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Explore A Vast Range Of Caravan Accessories And Equipment In The UK – Caravan Vlogger

Are you planning a caravan trip and feeling overwhelmed by the gear you need? Caravanning in a touring caravan in the UK is all about freedom on four wheels, but without the right accessories, that freedom can quickly turn into frustration.

From essential safety equipment to those little extras that make life on the road a pleasure, our guide is here to help you kit out your caravan like a pro. Dive in for your ultimate checklist of must-have caravan gear!

Key Takeaways

  • Caravanning in the UK requires a range of essential accessories, including water and waste containers,  electric hookup cables, leisure batteries, gas bottles with regulators, wheel clamps and hitch locks to secure your vehicle.
  • For added comfort on caravan trips, don’t forget bedding and linen tailored for mobile living conditions, compact yet functional kitchen equipment for meal prep, toilet and shower facilities for hygiene needs, as well as entertainment systems like satellite TVs or solar panels for off-grid power supply.
  • Safety is paramount; always equip your caravan with fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors to prevent poisoning risks and have first aid kits ready. Additionally, installing security alarms, cameras, and GPS trackers can protect against theft or unauthorised access.
  • Recreational accessories such as bikes along with bike racks allow exploration of local areas while camping chairs, tables and BBQ grills enhance outdoor enjoyment. To keep everyone entertained consider bringing along games from rounders to board games or simply a music player to set the mood.
  • Maintenance tools are essential; carrying spare tyres equipped with proper maintenance gear alongside sealants tapes & jumper cables ensures that minor repairs can be fixed quickly ensuring peace of mind throughout your travels in the UK.

Essential Caravan Accessories

Ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey with must-have essentials such as water and waste containers, electric hookup cable, leisure battery, gas bottle and regulator, wheel clamp and hitch lock, and awnings for added convenience.

Water and waste containers

Staying clean and functional on the road means having the right caravan accessories, especially when it comes to water and waste containers. These indispensable items keep your fresh water supply secure and make disposing of wastewater simple.

Aquaroll Water Container

Ubiquitous on all sites

You will always see Aquarolls on site and it’s because they can’t be between.

  • Perfect sized container at 40L
  • UV protection, prevents algae build up
  • 10 year guarantee
  • 100% food grade virgin material

With various sizes available, every caravan model is catered for, ensuring you find a perfect match for your needs.

Handling waste efficiently is key to an odour-free experience in your mobile home. High-quality waste containers often feature wheels and handles, making them easy to transport to disposal points.

Regular maintenance keeps these containers hygienic – it’s worth investing in good ones as they significantly enhance your caravan lifestyle. Remember, a well-managed water and waste system equals a happier camping trip!

Electric hookup cable

Moving on from the practicality of water and waste containers, having a reliable electric hookup cable becomes the next priority for your caravan setup. This handy piece of kit is essential to keep all your appliances running smoothly – from kettles to heaters, ensuring that you can enjoy the comforts of home while on the road.

It’s not just about convenience; it also means you can charge your devices so they’re ready to use when needed.

Choose an electric hookup cable that fits securely with your caravan’s power inlet and stretches comfortably to a campsite’s electrical point without strain. A quality cable will have weather-resistant features and built-in safety measures like circuit breakers to protect against unexpected surges.

Your trip deserves a seamless power supply, so investing in a sturdy, dependable electric hookup cable is crucial for both comfort and safety during your mobile adventures.

Electric Hookup Cable

Mains Extension Lead 25 Metres

A safe way to connect your caravan to the onsite electric hookup unit

  • Heavy duty orange cable
  • Suitable for caravans, motorhomes and campervans
  • 240v 16amp plug & coupler connectors
  • 2.5mm thick 100% copper 3 core cable

Leisure battery

A leisure battery becomes your caravan’s lifeline when you’re off the grid. It reliably powers all your essential appliances, ensuring comfort throughout your journey. Think of it as a reservoir of energy that keeps lights on, fridges cold, and devices charged without an electric hookup in sight.

Selecting the right leisure battery means considering capacity and durability to match your caravanning needs. You’ll want one that holds enough charge to support your lifestyle yet tough enough to withstand the demands of travel.

With power sorted, let’s talk about keeping everything secure – think gas bottle and regulator.

Gas bottle and regulator

Your caravan adventure would not be complete without a reliable source of heat and power for cooking. This is where the gas bottle and regulator become indispensable accessories. You’ll find them crucial for managing your energy supply efficiently, whether you’re preparing a warm meal or keeping the interior cosy on cooler evenings.

Regular checks on your gas bottle and regulator are key to ensuring they remain safe throughout your travels. Install them properly to avoid any risks of leaks or damages, which can disrupt your journey’s comfort and safety.

For peace of mind during longer excursions, carrying an extra gas bottle and regulator might save the day if you run out of fuel when away from refill stations. Always prioritise correct handling and storage as part of your routine caravan maintenance to keep every trip smooth sailing.

Wheel clamp and hitch lock

Securing your caravan from theft is crucial, and the Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp steps up as a formidable ally. This device clamps tightly onto both steel and alloy wheels, compatible with any tire width or type.

Its sturdy construction ensures your vehicle remains exactly where you left it. The clamp itself is quite lightweight at around 4 kg, making it manageable for most users.

Ease of use defines the Nemesis Ultra Wheel Clamp; attaching it to your caravan wheel takes minimal effort. Plus, each purchase includes a handy storage bag for when the clamp is not in use.

By adding this essential accessory to your caravan setup, you considerably boost its security whether parked on a drive, campsite or while taking that much-needed break during long journeys.


Moving beyond the security of wheel clamps and hitch locks, awnings are a superb addition to any caravan setup. They extend your living space seamlessly into the outdoors, offering a shaded retreat or an extra area for entertaining guests.

Imagine cooking, dining or simply relaxing under your awning with all the sounds and sights of nature just steps away from your caravan door.

Awnings come in various sizes and styles to suit different caravans and user needs; some can even add a room’s worth of space to your vehicle. Not only do they enhance comfort by providing additional protection from the elements but also increase privacy when pitched at busy sites.

With easy installation, you can transform your pitch into a homely base within minutes – making them indispensable for those who love life on the road with that extra touch of convenience and safety.

Comfort and Convenience Caravan Accessories

Ensure your caravan feels like a home away from home with all the necessary comforts and conveniences, such as bedding, kitchen equipment, and entertainment options. From cosy beds to tasty meals on the go, these accessories will make your caravan experience even more enjoyable.

Bedding and linen

Ensure your caravan becomes a cosy haven by choosing comfortable bedding and linens. Soft duvets, warm blankets, and plump pillows turn a simple berth into a sumptuous retreat after a day of adventures.

Opt for materials that are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand the unique conditions of caravanning life.

Quality linen also plays a pivotal role in enhancing your mobile abode’s comfort levels. Breathable fabrics maintain temperature regulation during varied weather, making sure you stay cool on balmy nights and snug when temperatures drop.

Investing in superior bedding sets can truly transform your sleep experience on the road, ensuring every night is as restful as it is enjoyable.

Kitchen and cooking equipment

Kitchen and cooking equipment are crucial for a well-equipped caravan. These accessories, such as a portable gas stove, pots, pans, and utensils, enable you to prepare delicious meals on the go.

With the right kitchen gear, you can enjoy home-cooked food while exploring new destinations. Additionally, having a fridge or cool box ensures that perishable ingredients stay fresh throughout your travels.

Meal preparation during caravanning trips is made more convenient with kitchen and cooking equipment. Enjoying hot drinks from an electric kettle or brewing coffee in a compact coffee maker adds comfort to your outdoor experience.

Toilet and shower

Transitioning from kitchen and cooking equipment, travellers also value the availability of toilet and shower facilities in their caravans. These essential amenities ensure personal hygiene needs are met while on the road.

The convenience of having a functional toilet and shower onboard adds to the comfort of caravan living, making long journeys or extended stays more manageable for travellers.

Caravan accessories related to toilet (thetford) and shower play a crucial role in providing these comforts. From portable chemical toilets with waste tanks to compact showers equipped with water-saving features, these accessories cater to the specific needs of travellers who prioritise mobility without compromising on comfort.

Satellite dish and TV

The satellite dish and TV setup enhance the travel experience by providing entertainment and relaxation opportunities. With these accessories, travellers can stay updated with news, enjoy their favourite shows, or watch movies during downtime.

This adds to the overall comfort and convenience of caravan trips, making evenings more enjoyable after a day of outdoor activities.

These accessories are essential for travellers who want to unwind in the evenings or on rainy days when outdoor activities may not be suitable. They contribute significantly to creating a home-away-from-home atmosphere during caravanning trips.

Solar panels and power banks

Solar panels and power banks offer a sustainable energy solution for caravanners. They harness the sun’s energy, providing an environmentally friendly and independent power source while on the go.

With solar panels mounted on the caravan’s roof, they efficiently charge power banks during daylight hours, enabling campers to run essential appliances and keep devices charged without relying solely on electrical hookups or gas-powered generators.

These accessories present a convenient way to ensure a consistent supply of electricity, supporting eco-friendly living and reducing reliance on traditional power sources. Additionally, they enable campers to enjoy off-grid adventures without compromising on comfort or convenience.

Safety and Security Accessories

Ensure the safety of your caravan with essential accessories such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and security products and alarms. Keep your peace of mind while on the road with these vital safety measures in place.

Fire extinguisher and smoke alarm

A fire extinguisher and smoke alarm are crucial safety accessories for any caravan trip. In the event of a fire, a fire extinguisher can help to swiftly manage and put out small fires before they escalate.

Furthermore, a smoke alarm serves as an early warning system, alerting occupants to potential fire hazards and allowing them to take immediate action.

Both the fire extinguisher and the smoke alarm are vital tools in ensuring the safety and security of passengers during their caravanning adventures. Together with other safety equipment such as carbon monoxide detectors, these devices contribute significantly to creating a secure environment within the caravan.

Carbon monoxide detector

When it comes to safety inside a caravan, having a carbon monoxide detector is crucial. This device plays a vital role in detecting the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide gas, which is colourless, odourless, and tasteless.

It is essential for ensuring the well-being of individuals inside the caravan and preventing carbon monoxide poisoning, which can lead to serious health issues or even death.

Regular maintenance and testing of the carbon monoxide detector are necessary to ensure its functionality. These detectors are readily available for purchase on various online platforms including Amazon, making it easy to acquire this important safety accessory for your caravan.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is a crucial safety essential for any caravan trip. It should include items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, adhesive tape, scissors, tweezers, and pain relievers.

Be sure to regularly check the expiry dates of all items in the kit and replace anything that has expired.

In case of minor injuries or emergencies while on your caravanning adventure, having a well-equipped first aid kit can make all the difference. Being prepared with essential medical supplies can help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for everyone involved.

Security alarm, camera, and GPS tracker

A security alarm, camera, and GPS tracker are crucial for safeguarding a caravan. They offer added protection against theft and unauthorised access while on the road. The GPS tracker provides the means to locate the caravan in case of theft or loss.

Additionally, the security camera offers live monitoring and recording of any suspicious activity around the caravan. Integrating these accessories can greatly enhance safety and provide peace of mind for caravanners.

Entertainment and Recreational Accessories

Get ready for some fun and relaxation with a selection of bikes, outdoor furniture, BBQ grills, and even a variety of games and activities to enjoy during your caravan trip. Whether it’s a peaceful evening under the stars or an action-packed day exploring the great outdoors, these accessories will take your vacation to the next level.

Bikes and bike racks

Bikes and bike racks make for an excellent addition to your caravanning adventure, allowing you to explore the surrounding areas in a fun and active way. They offer a convenient mode of transportation and enable you to get some exercise while enjoying the scenic views.

With bikes and bike racks, you can easily access nearby attractions, cycle through charming countryside lanes or along coastal paths, providing entertainment and adding functionality to your overall caravan experience.

Cycling not only provides a great way to entertain yourself during camping trips but also offers an environmentally friendly means of travel around your chosen destination. Moreover, it’s an ideal activity for all ages, making it a versatile option for families as well as solo travelers exploring new places.

Camping chairs, tables, and BBQ grills

Camping chairs, tables, and BBQ grills offer comfort and convenience for outdoor activities. They are popular accessories that provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience during caravan trips.

These essential items create a comfortable space for dining, socialising, and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

The inclusion of camping chairs, tables, and BBQ grills enhances the recreational experience while caravanning. Whether it’s a leisurely meal under the open sky or a fun barbecue gathering at the campsite, these accessories cater to an array of outdoor needs.

Outdoor games and activities

Outdoor games and activities are a fantastic way to keep the family entertained and active while on a caravan holiday. From traditional games like rounders or frisbee to modern favorites like giant Jenga or cornhole, there’s something for everyone.

Additionally, bringing along kites, footballs, or badminton sets can encourage outdoor play and exploration of the surroundings.

Bikes and bike racks are popular tools for exploring new areas, providing exercise while also being fun for individuals of all ages. Likewise, engaging in outdoor games further enhances the experience of being in nature.

Books, board games, and music player

Entertainment is a crucial part of any caravanning trip, and books, board games, and a music player offer ample options for both quiet moments and fun with family or friends. An assortment of books can provide an enjoyable pastime during downtime while board games allow for interactive entertainment suitable for all ages.

Additionally, a music player ensures that everyone can enjoy their favorite tunes no matter the location.

Having these items readily available contributes to a well-rounded and enjoyable caravanning experience. Whether relaxing alone or engaging in some friendly competition, these entertainment options will enhance your time on the road.

Maintenance and Repair Accessories

Pack essential tools, spare tyre and maintenance equipment to handle any caravan repairs on the go. Keep your caravan in top condition for a worry-free travel experience! Read on to explore more about the extensive range of caravan accessories and equipment available in the UK.

Essential tools

Essential tools for maintenance and repair include screwdrivers, pliers, spanners, and a hammer. Additionally, a spare tyre, jack, tyre pressure gauge, and inflator are necessary for tyre maintenance and emergencies.

  1. Screwdrivers: To tighten or loosen screws on the caravan structure or furniture.
  2. Pliers: Useful for gripping and turning bolts.
  3. Spanners: For tightening or loosening nuts and bolts of various sizes.
  4. Hammer: Essential for various tasks such as securing stakes or light carpentry work.
  5. Spare tyre: A backup in case of a flat tyre during your journey.
  6. Jack: Required to lift the caravan for wheel replacements or repairs.
  7. Tyre pressure gauge: It helps monitor the air pressure in the caravan’s tyres to ensure safe driving conditions.
  8. Inflator: Necessary to inflate tyres when needed.
  • Spare tyre and tyre maintenance equipment

Spare tyre and tyre maintenance equipment

  • Essential tools like spare tyre and maintenance equipment ensure you are prepared for emergencies and temporary repairs.
  • A spare tyre, jack, tyre pressure gauge, and inflator are crucial for maintaining the condition of your caravan and ensuring safety on the road.
  1. Spare Tyre: Having a spare tyre provides peace of mind in case of a flat or damaged tyre during your travels. It is an indispensable accessory that can save you from being stranded.
  2. Jack: A sturdy jack is necessary for lifting the caravan to change a tyre safely and efficiently. It’s important to check its functionality before hitting the road.
  3. Tire Pressure Gauge: Regularly checking tyre pressure is essential for optimal performance and safety. A reliable pressure gauge helps maintain proper inflation levels.
  4. Inflator: Carrying an inflator can help rectify low tyre pressure swiftly, preventing potential hazards on the road.

These tools play a vital role in enhancing the functionality and safety of your caravan, be it during regular maintenance or unexpected situations.

Sealant, tape, and jumper cables

In addition to spare tyre and maintenance equipment, it’s essential to have sealant, tape, and jumper cables on hand for any unexpected issues on the road. These items can make a difference in emergencies and provide temporary fixes. Here are some key accessories to consider:

  1. Sealant: A versatile adhesive that can be used to seal leaks in pipes or punctures in tyres.
  2. Tape: Duct tape and electrical tape are handy for quick fixes on various surfaces and objects.
  3. Jumper cables: A must-have for jump-starting your caravan or helping out fellow travellers in need.


Discover the diverse array of caravan accessories available in the UK, catering to every aspect of your caravanning adventure. Equip yourself with essential items for water management, electric hookup, and gas safety to ensure a smooth journey.

Prioritise comfort and convenience with bedding, kitchen essentials, and entertainment options for a relaxing travel experience. Enhance security measures through fire safety equipment, alarms, and tracking devices while enjoying recreational activities on the road.

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