Caravan Checklists

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Caravan Checklists

We’ve put together a whole host of caravan checklists. Don’t laugh, but this is our checklist of checklists. Everything from when you start off, attaching the car etc to when you arrive on site, connecting services etc

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve seen our YouTube channel and Graham is always forgetting stuff. Well, he only forgets HIS stuff.

These will help you enjoy your trip more by ensuring everything is in order. Follow these and you’ll know your windows are shut and the handbrake is off etc.

BTW feel free to print these off and add your own items, many of these are just a starting point. To start with it seems like there’s a lot to remember, but it gets easier with time. We find that leaving a lot of the items you take every time, such as chairs, table and even BBQ helps. Most of the time we “forget” things is when we remove them from the caravan for washing etc.

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