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Caravan Essentials List

I’m quite often asked what caravan accessories should be on a Caravan Essentials List. I’m never asked that; it’s a sneaky way of getting the phrase into the first paragraph! Having been caravanning for over 100 years, I know a thing or two about when should be on any Caravan Essentials List. 

If you’re new to caravanning it’s a big thing to understand what you actually need when you go caravanning. You obviously need a caravan, a tow car and even a tow bar. As it’s really your home on wheels you need a lot of the stuff you use in your home. You don’t need to buy everything especially for your caravan, you can take stuff from your home. Things like bedding, cutlery etc can all be taken from home.

Let’s start from the outside of the caravan as there’s quite a few bits you’ll need, assuming you want to do anything other than sleep in it.


Drink, wash, cook, you’ll need water. Water comes into the caravan via something similar to a water but. One make is Aquaroll, there are other makes, but it’s a bit like a Hoover. A Hoover is a vacuum cleaner, but everyone just uses the term Hoover. The same with an Aquaroll. They do a budget version which is about 10 quid cheaper, but I’ve heard people having issues with it, just get the real deal.

Hitchman 40AQ Caravanning Camping Aqua Roll, Beige*
  • Hitchman 40 litre Aquaroll
  • Best selling portable water carrier that rolls across the ground
  • Comes with filler hose and tap connector
  • Features collapsible, removable handles
  • Can be used with the mains adaptor to provide a continuous fresh water supply

So you have water coming into your caravan, what happens when it goes down the plug hole? Well, unless you have something to catch it in, it’ll just go on the ground, not very satisfactory. You’ll need a waste container. In a caravan this is known as grey waste. It will collect water from the kitchen and washroom and will need emptying when it’s raining and dark. AND you’ll have to remember to empty it as there’s not gauge.

Hitchman Wastemaster 38 Litre Caravan Camping Rolling Portable Water Carrier*
  • UK’s number 1 waste container
  • 38 litre capacity
  • Wheels and axle easily removed for cleaning and storage
  • Product Weight – 4.5kg approximately
  • Carry platform for toilet cassette etc… luggage elastics included

There are other makes, but I’d always go with the wastemaster personally. 



I know it might be unbelievable, but caravans have electricity. To get this wonderful thing into your caravan you’ll need an electric hook up cable, which is a cable that allows you to hook up electricity! They come in different lengths, I’d recommend 25 metre one.

Semloh ML25 Mains Extension Lead, 25 m*
  • Brand New 25 metre heavy duty orange hook up cable
  • 240v 16Amp plug and coupler connectors
  • Suitable for your caravan, camper or motorhome
  • High visibility Orange colour as approved by Caravan Sites
  • 2.5mm² thick 100% Copper 3 Core Cable

The have an end that plugs into your caravan and another that plugs into the electric hook up on site.

Gas Bottle

Although some caravan’s come with an electric hob plate, some don’t. You’re more than likely need a gas bottle. There are a few to choice from, most would probably select a Calor gas bottle. I personally would go for a Gas Light 

Towing Mirrors

There are a myriad of towing mirrors available. Some flat, some convex, some cost more than others.
I’d recommend the following:

Why do I recommend convex?

Toilet Cleaner

I know what you’re thinking; “Is there anything a caravan doesn’t have?” I know, amazing right? A caravan has a toilet! You do need some chemicals though. Some to put into the cassette and some for the flush water to make things smell nice(r)
I’ve tried others, I prefer these: 

Thetford 30459CO Toilet Fluid and Rinse Concentrate Duo Pack, Blue & Pink, 1.53 Litre*
  • Duo pack containing a 780ml bottle of Aqua Kem Blue Lavender concentrate and a 750ml bottle of Aqua Rinse concentrate; Aqua Kem Blue; Powerful and easy to use toilet fluid for the waste holding tank; Outstanding odour control; Liquifies waste for easier tank emptying; Reduces gas build-up; Aqua Rinse Plus; Forms a protective layer to block build-up and bacteria; Highly effective for a smoother flush; Improved formula keeps flush water clean

There is of course a tonne of other stuff you can spend your money on. But the items in this article are pretty much the bare minimum. 

*Last update on 2024-06-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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