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CaravanVlogger produces content for the CaravanVlogger website and YouTube Channel. Currently 100% of the content is created by me (Graham Bell) CaravanVlogger is a great outlet for me as I can combine my creative interests in writing, videoing and photography as well as obviously caravanning, which is where we spend all of our holiday time.

We have been caravanning since 2006 and have a wealth of experience, including owning a motorhome.


Whilst I am a caravan based creator, honesty, transparency and humour are the main drivers for the content I create. My approach is to make educational and thought-provoking vlogs and blogs, but always sprinkled with an overall sense of humour. This is the general theme of all my work.


I am interested in collaborating with companies and people in social media. The types of collaborations I’ll consider:

  • Writing Sponsored Posts for product and caravan manufacturers.
  • Writing Experienced Based Posts (Site and Trip Reviews etc)
  • Reviewing Products
  • Creating Sponsored YouTube Videos
  • Writing Guest Blog Posts

I believe in transparency if I undertake a sponsored review, for example, website, or YouTube channel they will always state it is a promotional, or part promotion review and opinions will be my own.

I will give an honest opinion on product reviews and would not accept editorial control by others, at least not with the opinions I am giving. I may use humour to get a point across but wouldn’t say something is bad, just for the sake of it.

If you have a project in mind which you’d like to work with me on, then please contact me using the form below. I reply quickly, certainly by the next working day. I can send a rate card, when required.

Due to time constraints I’m unable to take on any unpaid work at this time.


Graham Bell

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