Defender Caravan Universal Front Towing Cover




Defender Caravan Universal Front Towing Cover

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The Defender Caravan Universal Front Towing Cover is a great value towing cover. But is it a brand you’ve heard of? I certainly haven’t. I’m guilty of buying mainly “known brands”. It’s not to say they are the best and you don’t always get what you pay for. These so-called “premium brands” come with a premium price tag.

Unfortunately I’m haunted by the saying “buy cheap, buy twice”, especially with caravan accessories. I also find that when I try to buy something that appears “good value” I usually end up buying the same thing but from a different, more expensive supplier.

What about this one? How does it match up to other more well-known brands? Of course, it’s all a matter of choice.

Caravan Defender Universal Front Towing Cover Protector Covers Accessories Dark Grey (Dark Front)*
  • PROTECTION: The cover is designed to help protect your caravan from stone chips, dirt, bugs, overhanging branches. The cover also helps protect delaminated windows whilst travelling.
  • MATERIAL: A 4 layered construction, beginning with a soft non staining, non marking white backing, is designed to be robust and durable without impacting nose weight.
  • VISIBILITY: 2 x LED battery operated lights and 2 highly reflective strips, running from top to bottom, optimise visibility on poorly lit roads.
  • DIMENSIONS: The protective cover measures 7 foot 1 inch wide (2.16m). The 7 easily adjustable, double stitched securing straps can be further extended up to 10 inches on either side to help fit far reaching awning channels if required.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This cover is not recommended to be left on for storage- for towing only. This Caravan Towing Cover will only fit vans with 2 working awning channels. Batteries are not included. IF YOU HAVE AN 8FT CARAVAN PLEASE SEE OUR OTHER LISTING.

Just take some time to click on the item above and have a read through the Amazon reviews for the Defender Caravan Universal Front Towing Cover.

78% of customers gave it FIVE stars!

I can’t speak from personal opinion and I’ll admit up front I have a tow cover from Specialised Covers, which was a lot more expensive than this one.

It’s certainly worth considering if you’re looking for a caravan towing cover.

Defender Caravan Universal Front Towing Cover

One thing to consider is that the Defender Caravan Universal Front Towing Cover is a universal cover, where as the more expensive one’s are tailored made for your exact model. The difference really is how it looks and in some ways how easy it is to put one and take off.

Most towing covers, including this one, will need two awning rails as the tow cover attaches by using the awning rails at the front of the caravan.

Another advantage of getting a tailor-made tow cover is that it will have “windows” where the lights are, to ensure your lights are visible at night. Cheaper tow covers have LED lights attached to the cover that you’ll need to turn on and off, replace batteries etc.

One other difference, and this might not bother you is that tow cover such as Specialised Covers are padded at the front so should a stone come up, you’re not only protected from the stone scratching, but also if the stone is larger, they prevent the stone, or, let’s call it a brick, making a hole in your caravan. Less expensive ones are not padded.

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