Best Mosquito, Insect and Fly Killer For The Caravan




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Best Mosquito And Fly Killer For Caravan


Finding the right tool to eliminate pesky bugs on your caravan journey can be quite challenging. Surprisingly, an estimated 3000 species of mosquitoes exist globally, causing a nuisance for outdoor enthusiasts.

This blog post offers a curated list of the 10 most efficient mosquito and fly killers available in the UK for your caravan trips. Ready for bug-free holidays? Let’s begin!

Top Mosquito and Fly Killers for Caravans in the UK

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  • The Ultimate Outdoor Companion: Defend Against Mosquitoes & Relax: Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repellent Camp Lantern
  • Effortlessly eliminate bugs with this rechargeable bug zapper!: Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper
  • Easily rid your space of bugs with this powerful bug zapper: ZAP IT! Bug Zapper
  • Effortlessly trap and eliminate unwanted insects with no mess: PEST POLICE Sticky Fly Papers
  • Powerful Battery-Powered Bug Swatter for On-the-Go Insect Control: Zero In Handy Bug Bat
  • Effective and Natural Solution to Eliminate Flying Insects: Raid Plant Based Wasp & Mosquito Killer
  • Ultimate fly control for outdoor spaces – hassle-free and highly efficient!: The Buzz Fly Max Fly Catcher
  • Bug – Free Outdoor Bliss: Vintage Bell Jar Citronella Candle: Citronella Jar Scented Candle
  • Ultimate protection from biting insects for outdoor enthusiasts: Ultra-fine Mosquito Head Net

Comparison Table

ProductCustomer ReviewsDate First AvailableManufacturer
Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repellent Camp Lantern4.2 out of 5 stars (18 ratings)16 April 2018Thermacell
Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper4.4 out of 5 stars (938 ratings)22 April 2020GuangDong Taigeer Power Source Science & Technology Co., Ltd
ZAP IT! Bug Zapper4.3 out of 5 stars (25,499 ratings)11 Sept. 2018ZAP IT!
PEST POLICE Sticky Fly Papers3.7 out of 5 stars (9,204 ratings)15 Jan. 2012Pest Police
Zero In Handy Bug Bat4.1 out of 5 stars (1,123 ratings)10 Nov. 2020Zero In
Raid Plant Based Wasp & Mosquito KillerRaid
The Buzz Fly Max Fly Catcher4.0 out of 5 stars (5,947 ratings)25 Feb. 2021The Buzz
Citronella Jar Scented Candle3.7 out of 5 stars (154 ratings)16 Mar. 2022PMS
Ultra-fine Mosquito Head Net4.4 out of 5 stars (315 ratings)11 April 2007Lifesystems

1. Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repellent Camp Lantern

(Images Credits: Amazon)

The Ultimate Outdoor Companion: Defend Against Mosquitoes & Relax


  • Functions as both a mosquito repellent and camp lantern.
  • Provides a 15 – foot mosquito protection zone without any open flames or messy sprays.
  • Repels mosquitoes without the use of DEET, making it safe for the whole family.
  • Compact and lightweight design, perfect for camping trips and outdoor activities.
  • Durable plastic construction in an attractive green color to blend with nature.
  • Can be used year-round, ensuring mosquito-free evenings in every season.

The Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repellent Camp Lantern is a true game-changer for touring caravan owners. This inventive lantern’s dual function as both an ambient light source and a DEET-free mosquito repellant makes it the ideal camping companion, providing up to 20 square metres of protection against mosquitoes and midges. Its robust rubber ABS construction ensures that it stands up to outdoor use while remaining lightweight and portable.

Unlike traditional insect repellants, the Thermacell Lantern offers a scent-free solution, eliminating the need for messy sprays or oily lotions. It includes 3 x 4 hour mats & 1 x 12-hour cartridge to keep insects at bay throughout your evening hours around campfire stories or family dinner in-caravan setting. The built-in lantern gives off an inviting glow with a powerful output of upto 220-lumen light that lasts for an impressive ten hours on its highest setting.

This remarkable combination of features is why we’ve listed the Trailblazer Camp Lantern as our number one pick. It excels not only in function but also form – delivering user-friendly design coupled with considerable utility value making your caravanning experience more comfortable than ever before.


  • Includes 3 x 4 Hour Mats & 1 x 12 Hour Cartridge: With a generous supply of mats and cartridges, you can enjoy up to 24 hours of mosquito-free bliss without worrying about running out.
  • Ambient Light: The Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repellent Camp Lantern not only keeps pesky bugs at bay but also provides a warm and inviting ambient light that sets the perfect mood for your outdoor adventures.
  • Easy to Use: Say goodbye to complicated setups or messy applications. This lantern is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that anyone can effortlessly use it for instant protection against mosquitoes and midges.
  • DEET-Free & Scent-Free: Safeguard your family without exposing them to harmful chemicals or overpowering scents. The Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repellent Camp Lantern offers an effective alternative to DEET-based products while remaining completely scent-free.
  • 20 sq m Zone of Protection: Enjoy uninterrupted outdoor activities within a sizeable area free from buzzing nuisances. Thanks to its impressive zone of protection, this lantern ensures that mosquitoes and midges stay far away, leaving you comfortable and bite-free.


  • Provides a 20 sq m zone of protection against mosquitoes and midges
  • Includes an ambient light feature for added convenience in outdoor settings
  • Easy to use with no messy sprays or oily lotions required
  • DEET-free and scent-free, making it a safe and pleasant option for all users.


  • Limited battery life of 10 hours on highest setting
  • May not be suitable for larger outdoor spaces beyond the 20 sq m zone of protection
  • Some users may find it expensive compared to other mosquito repellent options

This product is perfect for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors, whether it’s camping, running or hiking – anyone looking for natural defence against mosquito bites without sacrificing on comfort. Get yourself the Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repellent Camp Lantern and enjoy a safe and comfortable outdoor experience!

Product Info

Thermacell Garden Lantern With Mosquito & Midge Protector; Includes 3 x 4 Hour Mats & 1 x 12 Hour Cartridge; Ambient Light; Easy to Use, DEET-Free; Scent-Free; 20 sq m Zone of Protection*
  • 20sq Metre zone of mosquito & Midge protection. No messy sprays or oily lotions
  • 220-lumen light runs for 10 hours on its highest setting
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Durable rubber ABS Construction
  • Includes: Thermacell Trailblazer Camp Lantern, 1 Max Life repeller mat, 1 butane cartridge

2. Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Effortlessly eliminate bugs with this rechargeable bug zapper!


  • Electric fly swatter and bug zapper combo
  • Lightweight design weighing only 11.5 ounces
  • Made from durable plastic material in a stylish white color
  • Features a mesh style for maximum effectiveness
  • Comes with two pieces for added convenience
  • Includes 1 Lithium Ion battery for immediate use out of the box

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper acts as an indispensable aid for touring caravan owners. As a mobile lifestyle often goes hand-in-hand with pesky bugs disrupting your peace and quiet, this is where the clever design of the Faicuk device comes into play. With its built-in 0.2W LED light, tracking and eliminating insects at night becomes a breeze – ideal for those late-night BBQ’s or camping activities. Its robust ABS plastic build ensures it can withstand the rigours of outdoor use while offering long-lasting durability.

The rechargeable aspect using USB offers significant convenience and longevity to users; coupled with its 1200mAh capacity lithium battery, rest assured knowing that you aren’t running out of power anytime soon! Safety doesn’t take a backseat either – thanks to its 3-layer safety net and double trigger features ensuring no accidental contact occurs during operation.

We’ve ranked the Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper as number three in our list because it combines functional superiority with incredible user safety measures flawlessly but falls slightly short on power compared to our top two picks, which are preferred for heavier infestations. Nevertheless, for touring caravan owners seeking an effective solution against flying nuisances without compromising their comfort or security – this innovative bug zapping racket by Faicuk is definitely worthy of consideration.


  • Friendly service: Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. With quick and helpful responses, we ensure that your experience with our Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper is top-notch.
  • Durable construction: Crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, this bug zapper is built to last. Unlike other cheap alternatives made from fragile recycled materials, our product guarantees long-lasting reliability and effectiveness in eliminating pesky insects.
  • USB rechargeable convenience: Say goodbye to constantly buying batteries! The Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper comes equipped with a built-in lithium battery that can be easily recharged via USB. This means no more trips to the store and less waste for the environment.
  • Safety first design: Your safety is paramount to us. Our bug zapper features a 3-layer safety net and double shutter release mechanism, providing complete protection from accidental contact or misoperation. Rest assured knowing that this product has been fully CE Approved for added peace of mind.
  • Instant insect elimination: With its high electrical performance, the Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper effortlessly eradicates flying insects with just one touch. Plus, it’s equipped with a powerful 0.2W LED light, allowing you to effectively catch bugs during nighttime hours as well.


  • Friendly customer service available to assist with any questions or issues
  • Made of durable ABS plastic, ensuring long – lasting use without the need for cheap and fragile materials
  • Built – in lithium battery with USB charging capability allows for continuous use after a single charge, providing convenience and eliminating safety concerns
  • Double safety features including a 3 – layer net and double shutter release ensure complete protection from accidental contact and misoperation. Fully CE Approved


  • Limited coverage area due to the size of the racket (54 x 23cm)
  • May not be suitable for heavy infestations or large outdoor areas
  • The zapper may emit a loud noise when in use, which could be disruptive in quiet settings

This Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper is perfect for people who appreciate practicality and convenience as it features a USB rechargeable battery3-layer safety net and 0.2W light for efficient indoor & outdoor insect control. Get yours today and stop pesky bugs in their tracks!

Product Info

Faicuk Electric Fly Swatter Bug Zapper USB Rechargeable Mosquito Racket with 0.2W Light for Indoor & Outdoor (54 x 23cm)*
  • 【Kill immediately】 high electrical performance to easily kill flying insects with one touch. With 0.2W LED light, you can easily catch insects at night.
  • 【Safe to use】 3-layer safety net and double shutter release protect you completely from accidental contact and misoperation. Fully CE Approved.
  • 【Built-in lithium battery with USB】the built-in 18650 Li battery with 1200 mAh capacity supports a long time continuous use after a single full charge. USB charging makes it convenient to be recharged again and never worry about safety.
  • 【Durable】It is made of durable ABS plastic and does not use any other cheap and fragile recycled materials.
  • 【Friendly service】if you have any problems with the application or with the product, simply contact our friendly customer service. We will answer your question within 24 hours.

3. ZAP IT! Bug Zapper

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Easily rid your space of bugs with this powerful bug zapper


  • Effectively zaps mosquitoes with its electric power
  • Ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and picnics
  • Sleek modern design adds style to your outdoor space
  • Comes in a convenient 1 pack with no fuss or hassle
  • Trusted brand: ZAP IT! is a reliable manufacturer of mosquito control products
  • Highly rated by customers with over 25,000 positive ratings and reviews

If you’re a touring caravan owner, say goodbye to uninvited insects with the ZAP IT! Bug Zapper. This lightweight electric fly swatter is designed ergonomically for comfort and control, ensuring even the most elusive pests don’t stand a chance. Thanks to its sizable frame, taking aim at flies or mosquitoes becomes almost enjoyable. What’s more, it boasts a triple-layer safety mesh for extra protection when electrified. The cleaning process? Effortless – simply shake or brush off the dead bugs from the net after use.

The ZAP IT! Bug Zapper showcases impressive efficiency paired with powerful performance. Its built-in Lithium battery offers up to 10,000 zaps on one charge via any USB device using the provided cable – perfect for those long adventurous trips in your caravan where power outlets may be scarce. For round-the-clock protection against flying nuisances day or night, this rechargeable Fly Killer Racket features an ultra-bright built-in LED light that illuminates your space and targets bugs at all hours.

Undeniably effective and highly practical for outdoor activities like camping or picnicking; this Electric Fly Killer Racket instantly eliminates mosquitoes and wasps with its 4k Volt grid—providing peace of mind during your travels without adding unnecessary bulk to your gear list.


  • Easy to Use: The ergonomic and lightweight design of the ZAP IT! Bug Zapper ensures that you can effortlessly rid your space of pesky bugs. With its large frame, targeting pests becomes a breeze. Plus, cleanup is as simple as shaking or brushing dead bugs off the net. Say goodbye to flies and hello to a fun bug-zapping experience!
  • Safety First: You don’t have to worry about accidental zapping with the ZAP IT! Bug Zapper. It features an activation button and glowing indicator light for added safety. Its triple-layer safety mesh provides extra protection when the racket is electrified. Now you can zap those flies instantly without any concerns.
  • USB Charging: Conveniently charge your ZAP IT! Bug Zapper by plugging it into any USB device using the included cable. With its built-in Lithium battery, this bug zapper offers up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge! Say goodbye to constantly replacing batteries and enjoy efficient bug-killing power anytime.
  • Zap Day or Night: The ZAP IT! Bug Zapper comes equipped with a super-bright built-in LED light, allowing you to use it day or night for round-the-clock pest protection. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or having a family picnic outdoors, this portable bug zapper has got you covered!
  • Powerful Pest Control: Get rid of mosquitos, wasps, flies, and other annoying pests in one swift swing with the powerful 4,000-v


  • Easy to use: The ergonomic design and large frame of the ZAP IT! Bug Zapper make it effortless to target and eliminate pests. Simply shake off dead bugs for easy cleanup.
  • Safety first: With an activation button, glowing indicator light, and triple-layer safety mesh, you can zap bugs without worrying about accidental zapping or harm to yourself or others.
  • USB charging: Conveniently recharge the bug zapper using any USB device with the included cable. The built-in Lithium battery provides up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge for efficient pest control.
  • Zap day or night: The ZAP IT! Bug Zapper features a super-bright LED light, allowing you to use it at any time for 24-hour protection. Perfect for camping, hiking, picnics, or any outdoor activity.


  • Limited coverage area due to the small size of the mini 1 – pack
  • Requires access to a USB device for charging, which may not be convenient in all situations
  • The 4,000 – volt grid may be too powerful for some users and could potentially cause harm if not used with caution

This powerful yet convenient bug zapper is perfect for those who want to keep their outdoors pest-free. Enjoy a peaceful picnic or camping trip without pesky flies and mosquitos interfering with your relaxation. The lightweight electric fly swatter makes killing bugs easy – just swing, swat and Zap It! Get yours now for better pest control today!

Product Info

Zap It! Electric Fly Swatter – Rechargeable Zapper, Killer Racket, Mosquito And Wasp Bug Zapper 4,000 Volt, Usb Charging, Lightweight Handy (Mini, 1-Pack)*
  • Powerful Pest Control: Featuring a 4,000-volt grid, our electric fly swatter is a modern take on traditional swatters. Instantly eliminating mosquitos, wasps, flies, and other pests in a single swing, it provides peace of mind and reliable results. Replace your boring fly swatter with this exciting and more effective fly zapper! It also makes for fantastic Christmas gifts, ensuring your loved ones enjoy a pest-free holiday season.
  • Zap Day or Night: Featuring a super-bright built-in LED light, you can even use it at night for 24-hour protection. Whether youâ€re camping, hiking or enjoying a family picnic, our portable design allows you to use this fly killer anytime, anywhere. It’s electric, its a racket, it’s fly, it’s an electric racket fly killer!
  • USB Charging: For quick, convenient charging, plug your bug zapper racket into any USB device with the included cable. It’s as powerful as it is efficient, the built-in Lithium battery offers up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge. This electric bug zapper rechargeable allows you to easily kill bugs around the house, the patio, or the campfire.

4. PEST POLICE Sticky Fly Papers

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Effortlessly trap and eliminate unwanted insects with no mess.


  • Effectively traps flies with sticky paper
  • Classic style for discreet fly control
  • Made of durable paper material
  • Multi – coloured design adds visual appeal
  • Trusted brand: PEST POLICE
  • Easy to use and dispose of

Just when you think your caravan tour is all set, the unwanted flying insects buzz in, putting a damper on things. Here’s where the PEST POLICE 1 X 10 Sticky Paper Fly Catchers come to the rescue. They’re easy to use with no fumes and no mess – just pull out the paper and hang it in place. On one memorable touring trip across Britain’s coastlines, we were besieged by fruit flies; but thanks to these savvy sticky papers strategically placed around our caravan, those pesky intruders had met their match.

The unique design of these fly catchers won’t disturb your peace or aesthetics. They quietly blend into any corner whilst efficiently attracting and catching unwanted insects. The pack comes with drawing pins included for effortless hanging indoors as well as outdoors so you can enjoy your caravan holiday uninterrupted from buzzing distractions, ensuring that they catch more than admiring glances!

PEST POLICE Sticky Paper Fly Catchers are not just about function though; their non-toxic nature means there are NO Fumes and so make for a safe choice within confined spaces like caravans where chemical sprays might pose risks. Their effectiveness was noticeable during our travel through Scotland’s midge-ridden Highlands. We got back each day to a bug-free space despite leaving windows open for ventilation – certainly made those evening games of cards much more enjoyable!


  • No Fumes: PEST POLICE Sticky Fly Papers are fume-free, making them a safe and eco-friendly option for catching unwanted insects. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells and harmful chemicals in your home.
  • Mess-Free Sticky Tape: With PEST POLICE, there’s no need to worry about messy fly catchers. Simply pull out the paper, hang it in place, and let the sticky tape do its job. Keep your surroundings clean and tidy without any extra effort.
  • Easy-to-Use Design: Designed with convenience in mind, these fly papers are incredibly easy to use. No complicated setup or instructions needed – just hang them up using the included drawing pins. Anyone can quickly set them up without any hassle.
  • Effective Insect Control: PEST POLICE Sticky Fly Papers provide reliable insect control by trapping flies and other unwanted insects on contact. They offer an efficient solution for keeping your space bug-free.
  • Value Pack: Each packet of PEST POLICE Sticky Fly Papers includes 10 individual fly catchers, giving you excellent value for your money. You’ll have enough supplies to cover several rooms or areas of your house while ensuring constant protection against pesky pests


  • Effectively catches and eliminates unwanted insects without the use of harmful fumes or chemicals
  • Easy to use – simply pull out a paper and hang it in place
  • Mess – free solution for controlling fly infestations in homes, offices, or any other indoor spaces
  • Each packet contains 10 fly papers with drawing pins included, providing long – lasting protection against flies


  • May not be effective for larger insects like wasps or bees
  • Can only be used indoors, limiting its potential effectiveness in outdoor areas
  • The sticky tape may lose its stickiness over time and need to be replaced regularly.

This product is ideal for anyone looking to easily and safely control their insect problem, without the use of noxious fumes. If you’re looking for an efficient yet affordable way to rid your home of pesky flies, PEST POLICE Sticky Fly Papers are the perfect solution. Get yours today!

Product Info

PEST POLICE 1 X 10 Sticky Paper Fly Catchers NO Fumes NO Mess Sticky Tape for CATCHING Them UNWANTED Insects.*
  • Pack of 10 paper fly catchers, pins included.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • No smoke development.
  • Just pull out the paper and stick it on.

5. Zero In Handy Bug Bat

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Powerful Battery-Powered Bug Swatter for On-the-Go Insect Control


  • Kills flies and bats effectively
  • Electric bug bat for easy use
  • Compact size (18.5L x 4W x 35H cm) for convenient handling
  • Multicolour design adds a touch of style to your pest control routine
  • Trusted brand: Zero In
  • No batteries required

Equipped with the Zero In Handy Bug Bat, caravanners can finally bid adieu to pesky flying critters. Compact yet uncompromisingly effective, this battery-powered bug zapper eliminates insects on contact and is an essential addition to touring equipment. Its handy size makes it convenient for swift movements, ensuring that mosquitos or midges in flight don’t stand a chance.

The 35.0 cm x 4.0 cm x 18.5 cm dimensions of the Handy Bug Bat make carrying it around a breeze – perfect for those spontaneous camping nights under the stars or garden BBQs at home. Powered by two AA batteries (not included), its simple push-button activation ensures there’s minimal fiddling around when facing an insect invasion.

Owning the Zero In Handy Bug Bat means turning your caravan into a no-fly zone for biting bugs without needing any technical skills or tools – simply swatter them out of existence! By providing indoor and outdoor usefulness coupled with portable convenience, it offers invaluable peace of mind for touring caravan owners who value their comfort as much as their adventures.


  • Push button activation – 2 x AA batteries required (not included): Easily activate the Zero In Handy Bug Bat with a simple push of a button. No need to strain your arm or risk missing those pesky flying insects. Plus, powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included), you can conveniently use it anytime, anywhere.
  • Kills mosquitos, midges and biting flies on contact: Say goodbye to those bothersome mosquitos, midges, and biting flies. With the Zero In Handy Bug Bat’s effective design, you’ll be able to swiftly eliminate them on contact. Enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about itchy bites.
  • Perfect for travel, camping, and caravanning: Planning a trip? Don’t forget to pack the Zero In Handy Bug Bat! Its compact size makes it ideal for travel, camping trips or caravanning adventures. Whether you’re exploring nature or relaxing at a campsite, this bug bat ensures that bugs won’t spoil your fun.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: Keep your living spaces bug-free both inside and outside with the versatile Zero In Handy Bug Bat. Take control of insect invasions in your home or make sure they don’t ruin your time spent enjoying fresh air on the patio. This bug bat is designed for all-round protection.
  • Handy Bug Bat sized for swift and accurate kill of biting insects in flight: The size matters when it comes to efficiently swatting away flying insects. The Zero In Handy Bug Bat


  • Battery – powered for convenient use anywhere
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Swift and accurate kill of flying insects on contact
  • Perfect size for travel, camping, and caravanning


  • Batteries not included
  • Size may be too small for some users
  • May require multiple swats to fully kill larger insects

This product is perfect for the on-the-go traveler, camping enthusiast or caravanner who needs to quickly and easily swat away annoying flying insects from their surroundings. If you’re looking for a battery powered and travel friendly bug zapper that kills on contact, then this product is definitely for you! So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Zero In Handy Bug Bat Swatter now!

Product Info

Zero In Handy Bug Bat Swatter Battery Powered Travel Size: 350 cm*40 cm*185 cm Kills Flying Insects on Contact, Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use*
  • QUICK & EFFECTIVE: Kills mosquitoes, midges and biting flies on contact
  • COMPACT: Handy size for a swift and accurate kill of biting insects in flight Perfect for travel, camping, and caravanning, as well as use around homes and gardens
  • PUSH BUTTON ACTIVATION: 2 x AA batteries required (not included)
  • Packaging may vary

6. Raid Plant Based Wasp & Mosquito Killer

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Effective and Natural Solution to Eliminate Flying Insects.


  • Plant based formula: Made with natural ingredients, providing a safe and effective solution to control mosquitoes, wasps, flies, and other insects.
  • USDA approved: Meets the standards set by the United States Department of Agriculture for organic products.
  • Convenient aerosol format: Easy to use spray can that allows for precise application in targeted areas both indoors and outdoors.
  • Effective against multiple species: Kills mosquitoes, wasps, flies, and other flying insects on contact without harming beneficial bugs or pollinators.
  • 300ml liquid volume: Offers ample product to tackle infestations and provide long-lasting protection against pesky bugs.
  • Trusted brand: Manufactured by Raid, a well-known name in pest control trusted by consumers worldwide.

In the world of caravanning, dealing with flying pests, such as wasps and mosquitoes is an inevitable part of the journey. Raid Plant Based Wasp & Mosquito Killer proves to be a reliable companion during these situations, freeing your touring caravan from unwanted intrusions effectively. Designed for indoor use, it’s an aerosol fly killer spray that’s crafted using naturally derived botanical ingredients – a thoughtful composition that respects not only you but also nature.

The Raid aerosol has marked its presence by offering swift knockdown effect on flies, mosquitoes, wasps and moths alike. Just a simple shake and spray routine is required to set its actions in motion. The product distinguishes itself with water-based technology and no added fragrance – conveying its commitment towards user-friendly usage. Particularly appreciated among users are its plant-based active ingredient which ensures efficiency while keeping harmful chemicals at bay.

In essence, Raid Plant Based Wasp & Mosquito Killer offers substantial value to Touring Caravan owners who seek a balance between efficacy and environmental consciousness in their bug repellent choice. Even amidst serene landscapes or mirthful meadows where pesky invaders often lurk around your caravan, this 300ml canister provides peace-filled escapes sans any compromise on your wellbeing or comfort.


  • Effective and Efficient: Raid Plant Based Wasp & Mosquito Killer is specifically designed to provide a fast knockdown effect on flying pests. With just a simple shake and spray, you can swiftly eliminate flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and moths in your home. No more waiting around for results – this product gets straight to work!
  • Indoor Friendly: Unlike many other aerosol sprays, Raid’s plant-based formula is safe for use indoors. You can confidently use it in any room of your house without worrying about harmful fumes or odours. Say goodbye to those annoying insects flying around your living space.
  • Naturally Derived Ingredients: Made with naturally derived botanical ingredients, this spray harnesses the power of nature to combat bothersome wasps and mosquitoes. Not only does it effectively kill these pests but it also provides peace of mind knowing that you are using an environmentally friendly solution.
  • Water-Based Technology: The water-based technology used in this spray ensures easy application without leaving behind any sticky residue or stains. It dries quickly and leaves your surfaces clean, making it convenient for regular use without worrying about any mess.
  • Convenient Size: With its 300 ml size, Raid Plant Based Wasp & Mosquito Killer offers ample supply that will last through multiple uses. Whether you need to tackle a persistent mosquito problem or have occasional encounters with wasps while enjoying outdoor activities within your home premises – this product has got you covered!


  • Fast knockdown of flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and moths
  • Made with naturally derived botanical ingredients for a more eco – friendly option
  • Water – based technology with no added fragrance for a fresh and clean application
  • Convenient aerosol spray format for easy use indoors


  • Limited effectiveness against large wasp nests or heavy mosquito infestations
  • May leave a slight residue on surfaces if sprayed directly
  • Synthetic active ingredient may not meet the expectations of consumers seeking completely plant – based products

If you’re looking for an effective way to keep flying insects away that is both natural and easy to use, then Raid Plant-Based Wasp & Mosquito Killer is the perfect solution. Made with naturally derived botanical ingredients, it is sure to not only provide fast knockdown of flies, mosquitoes, wasps and moths but also leave your home smelling fresh. So why not try it today – you won’t regret it!

Product Info

Raid Plant Based Wasp & Mosquito Killer, Aerosol Fly Killer Spray For Indoor Use, Made with Naturally Derived Botanical Ingredients, 300 ml*
  • Raid Fly, Wasp & Mosquito spray is made with a plant-based active ingredient* to kill flying pests around your home (*also contains a synthetic active ingredient)
  • Kills flies, mosquitoes, wasps and moths
  • Water-based technology and no added fragrance
  • Spray in the air or directly on insect for fast knockdown
  • Just shake and spray, and let it get to work

7. The Buzz Fly Max Fly Catcher

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate fly control for outdoor spaces – hassle-free and highly efficient!


  • Effective fly catcher: The Buzz Fly Max effectively catches flies, helping to keep your surroundings clean and insect-free.
  • Convenient 2-pack: Comes as a pack of two, providing double the coverage for greater effectiveness.
  • Compact design: With dimensions of 8 x 15 x 19 cm, it’s compact enough to fit in any space while still offering maximum results.
  • Durable plastic construction: Made from high-quality plastic material, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Multicolour options available: Choose from different colours to add a touch of style while taking care of those pesky flies.

Touring caravan owners know the troubles that pesky flies can pose, especially when enjoying the great outdoors. The Buzz Fly Max Fly Catcher is a handy tool for combatting this nuisance. This super-effective fly trap works in an outdoor setting and draws in flies from up to 10 metres radius ensuring your caravan remains fly-free. With its easy-use features and disposable design, it becomes a must-have for every tour.

The T ZERO IN FLY MAX Fly Trap Pack of 2 brings convenience to another level with just add water activation method – making it ready-to use even whilst on-the-move. Its packaging may vary due to rolling brand changes but rest assured, there’s no compromise on your comfort as the product quality remains unaltered. It doesn’t just keep your surroundings clean but also makes disposal an effortless task once full.

Rounding off some real-life application; imagine you’re parked near a beautiful creek, enjoying your freshly cooked bacon sandwich, only to be swarmed by flies attracted by the food – ruining not only your meal but also disturbing tranquillity of nature around you! The Buzz Fly Max Fly Catcher could make such scenarios history, providing peace-of-mind during those perfect getaways we all love so much.


  • Outdoor use – Attracts flies up to a 10m radius for effective pest control in your garden or outdoor space. Enjoy a fly-free environment while you relax and enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Super-effective fly attractant – Our specially formulated attractant is proven to entice flies, ensuring maximum catch rates. Say goodbye to pesky and annoying flies buzzing around your food and guests.
  • Just add water to activate – No need for complicated setups or messy preparations. Simply add water to the trap, and it’s ready to go! This convenient feature saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying your surroundings instead of dealing with pests.
  • Clean and easy-disposable fly traps – Once the trap has done its job, cleaning up is a breeze. Just dispose of it responsibly, without any mess or hassle. Keep your hands clean while maintaining a hygienic environment free from flying insects.
  • Packaging may vary due to a rolling brand change, but the product remains the same – Rest assured that even though our packaging might look different at times (due to our constant drive for improvement), the high-quality product inside will always deliver exceptional results. We are committed to providing you with an innovative solution that keeps flies at bay effectively.


  • Highly efficient fly catcher that attracts flies within a 10m radius
  • Easy to use – simply add water to activate the super-effective fly attractant
  • Disposable and hassle – free fly traps for clean and effective outdoor use
  • Reliable product with consistent quality, despite potential packaging variations due to brand changes


  • Packaging can vary, which may cause confusion for customers who are expecting a specific design.
  • Only suitable for outdoor use, limiting its effectiveness in indoor spaces where flies may also be present.
  • Requires regular maintenance and water refills to remain effective, which can be inconvenient for busy individuals.

The Buzz Fly Max Fly Catcher is perfect for busy homeowners with outdoor and garden spaces who need a fast, effective and easy way of controlling fly infestations. Don’t delay – get your fly catcher today and start enjoying a these amazing benefits!

Product Info

Zero In Fly Max Ready-Baited Disposable Fly Trap Super Effective Fly Catcher, Disposable Insect Attractant for Outdoor Use, Covers up to 10m Radius Pack of 2*
  • Packaging may vary due to a rolling brand change, the product remains the same
  • Clean and easy-disposable fly traps
  • Just add water to activate
  • Super-effective fly attractant
  • Outdoor use – attracts flies up to a 10m radius

8. Citronella Jar Scented Candle

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Bug-Free Outdoor Bliss: Vintage Bell Jar Citronella Candle


  • Decorative citronella scented candle for indoor use
  • Provides up to 18 hours of continuous fragrance
  • Compact size with dimensions of 6W x 7H cm
  • Vibrant yellow colour adds a pop of brightness to any space
  • Crafted from high-quality wax material for long-lasting burn time
  • Suitable for all ages and requires no assembly or batteries

Embrace a hassle-free outdoor experience with the Citronella Jar Scented Candle. An essential for any touring caravan owner, this candle combines both beauty and practicality in keeping pesky mosquitos at bay. Expertly crafted from pure lemongrass plant extracts, it infuses your environment with a soothing citronella aroma that is sure to enhance your RV lifestyle. The robust glass jar not only encapsulates vintage charm but its broad mouth design ensures easy lighting even in those breezy evening conditions.

The real game-changer? This yellow beacon of tranquillity promises an impressive 18 hours burn time– just perfect for those blissful summer nights under starry skies. And when you are done soaking up nature’s orchestra or sharing chuckles around the campfire pit, this fine piece of decor adds an elegant touch to your patio or porch offering more than just functionality. For added convenience, the lightweight design makes it an effortless add-on to any travel checklist.

In essence, the Citronella Jar Scented Candle is far more than a mere insect repellent; it’s an embodiment of safety meshed with style fitting right into every caravanners’ dream kit illustrating proficiency at every level from material usage to user-friendly design – making outdoors feel like home!


  • VINTAGE FEEL: The Citronella Jar Scented Candle exudes a charming vintage feel that will instantly elevate the ambiance of your patio or porch. Not only does it create a mesmerizing glow, but it also acts as your very own bug-free sanctuary, allowing you to relax and enjoy those warm summer nights without any unwelcome intruders.
  • MATERIAL: Crafted from all-natural citronella extracted from the leaves and stems of the lemongrass plant, this scented candle harnesses the power of nature to repel mosquitoes and other pesky insects effectively. So, you can bid farewell to irritating bites while basking in its lovely aroma.
  • USE ANYWHERE: Versatile and practical, this Citronella Jar Scented Candle is designed for multi-functional use. Whether you need a reliable nighttime lighting solution or an eye-catching decoration for special occasions, this candle effortlessly fits into any setting with ease.
  • BELL SHAPED DESIGN: The elegantly bell-shaped design of our Citronella Candle enhances its aesthetic appeal while serving a purpose beyond mere visual charm. This clever design ensures easy lighting and allows for optimal burn time so that you can make the most out of every moment spent outdoors.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: With each purchase, you’ll receive one 3oz Bell Jar Citronella Candle – perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere on your patios or terraces. Its convenient size offers portability without compromising on burn time; enjoy up to 18


  • Creates a vintage ambiance on your patio or porch while keeping bugs at bay
  • Made from all-natural citronella derived from lemongrass, providing an effective and chemical-free repellent
  • Versatile use as both a source of nighttime lighting and a decorative item
  • Beautiful bell-shaped design with wide-mouth for easy lighting, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space


  • Limited burn time of 18 hours
  • Glass jar may be fragile and prone to breakage
  • Scented candle may not eliminate all types of bugs

This Citronella Jar Scented Candle is perfect for the garden enthusiast looking to keep pesky bugs away. The stylish bell jar design adds a touch of vintage chic to any outdoor space, giving you 18 hours of burn time and a natural alternative to chemical repellents. Get your own today and enjoy a bug-free summer in style!

Product Info

Citronella Candle in Glass Jar | 1 Piece | Yellow | 18 Hours Burn Time*
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: Bell Jar Citronella Candle 3oz, 1pc.
  • BELL SHAPED DESIGN: This Bell Jar Citronella Candle has a bell shaped design that is beautiful, lightweight and wide-mouthed for easy lighting.
  • USE ANYWHERE: This Bell Jar Citronella Candle can be used as a nighttime lighting solution or as a decoration.
  • MATERIAL: Citronella is a proven all natural made from the leaves and stems of the lemongrass plant.
  • VINTAGE FEEL: The bottle has a vintage feel and will look great on your patio or porch while providing you with a bug-free zone.

9. Ultra-fine Mosquito Head Net

(Images Credits: Amazon)

Ultimate protection from biting insects for outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Ultra – fine mesh design for ultimate protection against mosquitoes and midges
  • Lightweight and compact, perfect for camping and outdoor activities
  • Made from high – quality polyester and nylon materials for durability
  • Easy to wear with a comfortable fit suitable for all genders
  • Versatile black color that blends well with any outfit or gear
  • Reliable Lifesystems brand, trusted by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide

The Lifesystems Ultra-fine Mosquito Head Net sets the standard for protection against midges, mosquitoes and a variety of other flying insects. Parameters such as compactness, reliability, and efficacy make it an ideal companion for touring caravan owners who are often on the move across areas buzzing with small biting insects.

The strongest suit of this product lies in its lightweight design – weighing just 40 grams – which doesn’t compromise durability. Crafted from tough multi-filament polyester with a toggled drawcord around the rim for secure fastening, it exhibits robust traits that endure heavy use even in dense bug territories. Protection isn’t limited to the face alone; instead, this mesh net extends coverage to include your head and neck too.

Notably characteristic is the ultra-fine black mesh netting with 1001 holes per square inch ensuring no insect invades your personal space. Besides offering comprehensive screening against pesky bugs, this feature also enhances visibility by being less obtrusive-a definite advantage while exploring terrains or sighting exotic birds during your travels! The attached carry bag makes storage easy and adds to its portability quotient significantly. With these elements combined in an effectively designed package offered by Lifesystems Insect Head Net Mesh Face Covering, tourers can indeed enjoy their adventure uninterrupted!


  • Ideal for use in areas with a high population of small and biting insects: Say goodbye to those annoying midges, mosquitoes, bees, and other flying insects that can ruin your outdoor adventures. With our ultra-fine mosquito head net, you can explore even the most insect-infested locations without worrying about getting bitten.
  • Compact and lightweight in case: Our mosquito head net is designed to be your trusty travel companion. It comes in a compact bag with a convenient draw-cord, weighing only 40 grams. Now you can easily pack it into your bag or pocket without adding any extra weight, ensuring hassle-free portability wherever you go.
  • Strong and reliable protection: Manufactured from tough multi-filament polyester material, this isn’t just any ordinary head net – it’s built to last. With its toggled draw cord around the rim, you can pull it securely to ensure maximum protection against pesky flying intruders. Rest assured knowing that this dependable head net will keep them at bay.
  • Head, face, and neck protection: When bugs are buzzing around incessantly everywhere you turn outdoors, there’s no need to hide indoors. Our ultra-fine mosquito head net gives you complete coverage by protecting not only your head but also your face and neck areas from those bothersome critters. Enjoy nature without constant swatting or scratching!
  • Extra-fine black mesh netting for impenetrable defense: Say hello to our secret weapon against insects – an ultra-fine black mesh made up


  • Effectively protects against midges, mosquitoes, bees, and other flying insects
  • Lightweight and compact for easy carrying and storage
  • Provides reliable protection with a tough multi – filament polyester material
  • Ensures maximum protection with its ultra – fine black mesh netting that prevents any insects from passing through


  • May cause slight discomfort or obstruction of vision when wearing
  • Not suitable for use in areas with larger insects, such as horseflies or wasps
  • Requires proper fitting and adjustment to ensure maximum protection

Ideal for campers, hikers and holidaymakers alike, the Ultra-fine Mosquito Head Net is perfect for those looking to protect themselves against annoying midge, mosquito and bee bites. With its lightweight design and extra-fine black mesh netting, this head net offers ultimate protection – grab yours now!

Product Info

Lifesystems Insect Head Net Mesh Face Covering To Protect Against Midge, Mosquito, Bee And Other Flying Insects
344 Reviews
Lifesystems Insect Head Net Mesh Face Covering To Protect Against Midge, Mosquito, Bee And Other Flying Insects*
  • EXTRA-FINE BLACK MESH NETTING: Made from ultra-fine black mesh with 1001 holes per square inch, meaning no insects can pass through
  • HEAD, FACE AND NECK PROTECTION: This head net will protect the head, face and neck from annoying flying insects when outdoors
  • STRONG AND RELIABLE: Manufactured from tough, multi-filament polyester material with a toggled draw cord around the rim, so it can be pulled in securely
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT IN CASE: Comes in a compact bag with draw-cord and weight only 40 grams. Unpack size: 33 x 46cm
  • IDEAL FOR use in areas with a high population of small and biting insects

Features and Benefits of the Best Mosquito and Fly Killers

Looking for the best mosquito and fly killers for your caravan? Look no further! Our top picks are USB rechargeable, easy to use, and highly effective in eliminating those pesky insects.

Don’t miss out on these budget-friendly solutions! Read more to find your perfect match.

USB rechargeable

Investing in a USB rechargeable mosquito and fly killer for your caravan ensures constant protection wherever you go. With this key feature, there’s no need to fret over running out of power or having spare batteries on hand.

Simply connect it to any USB port – could be your laptop, power bank, or even your car’s charging point! This flexibility not only makes these insect killers highly efficient but also environmentally friendly.

Plus, they are perfect for long camping trips with endless mosquito battles in the UK wilderness. Choose portable fly killers like electric insect killers or bug zappers that offer this convenient recharging option – keeping flies away from your caravan space has never been easier!

Easy to use

Simplicity is a mark of perfection, and that’s why ease-of-use holds a prime position in our selection criteria for the best mosquito and fly killers. The last thing you’d want during your caravan trip around the UK is trying to decipher complicated gadget instructions.

Our picks promise plug-and-play convenience with minimal assembly required. From compact bug zappers to electric fly swatters and nontoxic sticky papers, these products are intuitively designed for instant use right out of their boxes.

Just set them up within your outdoor living space or inside your motorhome, switch on, and let it do its job. So easy it’s almost effortless! Stay assured that these friendly pest control solutions won’t require you to be tech-savvy or have prior experience in handling similar devices.

Effective in killing mosquitoes and flies

Venturing outdoors in your touring caravan should not mean a never-ending battle with pesky insects. That’s where the best mosquito and fly killers come into play. Years of dedicated research and innovative design have enabled these remarkable devices to deliver astounding efficacy, ensuring both mosquitoes and flies meet their doom swiftly.

Technologies such as electric insect killer or bug zapper are employed in these killers, wiping out bugs on contact while the likes of sticky fly paper trap them effectively without toxins – an ideal solution for those prioritising ‘nontoxic fly control‘.

Many models even incorporate additional features like wasp killing capabilities or citronella candles that repel other bugs too. Thus, these portable yet powerful mosquito and fly killers provide reliable protection from annoying pests wherever your caravan journey takes you – becoming an essential part of any outdoor living spaces’ insect control strategy.


One of the key considerations for touring caravan owners when choosing a mosquito and fly killer is the price. Fortunately, there are several budget-friendly options available in the market that don’t compromise on effectiveness.

These affordable solutions offer great value for money without breaking the bank.

When searching for a budget-friendly mosquito and fly killer, look for options that provide excellent performance at an affordable price point. USB rechargeable models are a popular choice as they eliminate the need for constantly buying batteries.

Additionally, opt for products that are easy to use, requiring minimal effort to set up and operate.

Don’t be fooled by their lower price tags – these budget-friendly mosquito and fly killers pack a punch when it comes to eliminating pests. They effectively target mosquitoes and flies, ensuring your caravan remains insect-free during your travels without emptying your wallet.


In conclusion, when it comes to keeping your caravan mosquito and fly-free in the UK, these top 10 killers are the ultimate solution. With features like USB rechargeability and easy-to-use functionality, they ensure effective insect control without breaking the bank.

However, if you’re looking for a versatile option that doubles as a lantern, I highly recommend the Thermacell Scout Mosquito Repellent Camp Lantern. And for those who prefer a sleek design and battery-powered convenience, the LED Camping Lantern is an excellent choice.

Don’t let pesky insects ruin your outdoor adventures – invest in one of these mosquito and fly killers today!


1. What are the top-rated mosquito and fly killers for caravans in the UK?

Some of the top-rated mosquito and fly killer products for caravans in the UK include brands such as DynaTrap, Zero In, Aspectek, and The Buzz.

2. How do these mosquito and fly killers work?

Most mosquito and fly killer devices for caravans use various mechanisms to attract and eliminate insects. These can include UV light traps, sticky glue boards, or electric grids that zap bugs upon contact.

3. Are these mosquito and fly killers safe to use inside a caravan?

Yes, most mosquito and fly killer products designed for caravans are safe to use indoors. However, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding placement and usage guidelines to ensure safety.

4. Can I use these mosquito and fly killers in other outdoor areas besides my caravan?

Certainly! While primarily designed for caravans, many of these mosquito and fly killer devices can also be used in other outdoor spaces such as patios, gardens, or camping sites where insect control is necessary.

*Last update on 2024-07-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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