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I’ve put together this article about data-only SIM cards as I’ve been looking for the “perfect” solution for getting unlimited internet in the caravan. I know what you’re thinking: “You don’t need unlimited data.” Well, for several reasons, I do.

Firstly, you may know, I have a YouTube channel, for this I need to uploads videos, sometimes from the caravan. Now, this may not be a necessity, and there will be people saying, “you’re on holiday, enjoy yourself”. But, making videos is a hobby for me, so caravanning and making a video is doing two of my favourite things are the same time. Secondly, we don’t like to miss any football, with unlimited we can watch all the games we want to and not worry about running out of data.

Anyhow, some months ago I came across a company that supplies data only sim cards, some with unlimited data plans for a fixed fee. You pay an amount upfront and you get unlimited data for a length of time. It’s then an easy piece of maths to work out how much it costs a month. I’d asked them a few questions regarding their service and got speedy, accurate replies back.

This isn’t sponsored, I paid for the sim myself and now I’m happy with it, and it works, I thought I’d write a bit about it. I pay less than £11 a month for EE unlimited data. BTW, EE’s “fair use policy” is 600GB per month, so it isn’t really “unlimited”

For those who love hitting the road in their touring caravan but find themselves frequently frustrated by insufficient mobile data, a data only SIM card could be just the ticket to seamless connectivity.

Whether you’re streaming your favourite shows on Amazon Prime after a day of exploring, or keeping up with work emails amidst the tranquillity of nature, being online is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity.

Did you know that these nifty little cards are tailor-made for devices where calling and texting aren’t needed? That’s right; they’re all about giving you internet access without any fuss.

In this blog post we’ll dive into what data only SIM cards are and why choosing one can mean saying goodbye to restrictive porting restrictions and hello to unlimited browsing bliss.

We’ll also introduce Scancom’s top products—a lifesaver for anyone needing reliable service on the go.

Get set for an easy-to-understand guide that will steer you towards constant connection; it might just change the way you travel! Keep reading to unlock hassle-free web wandering wherever your wheels take you.

Key Takeaways

  • Data only SIM cards are perfect for those who need internet access without traditional phone services, making them ideal for touring caravan owners and businesses.
  • These SIM cards offer unlimited data plans with fast internet speeds, ensuring seamless connectivity and a cost-effective solution for staying connected on the go.
  • Scancom offers top products such as EE Unlimited Data Sim, Three Unlimited Data Sim, and 02 Unlimited Data Sim to provide reliable and fast internet access tailored to fit specific needs.

What are Data Only Sim Cards?

Moving from the basics, data only SIM cards are special kind of SIMs that just let you use the internet. These don’t include call minutes or texts like regular SIM cards do. They’re perfect for touring caravan owners who need to stay connected online without needing traditional phone services.

Data only SIM cards slip into gadgets like tablets and Wi-Fi dongles and routers, turning them into hotspots so you can surf the web or stream videos wherever your travels take you. You can pick from different plans that give you a set amount of data or even unlimited data if you use the internet a lot.

Some people call these ‘data sims’ because they’re all about getting online easily while on the move.

Why Choose Data Only Sim Cards?

Data Only Sim Cards are the perfect choice for those seeking enhanced technology, unlimited data plans, and a cost-effective solution.

Enhanced technology

New tech makes data only SIM cards a great choice for caravan owners. Router that can take sim cards are available for caravan owners; They use multiple antennas to send and receive more info at once. This is called multiple-input and multiple-output, or MIMO.

It means you get fast internet even when travelling.

With these SIMs, streaming videos or browsing the web on your trip is easy and smooth. You don’t need to worry about calls or texts because these SIMs focus just on data. So if your tablet or router needs internet, a data only SIM card has it covered with speedy 4G or even faster!

Unlimited data plans

Unlimited data plans are like an all-you-can-eat buffet for your internet needs. They let you browse, stream, and download as much as you want without worrying about running out of data.

This is perfect when you’re on the road in your touring caravan and need to stay connected with family or enjoy some entertainment. With Scancom’s unlimited data SIMs from networks like EE and Three, there’s no fear of extra charges for going over a limit.

These plans often come with fast internet speeds too, so whether you’re checking maps for your next destination or watching videos on a rainy day inside your caravan, it’s smooth sailing.

Cost-effective solution

Getting the most out of your money matters, especially when you’re working from home from your touring caravan. This might be enabling you to go on holiday when you have that bit of work to finish, rather than cancel the holiday, you can go and access all your systems from the caravan in the same way you do at home, or in the office. Data only SIM cards make this easy. They help you avoid paying for call or text plans that you won’t use.

With options like pre-paid and monthly plans, or in this case, paying up front, controlling costs is simpler.

Businesses big and small find data only SIMs smart for saving pounds. They work great in devices like tablets and mobile hotspots, which are perfect for keeping up with work on the road.

Since these SIMs focus only on data, you’re not wasting cash on unused features. Choose a plan that fits what you need – whether it’s 2GB or unlimited data – and enjoy staying connected without stretching your budget. They also free up your phone for making calls, and, if you decide to pop to the shops, your family won’t get disconnected when you leave because everyone is hotspotting from your phone to get access to the internet.

Top Products Offered by Scancom

Get the best-unlimited data sims from EE, Three and 02 with fast and reliable service. Read on to discover more about our top products!

With Scancom unlimited plans, on whatever network you choose, they charge for the amount of time the plan lasts. For example, a 12 month plan will be cheaper than a 18 month plan etc

EE Unlimited Data Sim

The EE Unlimited Data Sim is perfect for touring caravan owners who need a strong internet connection on their travels. It gives you all the data you want without any limits, so you can browse, stream or work online from wherever your caravan takes you.

You don’t have to worry about running out of data in the middle of your trip. This sim card is simple and made just for using the internet which means it’s easy to use in tablets, dongles, or mobile hotspots.

I personally find EE has the best UK coverage on their data only sim cards, and I’m more likely to get a strong enough signal on their network.

data only sim cards

Scancom offers this top-notch solution with next day delivery service across mainland UK. So if you’re planning a journey soon, setting up your caravan with an EE Unlimited Data Sim could be one of the smartest choices you make.

It lets you stay connected smoothly as long as there’s network coverage where you park up for the night or explore during the day.

I opted for the EE Unlimited plan, which will last for 18 months at a monthly cost of less than £11 (you do have to pay upfront).

EE 5G Unlimited Data Sim Card – Preloaded each month from now until 8th JUNE 2025 – No Contract & One-off payment – Business-Grade Data Perfect for Wifi Routers, Tablets & Phones.*
  • Unlimited monthly EE 5G Data until 8th JUNE 2025 for just a one-off payment
  • Experience instant connectivity with our plug in & play preloaded Data Sims – no setup required
  • The UK’s most reliable network for your business – perfect for routers, tablets and phones
  • No contract, no monthly fees
  • UK data-only. Fair use policy: 600GB/month. EE reserve the right to restrict usage if the fair usage policy is breached.

You can build your own plan here :

Scancom Build your own Data Sim Card – Choose your Data Bucket combination between EE, Three, O2, and Vodafone (EE, 10GB)*
  • Optimal Connectivity: Designed for individuals seeking the best possible connection quality at their specific location.
  • Data: Choose your preferred data amount, ranging from 1GB to 1000GB, for a specified duration (One-Off Data Allowance).
  • Network Flexibility: Customize your network experience by selecting a combination of networks or a single network. The SIM card will automatically connect to the strongest signal among your chosen options at your current location.
  • Data Duration: Your data remains usable for 1 year from the initial activation, which occurs when the SIM card is first inserted into a device.
  • SIM Card Details: Triple cut & Built to industrial-grade IoT standards.

Three Unlimited Data Sim

Three Unlimited Data Sim gives you all the internet you need for your touring adventures. With this SIM, there is no end to how much data you can use. It’s perfect for keeping your tablet or mobile hotspot connected while on the move.

Enjoy streaming videos, browsing maps, and chatting with friends without worrying about running out of data.

Choosing Three Unlimited Data Sim means you always have a strong connection in your caravan. This plan is made to help people who love to travel stay online all the time. You can order it fast and get it brought straight to your door with next business day delivery options from Scancom Distribution Limited.

This way, you never miss out on sharing those special travel moments or finding your next destination.

Scancom Three Unlimited 5G Data SIM – Preloaded Every Month from now until 8th December 2025 – Perfect For Wifi Routers, Tablets & Phones – Business Grade Data, dual band*
  • Unlimited Data each month – Refreshes Automatically every month until 8th December 2025 – Just a single one-off payment for the entire term
  • 4G & 5G Speeds – Business Grade Data
  • All sims come already preloaded with no contract
  • All SIMs are already live and registered to Three by Scancom – We provide full service for any problems and questions, please mail
  • Fair Use Policy of 1000GB Every Month Set By Three. This sim is Data only with no calls or texts.

Vodafone Unlimited Data Sim

Vodafone 5G Unlimited Preloaded Data Sim. Perfect for unlocked Phones, Routers, Tablets and Wifi Dongles – Activate anytime when you receive the SIM – Choose your Data Duration (12 Months)*
  • Activate the sim by scanning the supplied QR Code and enjoy 12 months of business-grade data from initial activation.
  • Compatible with a wide array of unlocked devices including phones, routers, tablets, CCTV’s, and WiFi dongles. Embrace seamless connectivity for all your needs, wherever you are.
  • Extend your data usage beyond the initial term with the option to renew at the end, ensuring continuous connectivity without interruption.
  • We will activate your sim in 1 business day – Your data then runs for 12 Months from the point of activation
  • The Data will refresh on the 1st of each month. By request, the SIM also comes with portal access where data usage can be viewed

02 Unlimited Data Plan

O2 Unlimited Data Sim Enhanced Tech Pre-Paid (12 Months from Order)*
  • O2 5G Unlimited Data Only – Enhanced Tech Enterprise Series – Acitvate by scanning the QR Code when you receive the Sim and we’ll activate in 1 business day
  • Perfect for users who want: No contract, No commitment, A one-off payment, No further cost issues, No billing issues.
  • Data Allowance: Unlimited UK 4G/5G Business Grade Data (subject to 600GB fair use policy)
  • Optional Protection: Built-in Malware restrictions at the network level
  • Optional Social media site restrictions / blocking: Apps such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

THREE Unlimited Data Plan

Scancom Three Unlimited 5G Data SIM – Preloaded Every Month from now until 8th December 2025 – Perfect For Wifi Routers, Tablets & Phones – Business Grade Data, dual band*
  • Unlimited Data each month – Refreshes Automatically every month until 8th December 2025 – Just a single one-off payment for the entire term
  • 4G & 5G Speeds – Business Grade Data
  • All sims come already preloaded with no contract
  • All SIMs are already live and registered to Three by Scancom – We provide full service for any problems and questions, please mail
  • Fair Use Policy of 1000GB Every Month Set By Three. This sim is Data only with no calls or texts.

Benefits of Choosing Scancom for Data Only Sim Cards

Scancom offers fast and reliable data sims, with top-notch support and authorised partnerships with top networks. I was a bit skeptical at first, they have a few plans like “Business”, “Home Broadband”, so I contacted them, they confirmed these plans were actually all the same, but they use different names for marketing reasons. Which is understandable.

Authorised partners with top networks

As authorised partners with leading networks, Scancom brings you the best data-only SIM cards for your touring caravan. With a focus on providing reliable and fast internet access, our data only SIMs are perfect for staying connected while on the go.

Enjoy the convenience of unlimited data plans and cost-effective solutions tailored to fit your specific needs.

Scancom offers top products like EE Unlimited Data Sim, Three Unlimited Data Sim, and 02 to ensure you have the best options available for seamless internet connectivity during your travels.

Fast and reliable data sims

When it comes to staying connected on the move, touring caravan owners need fast and reliable data sims. With data-only SIM cards designed for internet usage, you can ensure seamless connectivity during your travels.

These SIMs provide mobile internet without traditional phone call or SMS texting features. They are perfect for devices like tablets and mobile hotspots, meeting your need for internet access while on the go.

With a variety of data allowances available from different network providers, such as 2GB, 15GB, 40GB, 100GB or unlimited options, there’s a plan to suit every requirement. Whether you prefer pay-as-you-go flexibility or a contract plan tailored to your needs, choosing the right data SIM ensures that you’ll have dependable and high-speed connectivity wherever your adventures take you.


In summary, data only SIM cards are a practical solution for those who primarily use their devices for internet connectivity. These SIM cards offer efficient and cost-effective access to mobile internet without traditional voice or text services.

Have you considered the impact of incorporating data-only SIMs into your connectivity strategy? With their focus on seamless internet access, these SIMs can provide significant improvements in efficiency and flexibility for businesses and individuals alike.

From my experience using all network providers, EE gives the best coverage. Most claim 90% plus UK coverage, but my anecdotal evidence says I have fewer issues with EE.


1. What are data only SIM cards?

Data only SIM cards give you internet for your phone or tablet. They don’t let you make regular calls or send texts.

2. Can I choose between pre-paid and monthly options for my data only SIM card?

Yes, with a data only SIM card, you can pick either pre-paid or monthly options to fit your needs.

3. How will my data only SIM card be sent to me?

Your data only SIM card will be shipped from Scancom Distribution Limited and it will be tracked so that it gets delivered safely to you.

4. Are there extra charges for shipping a data only SIM in mainland UK?

Mainland UK shipping charges may apply when getting your data only Sim Card but check out the latest deals as sometimes they might offer free delivery.

*Last update on 2024-06-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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