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I know what you’re thinking; yet another caravanning Facebook group. I’m afraid so, yes. However, when on 21st January 1948 the COOP opened the first “supermarket”++, did that put others off? Well, look around you my friends there are thousands of them. they didn’t say, “Damn I was about to open a supermarket, but Coop got there first!”

The trick is, of course, to be better than everyone else. Is my group any better than anyone elses’, well, you’ll just have to join to find out.

What’s different? Well, on the face of it, nothing, it IS yet another caravanning Facebook group. It’s a private group, so I personally approve everyone (the power!). If you’ve had the misfortune to add a troll type comment to one of my vlogs, you’ll be declined entry and hunted down like a dog. 🙂 You will be sent to Facebook jail, there will be no trial! Haha, I’m joking, I’m sure we can work things out like adults, you probably had a bad day or misunderstood what I was saying or the style in which I vlog, which is why you called me “clueless / a moron / a fool” etc, I understand!

Whilst I’m thinking of trolls, here’s some example, just for a laugh, at my expense. Fortunately I don’t get many. I did a vlog about gas. Although I tried to make it somewhat educational, it was also firmly tongue in cheek..

Mate you seem clueless, at least do some basic research before going to the effort of making a video…you made yourself look like a plum

These days I try to take a step back before replying. My reply

It’s probably the first vlog of mine you’ve watched. I’m not suggesting you’d enjoy the others more, but it was tongue in cheek and light hearted, not meant to be particularly instructional. I’ve had a few comments like yours, usually from experts that don’t really need to be told the information anyway. It’s like using a Sat Nav then moaning that the sat nav doesn’t know the way somewhere. If you know the way, don’t use a sat nav. If you know about caravan gas, you don’t need to watch a vlog about it, maybe? #justSaying. but thanks for watching anyway.”

He’s another one, again on one of my Gas vlogs – what is it with Gas?! :

I know why they screwed backwards, it was comedy. I won’t share this person’s name, but he won’t be joining the group, not that he’ll lose sleep over it!

So, ATM I’m policing it, it’s been very good natured. I’ll share blogs and vlogs with the group and am considering doing some live content as membership grows. We’re over 200 now, which is great. I’ll reply to every post I’m tagged in. It’s important to me to build the community here in a pleasant friendly way. It’ll be all caravan related and I’ll take action against posts I think are unsuitable.

Feel free to invite friends, share experiences, photos and of course any ideas for further content you’d want to see.


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