Blue Diamond Hard Ground Tent Pegs Caravan Awning Pegs

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Blue Diamond Hard Ground Tent Pegs

When purchasing Caravan awning pegs, or indeed, anything for the caravan, I always check out Amazon customer reviews. It’s a good indicator of product quality. I generally take most reviews with a pinch of salt however and get a balanced view of both good and bad reviews.

Looking at the Blue Diamond Hard Ground Tent Pegs ( awning pegs ) at the time of writing this article, they had 508 reviews and 88% were 5 star, which is why they are included here.

We haven’t personally used these but they look like a great option. These are sold as tent pegs, but they could just as easily be used as awning pegs. We actually prefer the ones that you can screw in with a cordless drill, but that’s just personal opinion.

Caravan Awning Pegs

Not a great deal can be said about an awning peg, they either work, or they don’t. This type of awning peg is great when faced with hard surface, like a hard standing pitch on a caravan site. You could use them in grass too, in fact most awning pegs perferm better on grass as they are easier to get in and out.

On the subject of caravan awning pegs removal, I’d advise investing it a tent peg puller. These are available on Amazon and are reasonably cheap. They are a bit like a hook with a handle and make life a lot easier removing pegs, especially on hardstandings. After you’ve spent 10 minutes with a mallet hammering in a peg, it’s not going to be easy to remove.

Merriway BH03941 Tent Peg Ground Hook Pullers Extractor Remover, 130mm - Pack of 2*
  • Pack of 2 x Tent Peg Puller 135mm
  • Perfect For Ground Tarps, Camping, Gazebo, Etc
  • Garden Fittings And Accessories
  • If instructions for fixing, assembly or maintenance of the products are included in the packaging then please ensure that they are followed
  • Manufacturer: Merriway

*Last update on 2021-12-08 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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*Last update on 2021-12-08 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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