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OK, so I wrote a blog post detailing the stuff I didn’t like about caravanning which a lot of people seemed to feel the same way, or rather had similar gripes.

To even things up, and more importantly to prove I’m not a total grump, I thought I’d talk about some of the things I DO like about caravanning. ( Some of these are also listed here )
After all we do holiday in it, I create vlogs about it and also (obviously) write about it, so you could say I’m sort of obsessed by it – Mrs CaravanVlogger says I am obsessed…

So, things I like.

A new entry straight in at number one…..


Now, we holidayed for many years going abroad, flying, getting coaches, sitting in a Hotel resort for two weeks and coming home again. Whilst this is great, you’re treated very much like a sheep. Go here at this time, do that at that time, have breakfast, lunch and dinner and set times. It’s like being at school again.

With a caravan, you can go anywhere you like, when you like. OK, OK, I know you can’t go up Mount Everest, or drive to Australia,  but you’re splitting hairs…

You can go to a busy resort in the South of France or even Spain, you could tow your caravan down to Portugal, or you can go to a little country retreat in the Peak District. Summer, Winter, rain, shine. You get the picture, possibilities are endless. If you just stuck to caravan sites in England, you couldn’t visit them all!

Home From Home

Airports, public transport, lots of people. No thanks. We get in our car, on our drive with caravan attached and we’re off. We can drive to Dover, board a Ferry, get off and we’re in France and our “Home” is still with us. You have all your stuff, you don’t need to sleep in a Hotel bed that you “assuming” someone has cleaned – and how many people have slept in that bed? Oh please, I don’t want to know…

Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth

Don’t worry I’m not about to go all “GreenPeace on you” I’ll let other s argue about how environmentally friendly or not Caravans are. I mean you can pick on up quite cheaply. You don’t have to spend 10’s of thousands of pounds. Another thing, caravans hold there value a lot better than cars.

All Your Luggage With You

Oh yes, my dear caravanning friends. No more lost luggage, no more leaving your watch / phone / laptop in the Hotel, oh no, it’s all with you all of the time.

I think I could go on for hours, but that’s about all I’ve got for now. Feel free to add your caravan loves in the comments below, I read them all. If you’re not selling me Solar Panels or telling me how to get more website views, I’ll approve your comment and it’ll appear on this page.

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