the introduction of our ground-breaking Alu-Tech construction technology in 2009. Local Approved Bailey Retailers will again be the best place to start the physical search for one of these vehicles once they have re-opened. In the meantime we would recommend potential customers contact the Retailers themselves to confirm which pre-owned Bailey models they have available and what they will be expecting to arrive in the near future.

Visit the Pre-Owned Caravan Archive

Visit the Pre-Owned Motorhome Archive  

In order to accommodate existing owners who will be unable to get their caravan or motorhome serviced over the next few weeks Bailey has taken the decision to extend the due date of the next annual vehicle service by a total of six months. Provided the vehicle is serviced in this extended window then the warranty will remain valid.

Commenting on the situation Bailey Managing Director Nick Howard said:

“We find ourselves in the fortunate position at present where unprecedented levels of demand for our caravans and motorhomes has led to a genuine shortage in supply. Consequently we have decided to continue manufacturing vehicles as planned, but in an environment which safeguards the wellbeing of our employees whilst at work”.

Finally he added “We therefore anticipate there will be minimal disruption to operations during this period, however would once again like to thank all our Customers, Retailers and Supplier Partners for their continued support and understanding in these unprecedented times”.

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