Blue Diamond Screw Pegs Pro Case Of 20


Screw type awning pegs have long been a favourite of mine. Not only are they easier to put in, but they’re also easy to take out as well (in theory)

Blue Diamond Screw Pegs Pro Case Of 20 are certainly a big hit on Amazon. 76% rated them as 5 stars.

We have awning pegs that are similar to these and they can be put in and taken out using a cordless drill. Of course it isn’t always that easy, some pitches are just a nightmare where the stones have been compressed to much. It’s a fine line between it being just right and it being impossible to get pegs in.

We perfer hardstandings, certainly in the winter, but more and more we’re preferring them all year around

Blue Diamond Screw Tent Pegs - 20 pack, Purple, One Size*
  • Can be used with a cordless drill - minimal effort
  • 13mm bolt head - 13mm socket sold separately
  • Ground holding technology - corkscrewed shaft for extra grip
  • Heavy duty plastic head
  • Secure screw in tent pegs

You can use a 13mm socket to screw them in using your cordless drill.

Screw Pro Awning Pegs

*Last update on 2020-06-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


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