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Caravan Vlogger YouTube Channel

Comedy is at the heart of everything I do. Yes, I’m one of those annoying people that thinks he’s funny. I don’t think I’m funny, and sometimes I say something without any intention of being funny, and people laugh. That’s not the same thing as thinking I’m funny…

I will do some product reviews where I a) think they’re useful to the community or b) they paid me for it. I won’t do a review that has any strings attached. For instance, if they want me to say good things about it, if they want to see the vlog before it’s released, or if they want me to alter the content somehow.

It’s not a large channel, and I don’t have the respect (or trust) of larger companies to be reviewing things like caravans or tow cars. It’s more things I buy. The odd thing does arrive on my doorstep to review. However, I don’t go out seeking things to review. On the odd occasion, a company approaches me to review something, I will review it if I think it’s suitable. Or, if it’s something I would buy, then I’d review it.

We were beginners once, and even however many years on, we’re still learning. We know how confusing things can be. We know how, as novices, you can feel a little out of place. For instance, when I went to collect our first caravan, I excitedly got into the caravan, not knowing that they had corner steadies. Not only did I not know about them, but I also didn’t know the corner steadies were up! I’ll let you guess what happened when I ran to the back shouting, “Oh, what a lovely ba…” Crash! Or the time when I set fire to my hair not lighting a gas ring properly and, of course, tripping up the caravan door every time I entered and exited.

Hopefully, on the Caravan Vlogger YouTube channel, we can prevent you from having such mishaps and stop you from making a complete fool of yourself!

If nothing else, you might laugh at my expense!

Caravan Vlogger YouTube channel

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