Cost of Caravanning in France

Do you know how much your Caravan trips are costing you? I didn't, so I took some simple measure to keep track of spending. Here are the results of how much on particular trip costs. I'm not sure I'll be keeping this close a track on expenditure. It's too frightening


We like to be open and honest about things, I think politicians call it being transparent. But what do they know?

Anyway, you’ll know we spent a month in France, if you don’t know then you haven’t been concentrating.

We applied for a Starling Bank card before we left, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we bank with Nationwide and they charge, I think, 2% on every transaction and secondly, Starling is well integrated with its own app and does a really good job of categorising your expenditure.

We’ve been to France a few times and we’ve never really calculated how much it costs. We tend to book sites and the ferry well in advance, so these costs are forgotten about by the time we actually get to go on holiday.

We categorised our spend into different, well, categories ­čÖé For example..

  • Groceries
  • Fuel
  • Ferry
  • Site Fees
  • Tolls

If I’m completely honest, I wish I hadn’t worked out exactly how much it costs. It was quite scary. As I’m self-employed, I could also have added what I lost in earnings, but of course, that would be giving you a bit too much personal information, so I’ve excluded these from my calculations…

We’re now questioning if this type of holiday (location and length) is actually “worth it”. Of course, things shouldn’t be measured in cost alone, however, we should try to work to some sort of budget.

So, one month, 27 nights, return ferry and 2,400 miles of diesel, cash, groceries and toll fee cost……Find out by watching our VLOG….


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