Best Coachman Caravan Comparison 2024




This Coachman Caravan Comparison table is useful whether you’re buying a new or used caravan. You can use the filters at the top of the Coachman Caravan Comparison table to narrow down your search.

If you click on the image of the caravan (BTW some images aren’t of the actual caravan) if will direct you to Coachman’s website of the relevant range, from there you can look at the caravan you like in more detail.

Coachman Caravan Models Comparison

ImageMakeModelPrice £BerthLayoutMTPLMPayloadWidthLengthAxle
Coachman LussoCoachmanLusso II50,8404Transverse Bed End Washroom19741602.447.89Twin
Coachman LussoCoachmanLusso I46,8304Transverse Bed End Washroom18361552.447.43Single
Coachman Laser XcelCoachmanLaser XCEL 87546,0954Transverse Bed End Washroom18961602.447.89Twin
Coachman Laser XcelCoachmanLaser XCEL 85547,0854Transverse Bed Mid Washroom19511602.447.89Twin
Coachman Laser XcelCoachmanLaser XCEL 85046,0954Transverse Bed Mid Washroom19291602.447.89Twin
Coachman Laser XcelCoachmanLaser XCEL 84546,0954Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom19041602.447.89Twin
Coachman VIP 575CoachmanVIP 67538,6454Transverse Bed End Washroom17861602.317.89Twin
Coachman Laser 575CoachmanLaser 665 XTRA39,1804Twin Singles Mid Washroom18981602.447.89Twin
Coachman Laser 575CoachmanLaser 575 XTRA39,1804Transverse Bed End Washroom17221552.447.43Single
Coachman Laser 575CoachmanLaser 545 XTRA39,1804Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom17501552.447.43Single
Coachman VIP 575CoachmanVIP 57535,7904Transverse Bed End Washroom16601562.317.43Single
Coachman VIP 575CoachmanVIP 56535,7904Twin Singles, End Washroom16521552.317.37Single
Coachman VIP 575CoachmanVIP 52035,1753Twin Singles, Dinette15451422.317.05Single
Coachman VIP 575CoachmanVIP 46033,0902Twin Singles, End Washroom14441252.316.38Single
Coachman Acadia 575CoachmanAcadia 630 XTRA35,4505French Bed, Dinette18191702.447.89Twin
Coachman Acadia 575CoachmanAcadia 630 XTRA35,4505End, Dinette17841702.447.89Twin
Coachman Acadia 575CoachmanAcadia 57530,8504Transverse Bed End Washroom15701552.257.39Single
Coachman Acadia 545CoachmanAcadia 54530,8504Rear Island Bed Mid Washroom15851552.257.39Single