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All Our Caravanning For Beginners Help In One Place

I started caravanning in 2006, so I’ve been a caravan beginner and would have needed a caravan beginner guide. Unfortunately at that time there wasn’t a great deal of information for the caravan beginner. In fact, the way I learnt was setting up on site and basically watching what other people were doing.

So, over a few years I’ve compiled several articles on this website, as well as lots of video on my YouTube channel to help people just starting out on their own caravan adventure.

As a caravan beginner there’s a lot of things you’ll need to know, like how to get the caravan on the car, how to connect services such as water, waste and electricity. It’s all quite easy, but if you don’t know how to do it, it can seem daunting. However, never fear, all you caravan beginners are in good hands. Let’s learn how to attach the caravan to the car: 

Attaching a Caravan to a Tow Car


The first thing we do, once the caravan is in place and the stays / legs are down is to connect the electric. Some people worry about levelling the caravan

Whilst you do need to ensure the caravan is level, most of the sites we use are very level pitches. Especially if you’re using a hardstanding pitch. The importance of levelling the caravan are firstly to ensure it’s comfortable to be in. Secondly, to make sure things like the fridge work and lastly that the water drains away from the sink and shower. Oh, also, if you have a sliding door on the toilet, that it stays shut. On one site where I thought it was level enough, the toilet door wouldn’t stay shut. Once you put your awning up, there’s no point in trying to level the caravan!

We usually take some water with us in a bottle so we can fill the kettle!

Caravan Electric Hook Up



Once you’ve done all the above, you’ll need to know what to do once you get one the caravan site.

How To Fill Caravan Water Tank



We have a lot more helpful information and advice. You’ll need to consider caravan security

Caravan Security Which Devices To Use



What about a motor mover? It’ll help you get on and off your drive, or indeed on and off a caravan site pitch.

Caravan Motor Movers


These are just a few helpful articles to get you going. There’s loads more in our caravan beginners section.



Lastly, don’t forget our YouTube channel, which is also full of vlogs to help you on your caravanning journey



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