Caravan Hitch Lock

Caravan Hitch Lock

What is a Caravan Hitch Lock?

To understand what a caravan hitch lock is, you firstly need to know what the hitch is. If you don’t know what a hitch is, how are you going to fit the lock ? 🙂

Caravan Hitch

The very front of the caravan is the A frame. The very front of the A Frame is the hitch. It’s the part that attaches the caravan to the tow car. AL-Ko make 98% of caravan chassis in the UK, so the likelihood is your hitch will look something like this.

Caravan Hitch

So, meet the AKS-3004. This is the caravan hitch, it’s sometimes known as the stabiliser, this is because part of its job is to keep the caravan stable as you tow. The handle at the top lifts up to expose another handle which you in turn lift to open the hole at the bottom where the tow ball goes. I’m sorry, these articles can get a bit technical, but you know what I mean..

Now, where was I? Oh yes, the caravan hitch lock. So, to prevent anyone from stealing your pride and joy, you can purchase a lock that basically prevents anyone opening the hitch and therefore attaching to their very own tow car, which we obviously want to prevent. With the hitch locked, no one is going to steal your caravan. However, nothing in life is guaranteed and naturally where there’s a will there’s a way, nothing is perfect! You can only do your best.

Hitch Lock

Now you know what the hitch is we can look at ways to secure it when the caravan is off and indeed on the tow car. Yes, some locks are designed to be on the hitch whilst travelling. Now this subject opens up a can of worms. To test it, why not go onto a caravan Facebook group and ask if you should leave the hitch lock on whilst travelling.

If you’ve done it you’ll be looking for a way to cancel your Facebook account! What I’ll say is that some hitch locks are designed to be fitted whilst travelling, if you want to fit it then please go ahead. Just make sure it’s designed to be fitted whilst travelling as most aren’t.

Here’s the hitch lock I have.

AL-KO Safety Premium UK Black for AKS 3004*
  • Length: 156 mm.
  • Height: 194 mm.
  • Width: 191 mm.
  • Weight: 4890 g.

You can, of course, buy cheaper hitch locks, I just find this one of the easiest to fit and remove. It can also be left on whilst travelling, however, I’ve never done this. Why? Because I’ve read all the Facebook comments and it’s put enough doubt in my mind to not use it as such. You see, even internal caravan vloggers can doubt themselves sometimes…

Best Selling Hitch Lock

Which one should you buy? It’s a personal thing. I think they are much of a muchness. This article isn’t sponsored so I’m not going to convince you one way or the other. Find one to suit your budget and one that looks easy to fit. There is various safety standard such as “Sold Secure”. You could also talk to your insurance company as they may recommend one, they may indeed insist on a certain type.

Bestseller No. 1
Trident Purpleline Saracen FHL400 Hitch Lock – to Fit AL-KO Coupling Heads*
  • Fits AL-KO AK160 Coupling Heads
  • Fits AL-KO AKS1300/AKS2004/AKS3004 Stabilisers
  • Heavy Duty. 
  • Prevents access to main coupling hitch handle when fitted. 
  • Alko stabiliser handle fits over top of hitch lock.
Bestseller No. 2
Milenco 2004 Heavy Duty Safety Coupling*
  • Extreme Reliability with the twist proof latch
  • Extremely durable 4 mm hardened steel body
  • Certification according to SCM MPO3 and Sold Secure Gold.
  • Fits both with and without coupling.
  • Complete with carry pouch and features a safety ball.
Bestseller No. 3
Hyfive Trailer Hitch Lock Universal Tow Ball Trailer Lock Security Kit For Trailer and Caravan Tow Coupling Hitch*
  • TRAILER HITCH LOCK WITH UNIVERSAL LOCKING POSITIONS, 6 Locking Positions To Fit Many Trailer And Caravan Applications With Standard 50mm Trailer Hitches
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO USE AND REMARKABLY EFFECTIVE hitch lock for caravans, Simply Slot The Ball Section Inside Your Trailer Hitch
  • EACH TRAILER LOCK COMPLETE WITH TWO KEYS, Spare Key Supplied In The Event Of Losing A Key
  • STRIKINGLY BRIGHT YELLOW COLOUR, Ensures Your Hitch Lock Is Easily Seen By Potential Thieves To Increase Protection Against Trailer Theft
  • HEAVY DUTY CAST CORROSION RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION, Designed To Withstand Heavy Weather And Thieves Picking And Prying At The Lock
Bestseller No. 4
Haskyy Trailer lock trailer ball hitch lock Anti-theft protection caravan security Coupler Towing Lock I heavy duty steel I MATT BLACK*
  • 🔐 Optimum protection: For trailers and caravans 🔒 Suitable for all 50mm trailer coupling - 🔒 Trailer lock assembly simple, fast & solid
  • 🔒 Steel construction: Manufactured according to ISO9001 - 🔒 Aluminum alloy with a black powder coating 🔒 High resistance to rust, corrosion & weathering 🔒 Trailer lock also resists the drilling out, saw open & pry open
  • 🔒 Push the locking bar in U-shape comfortably individually in 11 steps over the trailer couplings 🔒 Easy mounting & fixed fit
  • 🔐 Rubber cap above cylinder lock for 🔐 ideal protection from corrosion & rust
  • 🔐 2 Safety key 🔐 Cylinder lock made of stainless steel for a lifetime
Bestseller No. 5
Milenco 4534 Lightweight Safety Coupling*
  • Good visual anti-theft device.
  • Covers handle of the safety coupling fully.
  • Fits hitched or unhitched (not to be used on the hitch whilst towing)
  • Compatible with AKS 2004 / 3004 Hitches

*Last update on 2020-09-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


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