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How can anyone review Colapz flexi waste pipe? It’s just a waste pipe that’s flexible and extends when necessary, thanks for reading, good night. No wait…I’ll just tell you a story of why I wasn’t going to buy one, but in the end did..


I’ve been following Colapz on social media and was watching the process of them going through the release of this product. I’m always a bit suspicious of things that are in the “pipeline” excuse the pun, where you can pre-order and get a discount. I know this is a tactic a lot of companies use, but I always feel uneasy. But really, pre-order a waste pipe? I notice there seemed to be involvement from some vloggers, regarding this product, an air of secrecy seemed to be a PR tactic used. “Oh there’s something great coming, we can’t tell you what it is, but you’ll love it. It will revolutionise the caravan industry”, sounds bites like that, before we knew it was a waste pipe. The whole thing made me suspicious, I wasn’t sure why it had to be a secret, or even why they’d mentioned it at all – but it had the feeling or some kind of scam? It put me off.

Anyway, I held back from pre-ordering, waiting for some reviews I could trust. Everyone was talking about the product, then no one was. This of course is my interpretation, I am guilty of dreaming up issues and situations that either no one else can see, or that aren’t really there ?
Fast forward a while and people are asking where their products are, as they’d pre-ordered. Of course, cynical me is thinking “here we go”. But then, good to their word Colapz started shipping the products and people started getting them. I watched closely who was saying the products were good, who was recommending we buy. My thinking was, that those who might have an involvement would naturally give good reviews.

If I’m honest, the whole thing annoyed me. Some big surprise would be revealed, in the end it was a waste pipe, as good as it is, it’s not ground breaking, life changing and deserving of a fanfare, it was all a bit naff. I just felt some vloggers were too close to the product / company for me to give any of their opinions and credence.


So there’s a little insight into my head and my reasoning for not wanting to buy it initially, what about the product.

Well, after all that, I ordered one, paid for it with hard earned cash – I could have ordered earlier and got a discount, but better safe than sorry ? I bought one as we were on an all inclusive pitch at Love2Stay when we were next away. It turned up swiftly and I have to say I’m pleased with it. Well, as pleased as a waste pipe can make you.
VERY good design, feels a quality product, but then, for 30 quid, it needs to be. The pipes are extendable, each when extending to one meter, easy to clean, you do get a brush to help with the cleaning.
There’s not a lot more to say about a drainage pipe. It’s flexible, you get 4 lengths in a kit. Each pipe is 50cm and extends to 1 metre.

I don’t mind paying what might seem “over the odds” for a product, as long as that product stands up to my high expectations. I buy Apple kit, because, although it’s more pricey, it is worth he money, this is of course my opinion. I feel the same way about this flexible pipe. Yes, I’m comparing an iPhone with a flexible drain pipe!

Colapz Caravan Accessories – Collapsible Flexible and Extendable Caravan Waste Pipe System (4 x 1M Pipes, Carry Bag, Cleaning Brush)*
  • Collapsible Design – Perfect for a Caravan or Motorhome service pitch each of the 4 flexible 50cm lengths extend to 1m and connect together to create one 4m length of grey waste pipe. Extra Pipes are available to add to kit to extend length.
  • Easy Fit – Easy to link together, adjust with a push fit and connection to standard 29.5mm caravan waste outlet with adaptor available to fit 19mm to 50mm diameter waste pipes (accessory purchase). No more dirty long lengths of waste pipe with problems storing and transporting. The Colapz Flexi Waste Pipe system solves a big problem !
  • Contents – Each Flexi Waste pipe kit includes 4 pipes, a cleaning brush with 1m pull through chain and a handy carry bag to easily clean and store your waste pipe kit away and keep your kit together.
  • Accessories – Add to and extend your kit with additional connecting 1m pipes, our handy metal positioning pegs to position your waste system and ensure drainage, An adjustable adapter to fit 19mm to 50mm diameter waste pipes, spare cleaning brush and additional carry bag.
  • Colapz – Colapz is a BRITISH brand designing high quality and innovative space saving Camping, Caravan and Camper van equipment and accessories. Search our full range of eco-friendly collapsible products including our brilliant buckets and colourful watering cans.

In Summary

Many would argue that as soon as the word caravan is used in a product it doubles the price. Of course you can get waste pipes for a few quid, and keep a few different lengths. If you’re happy with that, and there’s nothing wrong with that, then stick with what you have…. We didn’t have suitable waste pipes and are happy to pay £30…

If you feel the need to justify spending 30 quid on a waste pipe, don’t bother, just get a £5 one from eBay.   

It’s bendy and waste water travels through it..

  • No more long smelly awkward waste pipes!
  • Very easy to link and adjust to required length
  • Easy to angle, so you can direct the water exactly where you want it to go
  • Lightweight and robust, enhanced with quality UV stabilisers
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Kit includes 4 x 1 metre length flexi-pipes
  • DOUBLES in length from 50cm to 100cm (1 metre)
  • Includes silicone brush cleaner fitted with a 1 metre metal chain
  • Includes handy storage bag
  • Additional 1 metre flexi-pipe lengths available to purchase
  • Metal pegs which help to support the waste pipe at the correct position available to purchase
  • Fits standard caravan 29.5mm waste outlet

*Last update on 2024-06-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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  1. Chris avatar

    You need more than the basic 4 lengths of pipe. Caravans generally have twin waste outlets. So you need a means of connection. The flex end of a pipe is compatible with a single waste outlet, but no other standard corrugated pipes or domestic pipe. So you need to by their connection kit.
    Now 2 x1 metre lengths reached from my vans outlet to the rear end of the vanonly, so you are likely to need 2 sets to reach the waste point. For the system to be efficient the pipework needs supporting, and again these are not on the basic kit, so either buy them or devise your own.
    Its good quality with good fit, but the deal should offer all the other bits you need, and not leave you to discover all this on site…

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