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Caravan Nose Weight Gauge

What the heck is a caravan nose weight gauge and why should I worry about my caravan’s nose weight?

Something else that should be checked (I know, it seems never-ending) is the caravan nose weight. This is the downforce placed on your tow bar whilst towing and depends on how the caravan is packed. It goes hand in hand with checking how much stuff have crammed in your front locker, for those of you that have one! To check this you can use a caravan nose weight gauge.

We tend to pack the same stuff every time we go away so I’m confident I know I’m good to go with the amount of stuff I pack and that the nose weight will be fine, but it doesn’t hurt to check. The nose weight is literally how much your caravan weighs at the point where the Towbar hooks on. To weigh this you need a little gadget called a caravan nose weight gauge (you could technically use bathroom scales too.) A few other things need to be taken into consideration whilst you’re about it… ( The Caravan’s nose weight should be around 7% of the Actual Laden Weight (the weight of the caravan including all the stuff you cram in it…) )

Vehicle’s Nose Weight Limit

This is the maximum amount of weight your car can handle at the tow bar. You’ll find this in your vehicle’s owners manual.  You’ll need to find out what the maximum nose weight is for your car.

Tow Bar’s Limit

The tow bar, might well have a different limit to the nose weight limit of the car, make sure you’re not exceeding it. It might be on your Towbar, or in the documentation that came with it.

Caravan Chassis Limit

Have a look on your hitch, it should be clearly stamped, as an ‘S’ number stamped on the AL-KO hitch.


Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass. Easy for you to say. Your caravan plus your deck chairs, awning, food, clothes anything you put in your caravan. Maximum fully laden weight. This can be found on a sticker at the side of your caravan.

Finding the perfect match there are websites such as that allows you to enter your car and caravan details and inform you if it’s a good match to not. Once you know what your nose weight should be you can measure it with something like this :

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Other information to consider

Caravan Nose Weight Gauge Summary

That’s quite a bit to take in. What you need to do first is to find your target nose weight. This is going to be around 7% of the actual weight of the caravan, which is no mean feat to find out of course. If you google it they’ll tell you to take your caravan to a weighbridge, weight it. Put all your stuff in that you take on a typical trip and weigh it again. Realistically though, being pragmatic, you can select the lowest figure out of the tow bar limit, the nose weight limit on your car and the chassis limit on the ALKO hitch and pick that as a number. It might be, for instance, 75kg or even 150kg.

Once you have your ideal weight, get your nose weight gauge, or of course, bathroom scales and weigh it.

Caravan nose weight gauge in place

And Finally…

If you like your technology, you might quite like one of these…

Reich Campingbedarf Digitale, 22664*
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