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Caravan Motor Movers

Caravan Motor Movers are probably one of the best labour and stress-saving devices designed for caravan use, but also one of the more expensive caravan accessories. We had one on our last two caravans. One single axle and the other a twin axle.

Before I get into things, I’m writing this article really to help my own search for a motor mover and hopefully it will help others.

If you don’t have, or have never had a motor mover, what’s the point in getting one? Well, there are a number of advantages and it isn’t just about “Oooh I can reverse onto a pitch, I don’t need any help”. Good for you, that’s all I can say.

  • Getting the caravan onto a pitch.
  • Moving the caravan back into storage.
  • Getting the caravan off your drive.
  • Attaching the caravan to you car.

If you have a twin axle, I personally think a motor mover is a must have. You’re not pushing a twin axle anywhere, even if you’re the incredible hulk, which, no offense, you’re not. Those days are behind you my friend, you own a caravan now.

Twin and Single Axle Differences

Twin and single axle caravans act completely different with a motor mover on. I know, I’ve had both. When I first got a twin axle I didn’t realise how different it would be to move about with the caravan motor mover. For a start, the single axle can basically turn on a sixpence. You can literally pirouette on the stop. Perfect.

If you compared a single axle and a twin axle caravan with just one set of caravan motor movers, it would be like comparing a ballet dancer with the world’s largest container ship. The ballet dancer could spin on the spot, whereas the container ship needs a bit more thought and room, actually a lot more room and thought.

You can probably guess at the time of writing this I have a twin axle caravan with just one set of movers. It’s easier than pushing it yourself, but it is a little like employing someone to push your caravan but you end up having to help as they are not strong enough.

Types Of Movers

Let’s briefly explain how they work.

Basically you’re using motors which turn a “cog”. This cog is pushed against the caravan’s tires. As the cogs move they turn the tyre, hence moving your caravan. This is true in probably 90% of movers. There are different ones though. You can see a couple below..

tractor type caravan motor movers

Now I’m not entirely sure how this would work, but it can pull a caravan. I don’t know how it attaches! But reminds me of a Tonka toy.

For something slightly more unusual, how about this little beauty..

weird motor movers

Anyway, there are alternatives but most movers look like this..

Powrtouch caravan motor movers

Twin Axle

Motor movers on a twin axle are very different from those on a single axle. If you’re getting a twin axle caravan and have previously had a single axle with a motor mover, you’re in for a bit of a shock, as I was. At first, it doesn’t seem like they are working. Twin axle motor movers work differently.

If you have two movers on a twin axle when you turn the caravan the movers “pulse” They appear to turn a bit, then go straight, turn a bit, then go straight. This of course means the turning circle is much more than a single axle. A single axle can turn on a sixpence, so to speak. With two movers on a twin axle caravan, you’ll find yourself pushing it to turn sharper.

I have a twin axle caravan with two movers, so I’m speaking from experience when I recommend getting four movers, sometimes called AWD (all-wheel drive). Yes, they are more expensive.

Powrtouch Movers

Powrtouch are probably the best selling motor mover in the UK. This is based purely on anecdotal evidence from what I see on a caravan site. They are, almost ubiquitous and you could say they are the “go-to” movers for anyone looking to add motor movers to their caravan. Does that mean you should rush out and just buy one? Hell no. It’s always worth seeing what suits your budget and requirements best

Single Axle Up To 1500KG

  • Powrtouch Freedom (Manual)
  • Powrtouch Evolution (Manual)
  • Powrtouch Evolution (Auto)

Single Axle Up To 2000KG

  • Powrtouch Evolution (Manual)
  • Powrtouch Evolution (Auto)

Twin Axle (2 motor drive – twin)

  • Powrtouch Evolution (Manual)
  • Powrtouch Evolution (Auto)

Twin Axle (4 motor drive – AWD)

  • Powrtouch Evolution (Manual)
  • Powrtouch Evolution (Auto)

Purpleline Motor Movers

Relatively new kids on the block as far as caravan motor movers are concerned, to me, anyway are Purpleline, the people who make the hugely popular Nemesis Wheel Lock, which we use. However, one mover, in particular, took my fancy from the Quattro range. They’ve taken a unique view on the design of the mover and come up with something that is rather nice.

The controller has also been redesigned and they have brought it into the 21st century, making my old Powrtouch one look like a 1980’s Atari controller.

Going back to the mover itself, as you’ll see below, they’ve attempted to make it lighter by having two smaller cogs, rather than one cog, so the middle bit, they’ve basically cut out.

Purpleline Quatrro Caravan Motor Movers
Purple line mover controller
New Handset

Purpleline have a mover to suit any budget and make the following:

  • Quattro
    • Diamond (auto can be AWD)
    • Rhodium (manual)
    • Platinum (looks more like a Powrtouch type mover)
    • Titanium (cheaper version of the Platinum)
  • Enduro
    • Entry-level motor mover from Purpleline
  • E-Go
    • Mainly for commercial trailers or continental caravans that are not fitted with a battery

Reich Caravan Motor Movers

Reich manufacture “easydriver” range of movers which can be controlled by an app on your iphone / Android phone.

They have 4 systems to choose from, depending on your budget

  • Basic
  • Active
  • Infinity
  • Pro
Easydriver caravan motor movers
Reich Easydriver motor mover

As you can see from the above, they are extremely good looking motors, if a motor can be considered good looking. They have a premium look.

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Leisurewize Motor Movers

Emove motor movers are for the more budget conscious. However, this doesn’t mean they are not any good. Many people are very happy with these and, let’s face it, the amount of time you’ll actually use motor movers these could be a very “wise” buy. You can often find them in the weird aisle in ALDI supermarkets, you know the one with the metal cages that seem to offer a weird array of products that you can’t quite get your head around how they are so cheap.

Truma Motor Movers

Truma motor movers are at the top end (budget wise) of movers. At the top end you can expect to pay around £4,000 for an AWD twix axle version, so for many, these wouldn’t even enter into the debate when looking for a new mover.

E-Go Motor Movers

E-Go Movers are Purpleline’s budget movers, but don’t let that put you off. There are two models in the Ego range. Enduro and Titanium. Enduro being the cheaper of the two movers.

AL-KO Motor Movers

If you like a motor mover which is the same brand as your chassis, then this could be for you. Al-Ko make the Mammut motor mover. I’m not sure, but Mammut sounds like one of those words that isn’t from any specific language, like Cif – the kitchen cleaner.

These are mounted in such a way that they do not affect the ground clearance of your caravan.

Compare the top caravan motor movers on the market with our handy comparison charts.

Caravan Motor Mover Comparison Single Axle Manual

Speed cm/SecWeight kgAverage CurrentMax CurrentRecommended BatteryGuarantee
Purpleline Enduro11.53019A84A110Ah5 year
Powrtouch Evolution Manual283020A80A85Ah5 Year
Powrtouch Classic253720A80A85Ah5 Year
Powrtouch Freedom253520A80A85Ah5 Year
Reich Easydiver Active 1.83320A85Ah5 Year
Reich Easydiver Active 2.33525A85Ah5 Year
Reich Easydiver Basic 1.83425A85Ah5 Year
LeisureWise emove EM20393720A100A85Ah5 Year (parts)
LeisureWise emove EM30393720A100A85Ah5 Year (parts)
Quattro Titanium122325A76A110Ah5 Year
Quattro Rhodium11.56019A84A110Ah5 Year
Riviera Easi Move153720A100A110Ah5 Year
Magic Mover153720A100A110Ah2 Year Optional 5 Year
P1 Mover Auto12.334.5120A80Ah5 year

Caravan Motor Mover Comparison Single Axle Auto

Speed cm/SecWeight kgAverage CurrentMax CurrentRecommended BatteryGuarantee
Truma Mover XT2820A140A28Ah5 Year
Purpleline Quattro Platinum122325A76A110Ah7 Year
Purpleline Quattro Diamond11.56018A84Ah110Ah7 Year
Powrtouch Evolution283020A80A85Ah5 Year
Reich Easydriver Pro 1.83220A85Ah5 Year
Reich Easydriver Pro 2.33425A85Ah5 Year
Leisurewize emove EM303A93420A100A85Ah5 Year (Parts)
Leisurewize emove EM305A113430A120A110A5 Year (Parts)
MotorMover Mototglide30233225A160A85Ah5 Year
AL-KO AMS Mammut142930A120A80Ah2 Year
Riviera Easi Move153720A100A110Ah5 Year
Magic Mover153720A100A110A2 Year (opt 5 Year)
Rhyno Charger29.430A76A85AhLifetime

Caravan Two Motor Motor Mover Comparison Twin Axle Manual

Speed cm/SecWeight kgAverage CurrentMax CurrentRecommended BatteryGuarantee
E-go Titanium122325A76A110Ah5 year
Purpleline Enduro twin11.53019A84A110Ah5 Year
Powrtouch Evolution Manual Twin283020A80A85Ah5 Year
Purpleline Quattro Titanium122325A76A110Ah5 Year
Purpleline Quattro Rhodium11.56019A84A110Ah5 Year
Motor Mover Plus303025A160A85Ah5 Year
P1 Mover Manual12.336.5120A80Ah5 year

Caravan Two Motor Motor Mover Comparison Twin Axle Auto

Speed cm/SecWeight kgAverage CurrentMax CurrentRecommended BatteryGuarantee
Truma Mover XT22820A140A38Ah5 Year
Purpleline Quattro Titanium122325A76A110Ah7 Year
Purpleline Quattro Thodium11.56019A84Ah110Ah7 Year
Powrtouch Evolution Twin Auto283020A80A85Ah5 Year
MotorMover Mototglide303225A160A85Ah5 Year
P1 Mover Auto12.334.5120A85Ah5 Year

Caravan Motor Movers Conclusions

Keeping this short but sweet. I don’t have experience other than with Powrtouch movers, so I can’t really recommend any of the others. Powrtouch certainly do the job. I have had one break and Powrtouch did sort it out without too much fuss.

I’m contemplating getting an AWD system for my twin axle and at time of writing I’m looking at Powrtouch and the Purpleline Diamond Quattro. The latter is a bit “slower” than the Powrtouch, but I really like the handset, which you can see above.

It’s not a decision you should take lightly as they are a pretty hefty outlay. I hope this article helped in some way. I’ll keep updating as I find more information out.

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