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With so many things to remember a caravan checklist is an ideal way of making sure you remember everything. It’s not just having a caravan checklist for the internal stuff, like food and toiletries, there’s a whole load of stuff you actually need to check before you hitch up and pull away.

When you’re first starting out using your Caravan there’s a lot to remember and checklists really come in handy. Actually, even when you’re an experienced caravanner you sometimes need a checklist, or , as we found out recently, when you change caravans there’s a whole load of stuff you need to do and take care of. Being organised is the ideal way to make a caravan trip enjoyable and stress free. Or rather more enjoyable and less stressful!

So, let’s take a deep breath and dive right into this check list, which is what you need to check before you set off towing. A Caravan Checklist – Pre Towing.

  • When you arrive at your caravan start by switching off your alarm and remove any security devices and storing them safely (as you’ll need them at your destination)
  • Ensure handbrake is engaged (some leave it off if the caravan is likely to be standing for some time)
  • Pack all your clothes, food and furniture etc (don’t forget the BBQ!)
  • Once the caravan is packed ensure all the cupboards are closed and fastened where appropriate. This will stop anything moving during the journey
  • Turn the fridge to the 12v setting so that it remains cool during the trip
  • Lock fridge door
  • Turn off any taps that may have been left open to drain water whilst in storage
  • If you’re carrying an awning in your caravan, make sure it’s positioned over the caravan axle
  • Ensure all windows and roof lights are fastened
  • It is recommended that blinds be opened during travel, this ensures the catches are not put under any unnecessary pressure.
  • Ensure TV aerial is lowered
  • Store the microwave glass plate safely
  • Turn off gas
  • Turn off water pump
  • Ensure tanks are drained (internal water tank if applicable and toilet flush water)
  • Check your caravan’s nose weight
  • Check wheel nuts with torque wrench
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Ensure all doors / lockers are locked
  • Final external check for windows and roof lights being closed
  • Final check that TV Aerial is down (I walk around the caravan before moving on)
  • Lift stays (corner steadies or legs)
  • Fit Car wing mirrors
  • Attach car to caravan
  • Ensure hand brake is off and motor mover disengaged
  • Connect caravan electrics to car
  • Check for green light on stabiliser (if applicable)
  • Ensure jockey wheel is secured
  • Check caravan lights work (indicators, brake lights, reversing lights etc

It sounds like an immense list of things that need doing, and in truth o course it is. But the more you do it the more you get into a routine. It’s quicker to do all your jobs, then refer to the list and check them off. Of course to start with you might work your way down the list doing each job in order. You’ll eventually perfect your own routine and undoubtably make you own lists in the order you prefer.

Whatever order you do things in, make sure you allow yourself enough time. there’s nothing worse than driving down the road and realise you’ve left a window open. Or in the case of the TV aerial, or roof light window, you might not even notice.

You could help the caravanning community out by adding your own checklist in the comments below..

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