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THE place to purchase your caravan accessories. Everything from air awnings to 4G routers. If you’re a beginner (we all were at some point) our Caravan Accessory Essentials list is a must for you. 

Before making your first caravan trip, you’ll need to make sure you have everything you need,or as we call then essential caravan accessories. This includes items such as a fresh water container, sometimes called an Aquaroll, this will get fresh water into your caravan. You’ll then need a caravan accessories to deal with the water you’ve used, such as for washing up or showering. For this you’ll needs a waste container, one of the most popular being a waste master. This container sits under the two waste water outlets and all the water you use goes into this container. We use both of these products ourselves.

Hitchman Aquaroll & Wastemaster Bundle*
  • Market leading Aquaroll & Wastemaster bundle
  • 40 Litre
  • Despatched same day if ordered by 2 pm

I know what you’re thinking, what about the toilet? Well, this has its own cassette and water tank for the flush. Having said that some newer caravans are using the water from the Aquaroll to flush the toilet. The only thing you’ll need to get you started is something to pour into your toilet cassette (this help to get rid of nasty smells and also break down any solids (we’ll leave that there). Typically these are pink and blue, although variations exist. Pink would go into the flush container and blue goes into the toilet cassette itself.  We use this product ourselves (we especially like the smell of lavender).

Thetford 30459CO Toilet Fluid and Rinse Concentrate Duo Pack, Blue & Pink, 1.53 Litre*
  • Duo pack containing a 780ml bottle of Aqua Kem Blue Lavender concentrate and a 750ml bottle of Aqua Rinse concentrate; Aqua Kem Blue; Powerful and easy to use toilet fluid for the waste holding tank; Outstanding odour control; Liquifies waste for easier tank emptying; Reduces gas build-up; Aqua Rinse Plus; Forms a protective layer to block build-up and bacteria; Highly effective for a smoother flush; Improved formula keeps flush water clean

Before we forget, don’t forget to get yourself a gas bottle. What do you need gas for? Well, cooking as well as heating if you’re off grid. i.e. on a site that doesn’t provide electric hook up. Oh there’s another thing you’ll need; and electric hookup cable (is there no end!) New caravans usually come with one and buying a second hand one the cable may be included, just be sure it’s in serviceable condition. If in doubt, buy a new cable. We’d suggest 25 metre in length, you’ll find them in our store. This one is perfect…

GADLANE 25M Extension Lead - Heavy Duty Caravan Hook Up Cable, 16 Amp Cable 240V Camping Extension Lead, High Visibility, Orange Mains Power Cable - Ideal for Campervans & Motorhomes (25 Metres)
385 Reviews
GADLANE 25M Extension Lead – Heavy Duty Caravan Hook Up Cable, 16 Amp Cable 240V Camping Extension Lead, High Visibility, Orange Mains Power Cable – Ideal for Campervans & Motorhomes (25 Metres)*
  • SAFE AND COMPATIBLE EXTENSION LEAD – Confidently use this powerful, water resistant 25m extension lead both indoors and outdoors. Customer safety is our #1 priority. This high-quality, 240V hook up cable is approved by caravan sites for use while travelling, and is compatible with most recreational vehicles for instant power.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Manufactured using innovative engineering and electrical practices. Each extension lead with coupler connectors is CE approved and carefully inspected to meet the highest standards of quality.
  • HEAVY DUTY – With a thick 1.5mm² circumference and premium copper 3 core cable, tradesmen and homeowners will love using this strong and durable mains extension lead to access power in outdoor shops and garages.
  • VERSATILE – This 16amp extension lead will be your go-to hook up cable. This essential device is perfect for connecting site power to your motorhome when you need a safe electricity supply. Plus, the bright orange colour offers high visibility, making this cable an excellent choice for when you’re travelling in a caravan, or completing projects around the house.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – This mains extension lead conforms to BS 7671 and EN 60309. Includes BS6500 (cable), EN 60 309-1 (plug), and EN 60 309-2 (connector). Offers a top notch water resistance rating of IP44.

Of course, your spending unfortunately does not stop there, we’ve only just started. If you think of your caravan as your home on wheels, you’ll need to start adding things that you use around the house. Cutlery, for example – plates, knives, forks, cups, bowls, glasses, you get the idea. Now there’s usually a running debate of whether to buy plastic (melamine) or china. The biggest concern people have is with the weight and breakability of china. Things do get battered around when towing. So that’s something to bear in mind. 

Once you’ve got used to the idea of caravanning and you decide it is for you, one of the next purchases might be an awning. This is a tent like construct that attaches to your caravan. It gives you extra space, but larger ones can be tricky to erect. 

If the caravan accessories that you’re looking for aren’t in this article, then hop over to our Amazon store and find your perfect accessory

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