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Brighton Caravan and Motorhome Club Site Review

Welcome to Caravan Vlogger’s Brighton Caravan and Motorhome Club Site Review. We’ve been to Brighton a lot. It’s almost like coming home when we go there. We like to have a site we are familiar with, we know exactly what we’re getting. Don’t get me wrong we also love travelling around the country and indeed Europe. But, especially if we need a short break, we usually end up at Brighton. For us, it has it all.

  • It’s only a 2 hour drive for us, OK, we do have to negotiate the Dartford Crossing, but since the did away with the toll booths, it seems a lot less congested.
  • It’s near the beach and Pier
  • Parking in Brighton is relatively easy, if a bit expensive (pick your times if you want to park on Madeira Drive)
  • Supermarkets are close (a big Asda, and Lidl are 2 minutes away)
  • The Brighton Marina
  • It’s far enough away from everything to be relatively peaceful

Brighton Caravan and Motorhome Club site review. Site Overview

The site does cater for tents, however the 3 fields are far enough away so the noise doesn’t effect the caravan site. Not that people in tents make more noise, but the noise does tend to travel from the tents. I’m not being “tentist”.

It also attracts larger Motorhomes (RV’s) again, not prejudice, however, we’ve parked near them before and they do like to talk about their RV’s and what they’ve had fitted and how much things cost. Not all of them of course, that would be unfair, but I guess being enthusiasts and a relatively small community when they get together they love “swapping stories” shall we say…

It’s quite a large site with some 220 pitches (incl tents I assume), but there is plenty of space. Pitches are mainly hardstanding. One thing I have found is that the hardstanding pitches are VERY hard. I’ve bent plenty of awning pegs – the one made especially for hardstanding pitches.

I would say the site was mainly hardstanding pitches and the grass pitches might not be available all the time in the winter months. The Wardens do like to use their power tools, like cutting the grass and hedges, I know some people get annoyed as they seem to be constantly doing it. But of course, we’d all moan in the grass was long and the hedges were unkempt.

Brighton Caravan and Motorhome Club Site Review. Toilet Blocks

Absolutely superb, one of a few site that pipe Radio Two into the loos / shower rooms, something I really like. I’m not a listener of Radio Two normally, but there’s nothing wrong with listening to Steve Wright in the afternoon, when you’re going through your normal bodily functions. I meant showering of course, how very dare you!

Personally these are some of my favourite loos and as Mandy will no doubt tell you I do spend half of my holiday in them, so I should know! I can’t speak personally of the Ladies block of course….There are two blocks so when one is closed for cleaning the other is open.

Brighton Caravan and Motorhome Club Site Review. Site Access

We’ve created, what we think, is a smashing little YouTube video where you can come with us as we enter the club site. Access is really good, anyway, the video will show you much better than I can explain it…

YouTube player

Brighton Caravan and Motorhome Club site review. Wardens

Some sites we visit have nice warden, the next time we visit the same site the wardens might be a bit offish and, well, rude. However, all the times we’ve been to Brighton they have all been very nice and helpful, welcoming and friendly, which is all you want. I know I’m easily pleased but I love the “Hello Mr Bell” as I walk in the office, as if they know me. They obviously clock the number plate and look against a list of people coming in, but I think it’s nice. It doesn’t always happen of course, we all get a little stressed on busy days…
Once we were at Brighton and a rather unhappy caravaner, accused a Warden of being “Hitler”. I thought it was a bit uncalled for, I mean the guy was using an angle grinder to remove his hitch lock for goodness sake. His gas bottle were just the other side of his front locker and all the Warden did was point out that the guy was in fact, breaking club rules and probably endangering the life of everyone within a radius of 5 miles!!

Official Caravan and Motorhome Site Leaflets

Plan of site

Brighton Site Leaflet

Brighton Caravan and Motorhome Club site review. Site Tour Including Pitch Numbers

Have a look at what pitch you’d like before you get there. Best if you can print the site plan above and follow me around the whole site from the comfort of your own house.

YouTube player

Brighton Caravan and Motorhome Club site review. Conclusion.

A really nice site that we’ve been to more than a dozen times. Well kept, clean, helpful wardens, some of the best toilets. The site is situated in a valley (The site used to be called Sheepcote Valley) with some lovely walks. Brighton and the surrounding area isn’t all about the beach and the pier, noisy bars and The Lanes. If you wonder a bit further to the likes of Rottingdean can be quite cultured. Whilst on the subject of The Lanes, there’s some cracking shops there everything from fashion to Jewellery and brick-a-brack (antiques if you prefer) We’re not really shopping people, but we always pay a visit, just to pick up something “bohemian” and people watch – of course..

There’s also a really good Superdry store Which I just can’t keep out of and when I’m in there a can’t keep my wallet in my pocket – a new pair of shorts and a hoody maybe? I’m possibly too old, but I really don’t care..

So, shopping, having a relaxing coffee on the sea front, or pushing 2p coins into a machine in the hope of pushing another 10 off the ledge Brighton has it all. It’s equally as good in the winter as well. Who am I ? Someone that works for Brighton Tourist Association? I’ll want paying next…..


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