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Caravan electric hook up

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You might have heard people talking about caravan electric hook up. What does this actually mean?

If you’re thinking of buying a touring caravan, or maybe you’ve just bought a caravan, you might be wondering what a caravan electric hook up is. Well, it’s pretty straight forward.

When you tow a caravan to a caravan site to go on holiday, you’ll need the services you’re used to at home. Water, Gas and Electricity. The way you get electricity into the caravan is via and electric hook up cable. This looks like a regular cable with two ends on it. One plugs into your caravan and the other plugs into an electric hook up point on the caravan site. Sometimes called an EHU.

Like most things about caravanning, once you know a little bit, it all becomes second nature and extremely easy.

They come in various sizes, I’d recommend a 25m one, as this has always been long enough for us.

Caravan Electric Hook Up Cable 2.5mm (25 Metre)
21 Reviews
Caravan Electric Hook Up Cable 2.5mm (25 Metre)*
  • Heavy duty 2.5mm electric hook-up cable
  • Easy hook up to sites mains supply
  • 16 amp 3 pin male & female plug & socket
  • Highly visibility orange colour

To connect you plug the cable into your caravan first, then unwind the cable and plug it into the EHU point (Electric Hook Up point) which should be within 25m of your caravan ideally!

To disconnect, unplug from the EHU point first, then unplug from the caravan. It’s just a bit of safety advice, otherwise you’re potentially walking around with a cable that’s connected to the EHU and you’re holding the other end.

The warden on the camp site will be able to guide you to the nearest one. Once you’re plugged in it’s a simple matter of turning on the electric in your caravan and you’re away. As simple as that.

We’ve very rarely had the issue where the caravan electric trip. This is usually fixed by either flipping the trip switch on the EHU point, or speaking to the warden.

There you go, a quick explanation of the caravan electric hook up and the cable associated with in.

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