Do I need Towing Mirrors?

Do I need Caravan Towing Mirrors? Yes, is the straight forward answer. If you’re towing a vehicle that’s wider than the car, you need extended wing mirrors.

What’s The Law?

Failure to comply with the law on wing mirrors has a maximum fine of £1,000 and 3 penalty points. A quote from

You must have an adequate view of the road behind you.
Fit suitable towing mirrors if your trailer or caravan is wider than the rear of your car.

What Do You Need To See?

Apart from it being a legal requirement, it’s just common sense. If you tow a caravan, which is wider than your car, you won’t be able to see down the sides of the caravan when towing. The diagram below gives you the distances involved with and without towing mirrors.

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Different Types of Caravan Towing Mirrors

There are several different types of caravan towing mirrors as can be seen below. Ranging in price.

Stick On Towing Mirrors

Strap On Towing Mirrors

Preview Product Rating Price
Ring Automotive RCT1410 Towing Mirror, Set of 2 - Black Ring Automotive RCT1410 Towing Mirror, Set of 2 - Black* 22 Reviews £16.99

Bracket Style Caravan Towing Mirrors

Preview Product Rating Price
Pair of Rock Steady Towing Mirrors Pair of Rock Steady Towing Mirrors* 52 Reviews £31.94

There are of course many different makers of caravan towing mirrors and we’ve been through several in our 13-year caravan adventure.

Best Selling Caravan Towing Mirrors

What Do CaravanVlogger Recommend?

The mirrors we use are the following:

Preview Product Rating Price

As you can see Milenco Grand Aero Convex Mirrors are not the cheapest. We’ve had cheaper mirrors and have used both stick on and strap on ones. The stick on ones can fall off and were prone to being unsteady. The Milenco mirrors we use are rock steady with very little movement. You can easily get spare, we broke a mirror recently and was able to just buy the mirror itself, without the added expense of buying a set, when we only needed one.

We use convex glass, you can get flat glass as well, these may suit you better. I personally don’t like them because they mess with how distances look and you don’t get a true idea of how close something is. It’s a personal choice thing of course. With flat mirror, everything appears closer and with convex you get a view that you’d be used to with your own car mirrors.

By mistake I did buy a flat glass mirror recently and used it, through no choice, on a recent trip. For me it was a nightmare, I got a lovely close up view of the caravan, but there was no “width” at all, I couldn’t see the wheels on the caravan and did hit a kerb!

Caravan Towing Mirrors
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