So, you have followed our pre towing checklist and arrived safely on site, you’re such a good driver that nothing has moved around in the caravan, you even remembered to take the glass plate out of the microwave, you clever thing. You’re feeling pretty smug with yourself right now.

For the first time you’ve now arrived on site, there are people watching, you can see curtains twitching and the people opposite have just made themselves comfortable sitting outside their awning with a glass of wine. You’re pretty sure you saw them selling tickets, but it might have been your imagination, you’ve now started to get hot and bothered. Don’t worry it’s happened to us all. Here’s a handy checklist of things to do once you’ve reversed first time onto your (not quite large enough) pitch.

  • Reverse caravan onto pitch
  • Release the caravan from the tow bar
  • Park the car in a safe place away from the caravan
  • Position the caravan by either pushing or using the motor mover if you have one to comply to site rules
  • Level the caravan if necessary using a ramp under the wheels
  • Apply the handbrake
  • Adjust the level of the caravan with the jockey wheel
  • Lower steadies
  • Fill the aquaroll with fresh water and plug it in
  • Place waste container under caravan drainage point
  • Connect electric to the caravan first, then the hook up point
  • Turn on electrics
  • Switch fridge from 12v to mains
  • Turn on water pump
  • Turn on gas
  • Turn on water heater if require
  • Turn on heating (unless it’s August)
  • Set up TV
  • Drink – tea, coffee, wine etc
  • Think about putting up the awning, once you’ve recovered
  • Wave to the onlookers with pride, as you’ve done a great job!

You could help the caravanning community out by adding your own checklist in the comments below..


  1. Leave caravan. hooked up to car. And get all the levelling done before you unhitched ! Saves all that pushing and pulling by hand!!!


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