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A jacket for a caravan? I know, you’re now thinking I’ve gone a bit mad. Well, no, you can get a jacket for your caravan. It’s not meant to keep it warm during the winter, although it will stop the front of your caravan getting dirty and potentially damaged by something flicking up from the road.

So do you really need one? Well, I try to address that in the article caravan towing cover – do I need one 

If, after reading the above you think you do need one, there are a couple of companies that manufacture custom made covers i.e. one that is a specific fit for your caravan, you can pay anything up to £400 for one, should you wish it. Companies such as Pro Tec Covers and Specialised Covers.

As with many things, you get what you pay for and the top of the range cover will have things like 8mm deep protection on the front and zip out area so that you can see out of the windows without taking the cover off when parked.

Here’s a few available on Amazon



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