Caravan Vlogger You Tube Channel

We’re currently gearing up to start our new Caravan Vlogger You Tube channel. In it we’ll post reviews and advice. All the things we’ve learned in our 12 year caravanning adventures. We’ll review the sites we’ve visited as well as the accessories we use and why we use them.

Stay tuned to the Caravan Vlogger You Tube channel as this year we’re having a European adventure in Southern France and will be going with camera in hand, well actually in bag. Assuming we can figure out how to use it, we’ll be vlogging our way down to France.

Hopefully we’ll be stopping in sites and Aires on the way down and will do our best to give you all the hints and advice to make your next trip a safe and enjoyable one. Including things to avoid and what you need to take to keep the French Police happy, and I don’t mean Euros for bribes!

We know how confusing things can be. We know how, as novices you can feel a little out of place. For instance , when I went to collect our first caravan I excitedly got in the caravan not knowing that they had corner steadies. No only did I not know about them, I didn’t know the corner steadies we not up! I’ll let you guess what happened why I ran to the back shouting, “Oh what a lovely ba…” Crash! Or the time when I set fire to my hair no not lighting a gas ring properly and of course tripping up the caravan door every time I entered and exited..

Hopefully on the Caravan Vlogger You Tube channel we can prevent you having such mishaps and stop you making a complete fool of yourself!

If nothing else you might have a laugh!

Graham & Mandy
Caravan Vlogger You Tube channel

Caravan Vlogger You Tube Channel
Caravan Vlogger You Tube Channel


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