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5 Best Caravan Breakaway Cables

Unsure of which caravan breakaway cable is the best for your needs? This vital piece of equipment plays a huge role in ensuring our safety while towing. In this article, we will guide you through the ins and outs of the 5 top-rated caravan breakaway cables on today’s market.

Ready to ramp up your caravan safety measures? Read on!

What is a Caravan Breakaway Cable?

A Caravan Breakaway Cable is a key component of caravan safety and towing equipment. It serves the important function of ensuring safe towing by providing an emergency unhitching option in case of a trailer or coupling failure.

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Purpose and function

A breakaway cable plays a critical role in caravan safety. The primary function of this key component is to activate your caravan’s brakes if it becomes uncoupled from your towcar during travel.

Designed with new standards and best practices, the breakaway cable brings the runaway caravan to an immediate halt, preventing potential accidents and ensuring road safety for all involved.

Notably, fitting the breakaway cable correctly is essential for optimal functionality and security while towing. It ensures that any unforeseen disconnection results in an automatic braking action on the detached caravan before safely bringing it to a standstill.

Importance for safe towing

A caravan breakaway cable plays a critical role in ensuring towing safety. It works as an emergency brake when unhitched from the towcar, bringing it to a halt and potentially preventing accidents on the road.

Designed for quick fitting, it is a key component of your caravan’s essential equipment. The heavy-duty steel cable can withstand strong forces during a potential incident offering maximum protection while towing.

This underlines its importance in securing both the caravan and other drivers sharing the highway with you. Meeting new standards set out by UK regulations, these cables serve as pivotal tools towards boosting your towing security measures.

Top 5 Best Caravan Breakaway Cables

Here are the top 5 best caravan breakaway cables that you should consider for safe towing:

1. GENUINE Heavy Duty Trailer Caravan Breakaway Cable.

2. Xtremeauto Easy Quick Fit Breakaway Cable.

3. Maypole MP501 1m x 3mm Breakaway PVC Cable.

4. Kampa Towing Caravan Breakaway Cable.

5. AB Tools 1 Metre Ring Hook Trailer Caravan High Vis Brake Away Breakaway Safety Cable.

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GENUINE Heavy Duty Trailer Caravan Breakaway Cable

The GENUINE Heavy Duty Trailer Caravan Breakaway Cable stands out among other breakaway cables due to its inherent robustness and durability. This cable is capable of managing heavy-duty towing tasks with ease, courtesy of its sturdy design and quality material composition.

You can trust this cable to work seamlessly in dire situations where your caravan uncouples from your tow car, an occurrence that could lead to critical emergencies otherwise. Its ability to handle tough tasks sets it apart as a top choice for touring caravan owners who demand nothing less than excellently reliable equipment for their travels.

The best practice involves fitting the breakaway cable correctly, amplifying the safety levels during each journey significantly. Notably, the red colouring typical of Alko-manufactured products like this one serves as a quick identifier during setup or routine checks before setting off.

Heavy Duty, Trailer Caravan Breakaway Break Away Cable, Towing Coupling Safety Cable, Unhitching Emergency Cable, Heavy Duty Burst Ring, 1M Sturdy Stainless Steel Cable, Pull-off Force ≥ 400kg*
  • ✅ 【GENUINE Heavy Duty】Caravan Trailer Break Away Cable. Heavy Duty Burst Ring; Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cable, 1 Meter Long, 5mm thickness (including PVC Coating), Pull-off Force ≥ 400kg.
  • ✅ 【Wide Compatibility】- For Williams single, twin & tri axle trailer, horsebox, car transporter, Toughmac, Brian James, Elddis, Swift, Lunar, Bailey, Abbey, Hobby, Xplore, Compass, Coachman.
  • ✅ 【Wide Use】- Fits most makes of trailer and caravan braked couplings, including Indespension, Bradley, Peak, Al-ko and any fitted with a ratchet type handbrake.
  • ✅ 【Secure Fitting】- Vehicle fitting: Heavy Duty, 8mm, Carabiner Carbine Hook, Size 80mmx40mm, Stainless Steel, Rust Free. Trailer fitting: Heavy Duty, 5.5mm, Burst Ring, Ring Diameter 56mm, Rust Free, Zinc galvanization. This gives a quick but permanent attachment at the handbrake.
  • ✅ 【Safe and Legal】- Red PVC coated for High Visibility. This cable applies the caravan or trailer handbrake in the event of accidental unhitching when the trailer or caravan becoming detached from the towing vehicle. It is a UK Law to have this on your trailer.

Xtremeauto Easy Quick Fit Breakaway Cable

The Xtremeauto Easy Quick Fit Breakaway Cable boasts a fast and straightforward installation process. This heavy-duty safety cable proves its worth in ensuring caravan safety, especially during unhitching emergencies.

It fits perfectly, maintaining the best practice requirements for breakaway cables in the UK. Being a key component of your towing coupling, this is highly recommended for those seeking a durable and reliable solution with perfect length to ensure safe towing distances are maintained between vehicles.

Its robust construction means it’s not just another breakaway cable replacement; it’s a long-term investment towards safer caravanning adventures. Crafted from resilient steel cable, the Xtremeauto Easy Quick Fit has the strength to bring your caravan to an abrupt halt if necessary, fulfilling its purpose as an essential piece of towing equipment effectively.

Xtremeauto Easy Quick Fit Breakaway Cable Carbine Threaded Hook Towing Caravan Trailer Trailer*
  • 🔒 For iforwilliams single, twin & tri axle trailer, horsebox, car transporter, Toughmac, Brian James, Elddis, Swift, Lunar, Bailey, Abbey, Hobby, Xplore, Compass, Coachman
  • 🔒 This cable applies the caravan or trailer handbrake in the event of accidental unhitching – UK Law to have this on your trailer.
  • 🔒 A high quality carbine hook at one end and a threaded carbine hook at the other
  • 🔒 This gives a quick but permanent attachment at the handbrake end without the use of tools
  • 🔒 This cable applies the caravan or trailer handbrake in the event of accidental unhitching – This gives a quick but permanent attachment at the handbrake end without the use of tools.

Maypole MP501 1m x 3mm Breakaway PVC Cable

The Maypole MP501 1m x 3mm Breakaway PVC Cable stands out for its robustness. It carries the heavy-duty responsibility of ensuring your caravan’s safety, meeting and often surpassing new standards in the UK.

The Maypole breakaway cable can withstand a great deal of tension, thanks to its strength and durable construction.

Perfect length is one key aspect that you need to consider while choosing a breakaway cable for your towing vehicle. The Maypole MP501 meets this requirement by offering a generous length of one meter with sufficient flexibility for unhitching emergencies.

Its durability lies not just in its strong steel composition but also in its protective PVC coating which enhances longevity against weather elements and wear-and-tear during use. You’ll find attaching it on your caravan quite straightforward – it’s a fast fit – making it highly recommended amongst touring caravan owners wanting convenience along with reliability.

Maypole 1m x 3 mm Red PVC Breakaway Cable For Braked Trailers and Caravans*
  • 1m breakaway cable length
  • Carabiner vehicle fitting
  • Burst ring trailer fitting
  • 3mm cable diameter
  • Red PVC coating

Kampa Towing Caravan Breakaway Cable

The Kampa Towing Caravan Breakaway Cable scores high on durability and reliability. It is crafted from high-strength steel, which ensures a perfect ability to withstand stress during emergency unhitching scenarios.

Your safety while touring isn’t compromised with this cable. Its fast fit feature allows easy attachment and detachment when required, making it a suitable option for various caravan models.

The length of the Kampa cable perfectly complies with new standards set for safe towing, preventing your caravan from veering into traffic in case of accidental unhitching. Its burst ring design offers an additional level of security by ensuring effective application of brakes if your towing coupling fails unexpectedly.

AB Tools 1 Metre Ring Hook Trailer Caravan High Vis Brake Away Breakaway Safety Cable

AB Tools offers a top-of-the-line 1 metre ring hook trailer caravan breakaway safety cable. This product shines in the market with its high visibility feature, ensuring maximized safety during your caravanning adventures.

You get optimum length and strength, making it highly recommended for touring caravan owners who value uncompromised towing safety. The robust steel cable material boasts superior durability, promising longevity even under tough conditions.

Such innovation guarantees fast fit and easy attachment, meeting new standards and best practices in the UK that attest to AB Tools’ commitment towards excellence in delivering key components of safe towing coupling.

With this tool’s seamless compatibility with different models of caravans, no unhitching emergency will be too daunting anymore! Choose AB Tools’ High Vis Brake Away Breakaway Safety Cable – a crucial player that can bring any runaway trailer to a halt effectively!

AB Tools 1 Metre Ring Hook Trailer Caravan High Vis Brake Away Breakaway Safety Cable*
  • Total length of the cable 1 metre
  • Suitable for all braked trailers up to 3.5 ton
  • Ring end
  • Hook end
  • Yellow reflective cover for easier visibility

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Caravan Breakaway Cable

When choosing a trailer or caravan breakaway cable, consider factors such as length and strength, material durability, and compatibility with your caravan.

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Length and strength

When it comes to choosing a caravan breakaway cable, length and strength are two important factors to consider. The length of the cable should be perfect, allowing for enough slack so that the cable isn’t constantly taut but also not too long to risk dragging on the ground.

Look for a cable that is specifically designed to be the correct length for your caravan setup.

In terms of strength, you’ll want a breakaway cable that can handle the weight and force of your caravan in case of an emergency unhitching situation. Opt for a heavy-duty cable made from strong materials like steel or durable PVC.

This ensures that the cable won’t snap under pressure and will bring your caravan safely to a halt if needed.

Material and durability

The material and durability of a caravan breakaway cable are key factors to consider when choosing the right one for your needs. It is important to select a cable made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of towing.

Look for cables that are constructed from strong and durable materials such as steel or PVC. These materials are known for their strength, resistance to wear and tear, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

By choosing a breakaway cable with excellent material quality and durability, you can ensure that it will effectively serve its purpose in emergency situations where it may need to bring your caravan safely to a halt if uncoupled from the towcar.

Compatibility with your caravan

To ensure the safety of your caravan, it’s crucial to choose a breakaway cable that is compatible with your specific caravan model. Different caravans have different towing requirements and mechanisms, so it’s essential to find a breakaway cable that will fit and function properly.

This means considering factors such as the length and strength of the cable, as well as any specific attachments or fittings required for your caravan. By selecting a compatible breakaway cable, you can have peace of mind knowing that in the event of an emergency unhitching situation, your caravan will be brought to a safe and controlled halt.


After considering the various options, these five caravan breakaway cables have proven to be the best in terms of durability, strength, and ease of use. Whether you choose the GENUINE Heavy Duty Trailer Caravan Breakaway Cable or the Xtremeauto Easy Quick Fit Breakaway Cable, rest assured that you are investing in a key component for towing safety.

With their perfect length and highly recommended features, these breakaway cables will bring your caravan to a halt if an emergency unhitching situation occurs. Don’t overlook this important aspect of caravan safety – make sure you have one of these top-rated breakaway cables attached to your trailer.


1. How long should a caravan breakaway cable be?

A caravan breakaway cable should typically be around 1 meter in length to allow for proper functioning in case of an emergency.

2. Can I use any type of breakaway cable with my caravan?

No, it is important to use a breakaway cable that is specifically designed for caravans and approved for towing purposes to ensure safety and compatibility.

3. What is the purpose of a breakaway cable?

The purpose of a breakaway cable is to activate the brakes on the caravan if it becomes detached from the towing vehicle, preventing potential accidents or damage.

4. Are there any regulations regarding the use of breakaway cables?

Yes, there may be specific regulations or guidelines set by local authorities or road safety organisations regarding the use and installation of breakaway cables. It’s important to familiarise yourself with these requirements.

5. How often should I check my breakaway cable for wear and tear?

It is recommended to regularly inspect your breakaway cable for any signs of wear, fraying, or damage before each trip and replace it if necessary to maintain its effectiveness.

General Facts

1. A breakaway cable is a vital piece of caravanning equipment.

2. It is important to fit the breakaway cable correctly to ensure caravan safety.

3. Breakaway cables carry a huge responsibility in ensuring the safety of the caravan.

4. There are new standards and best practices for breakaway cables in the UK.

5. A comprehensive guide is available to provide information on breakaway cables.

6. The Caravan Club has a handy guide on how to attach breakaway cables.

7. Breakaway cables manufactured by Al-Ko are red, while BPW’s are blue.

8. Breakaway cables are necessary for unbraked trailers.

9. Alko breakaway cables are commonly used for caravans.

10. A breakaway cable is designed to work in the event of the caravan becoming uncoupled from the towcar.

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