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Buccaneer Bermuda

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Buccaneer Bermuda. The caravan industry can be a confusing place, even for an international vlogger such as myself 🙂 What do Erwin Hymer Group, Elddis and Buccaneer (2 c’s and 2 e’s!) have in common? Well, they’re the same thing. Erwin Hymer own Elddis and Elddis make the Buccaneer range of caravans. Now, I’m not even 100% sure if that’s true. Elddis also make Elddis caravans of course, as well as some others, oh and motorhomes. It’s the same for Swift, they make Swift, Sprite and Ecless etc.

That aside, Buccaneer are Elddis’ (Erwin Hymer’s) luxury range of caravans. Here’s the thing, now this is just my opinion, I mean you might think differently, indeed, you might even own a Buccaneer. However, in the past, I’ve viewed Elddis as a “budget” range, and to some extent that is true, they make a caravan for around £20k, but then so do Swift. My point is, in my head Elddis are a budget brand, do I look at the Buccaneer as an expensive budget caravan.

I know that might seem a bit weird and really, I’m probably not doing the Elddis brand justice, but it’s just my view. I can’t help it. I am of course, inconsistent. I don’t look at Swift Elegance as being in the same bracket as a Sprite, in my head I don’t think of the Elegance as being and expensive budget caravan.

I’ll just stop there. In my head the above is true. However, I recently look at an Elegance, I mean a proper look as in, if it’s nice I’ll consider buying it and I was disappointed. You see, I had built up, in my head that the “Elegance” was a premium brand. It was, in essence; Elegant.

I’ll stop again (sorry) I have looked at Buccaneers at shows and thought them very nice and not at all an expensive budget caravan (although they are expensive) So that conflicts with my minds image of them. Now I’m finding the opposite to be true, I’d built my hopes up with the Swift Elegance and was disappointed BUT with the Buccaneer it was the other way around. I’m a very confused individual. I can only assume that Swift’s marketing somehow works better on me than Elddis’.

Buccaneer Bermuda

What we deduced from the above is that Buccaneer are, in fact, a luxury caravan. Now some might say that luxury caravan is in fact an oxymoron and in some ways I’d agree. Since my disappointment with the Swift Elegance, I look at luxury (in caravanning terms) in a different way.


The grey side split opinions, at least in this house. With one window on the habitation door side, it does look at bit, well, let’s say striking.

The reason there is one, pretty small window is that there’s a transverse bed AND an L shaped lounge and I haven’t look inside yet, it’s just once you’ve looked at so many caravans during our search for a new one, you get to know these things. Yes, if you must, I am a self proclaimed “caravan expert”. The reason I say “self proclaimed” is that no one else is likely to say it! At what point are you a caravan expert anyway. Let’s have a look at the layout.

Buccaneer Bermuda Layout

There you go, transverse bed, L shaped lounge, caravan expert status confirmed 🙂 Elddis have thoughtfully labeled the areas 01, 02 and 03. We can see from this layout that there are, well, actually it’s hard to see but there are, what looks like, 2 windows on the off side. From looking at that, you’d think the caravan interior might be dark on the Buccaneer Bermuda, we’ll have to see how many roof lights there are.

Buccaneer Bermuda – Interior

In my opinion, this is one hell of an interior and looks great. For me, I don’t mind the seemingly lack of windows as it gives more wall space for things. I do think it would take a bit of getting used to, but for me that’s a great start.

What a great photo this is. So many things hit me straight away. Firstly that massive roof like, I mean wow! Then the kitchen on the right hand side, that’s really unusual, then of course the L shaped lounge, lighting and the colour of the “wood”.

I just know that going in this caravan will never match up to how good it looks in the photo. But for me, it does scream luxury.

I know what you’re thinking, “Caravan Vlogger is now a Buccaneer brand ambassador”. Ha, that’s funny, no I’m not, I do say I love stuff, if I love stuff. I just don’t love a lot of stuff. There’s my new tagline!

I’m a really big fan of lighting, lighting everywhere, you can’t have enough lighting. I know many of you are drooling over the amount of cupboard space, or indeed the large sink or even the amount of workspace. But for me, I love the under worktop lights as well as the downlights on the pelmet.

Lastly, a look at the bathroom. I could have filled this post with every photo on the Buccaneer Bermuda website, however, I urge you to go and have a look, not just yet though…


I’ll even forgive them the almost fruit bowl type sink. This is a mid washroom.

Buccaneer Bermuda Features

This caravan costs over £35,000, so I’ll have everything please! Does it deliver?

Touch screen E&P levelling system. How do I pay my deposit? You don’t need to know about anything else, do you? Oh, you do..

I could go into page after page of features, but again, I suggest you check out their website for the full list of features, but here’s some I picked out..

Alde underfloor heating
Dometic wireless charger with 2x USBpoints
Next generation E&P Level C Touchscreen hydraulic automatic self levelling system
100W Truma roof-mounted solar panel
GRP underskin to caravan floor providing a water resistant barrier
40ltr Onboard water tank giving 80ltr of continuous water supply (using water source auto changeover)
Fixing points for rear mounted 2 cycle ‘Fiamma’ caravan universal carrier and mounting rail
CRiS security system
Concealed security data chip within caravan construction


I really like the interior of the Buccaneers. They do a really good job of displaying them on the website. I must confess I did spend a lot of time in the Buccaneers at the NEC caravan show a couple of years back. There are videos on my YouTube channel of me walking around them. A couple of things prevent me from buying one. I haven’t got the budget, that’s a big one. I really can’t get my head around the grey sides and tinted windows, for me, it’s not a good look. Although I do like the dark wood interior, I don’t know what it would be like to live with longer term. I can see it would be lovely at night, with the lights on, but during the day, where most of the light would come from the roof.


Year: 2021
Model: Buccaneer Bermuda
Number of Berths: 4
Wheel Rim: 5 1/2 Jx14 5×112
Tyre Size: 175/65 R14 90
Tyre Pressure at MTPLM in psi: Downrate 47 / Standard 48 / Uprate 48
Interior Length: 6390mm / 21’0″
Exterior Body Length: 6980mm / 22’11”
Shipping Length: 8160mm / 26’9″ 
Overall Width: 2450mm / 8’0″
Overall Height: 2635mm / 8’8″ 
Overall Height Excluding TV Aerial: 2550mm / 8’4″
Maximum Headroom: 1950mm / 6’5″
Interior Width: 2308mm / 7’7″
Porch Awning Height: 2420mm / 7’11” 
Awning Sizes Ground to Ground: 10900mm / 35’9″ 
Maximum Hitch Weight: 150kgs / 2.95cwt
Mass in Running Order (MIRO): 1831kgs / 36.04cwt
Optional Equipment Payload: 0 
Maximum User Payload: 159kgs / 3.13cwt
Plated M.T.P.L.M: 1990kgs / 39.17cwt
Maximum M.T.P.L.M: 2000kgs / 39.37cwt
Front Mattress Sizes: 1 x Double 1403mm x 1958mm / 4’7″ x 6’5″ 
Side Dinette Mattress Sizes: N/A
Rear Mattress Sizes: Fixed Double 1346mm x 1900mm / 4’5″ x 6’3″ 

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