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Every caravan I’ve had has needed a caravan step. If you’ve got long legs, you might not need one of course 😉 It’s especially important when getting back out of the caravan to have a step. There are a variety of different designs both metal and plastic. There are those with one step whilst others have two. I tend to find the 2 step ones are higher, therefore easier to get into and out of your caravan.

We have spent the longest time using metal steps and these are strong and light. However, you’ll find the step we use now at the bottom of this article. Mind you, I do need to get a replacement, as although they are strong, I ran over it not so long ago and twisted it out of shape…

Here they are, don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Below we have the top 5 best selling caravan steps on Amazon UK right now..

Caravan Step CaravanVlogger Uses

Preview Product Rating Price
Milenco - Giant Double Step Milenco - Giant Double Step* 207 Reviews £32.61
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