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Buying a caravan is an exciting time. You’ve got the finances together, you’ve trawled the internet looking at caravan manufacturers, different designs, different internal layouts. You finally decided which one to buy. Hurrah. But have you considered where you’ll keep it?

Not everyone can or indeed wants to keep their caravan on their drive. Caravans aren’t that small, even the smaller ones and they can be quite cumbersome. Not only that, one sure way to annoy certain neighbours is to park your caravan in view of their front window.

So, what are your options? Well, there are a few options, you could of course, move to a house with a big enough drive to park it. Maybe that’s not always possible! You could make enquires locally, I know a few people that park there caravans in a disused part of a farm (with the farmer’s permission of course they don’t just leave it somewhere!)

Another option is to use a caravan storage facility. You might have seen these whilst on your travels, they are sometimes near to caravan sites, but they can pop up just about anywhere. Some caravan sites have their own storage and you can move it from storage onto the adjoining caravan site and you don’t even need to tow.

One of the best resources for caravan storage is CaSSOA have years of experience and knowledge of caravan storage.

You can search their site and find the best storage solution for your caravan. They have a ranking system where they give sites a Gold, Silver or Bronze Awards depending on their facilities and security arrangements. This gives you the ideal choice between cost and security enabling you to make your own choice.

Visit them at their Website :-

All accredited sites are independently assessed for :

  • Security featured
  • Access & amenities

You’ll find an approved site near you for peace of mind. It takes all the guess work out of storing your pride and joy.

We had our caravan in storage whilst moving house and it’s certainly different from having it on your drive. Some people prefer not having it on their drive, we actually prefer it.

But, whatever storage you decide on, make sure it’s right for you and enjoy your caravanning adventures!

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