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Elddis Crusader Aurora

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Elddis Crusader Aurora
4 berth
MTPLM 1526kgs

The Elddis Crusader Aurora is a 4 berth single axle model with retractable island bed. Elddis is owned by the Erwin Hymer Group which are a massive manufacturer of leisure vehicles including caravans and motorhomes.

It has a central washroom and rear island bed which pulls out at night to make a decent-sized double bed. It also features Alde central heating system which runs on gas, electric or both. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Aurora and I’d certainly consider it if I were in the market for a single axle caravan

Every manufacturer claims to be class leading in some aspect of their product and Elddis are no different.

I’m not exactly sure where they are class-leading, but we’ll let them have that as just about everyone else claims the same.


Elddis has always been a little bit boxy and the Elddis Crusader Aurora is no exception. It looks pretty cool with its grey sides, but some might not like the “pimped up” tinted windows, they seem to be quite a dark tint. But it’s certainly unique.


Nice neutral colours, although in the brochure they seem in to decorate with orange, orange cushions and orange piping on the upholserty. Just when we thought we’d got away from the days when caravan manufacturers seemed obsessed with orange interiors, making them look like some sort of 1970’s kitchen – all orange and brown.

The wood effect is a very light wood in the Elddis Crusader Aurora, which makes it bright and airy. There’s a well-appointed washroom with a nice chrome radiator to dry your towels on, should you use the facilities in your caravan

Elddis say that the interior is harmonious. I think by that they mean they use orange at every opportunity.

Elddis Crusader Aurora Conclusions

I’ve only ever physically looked at the lower end Elddis, never at this particular caravan, so it’s really hard to guage. It would certainly be on a par with anything that Bailey or Swift have to offer. Remember the Elddis brand is owned by Erwin Hymer Group and they are a huge manufacture of leisure vehicle backed by 1,000’s of dealers worldwide. They have products is every class of leisure vehicle, so it’s not like you’re taking a gamble on one of these.

The interior looks great and I like the lighter wood, it suits this caravan very well. The outside is modern and maybe not to everyone’s taste. I personally find the window colour slightly strange I thought I would like it, but when I was 18 I had tinted windows on my Mini and it was the business. Now I’m in my 50’s, so do I want tinted windows on my caravan? However, if I was 35 I might!

At around the £27,000 the Elddis Crusader Aurora is certainly in the same area as Bailey Unicorn and Swift Challenger, it competes very well in my opinion. Having said that, they don’t have exactly the layout I’d like at the moment, so they are off my list. Should your budget stretch further, you might want to look at Buccaneer. Also from the Erwin Hymer Group stable.


  • Grade III Thermal Insulation for guaranteed all weather comfort
  • Retractable bed creating a comfortable daybed and 400mm additional floorspace during the day
  • Improved Alde 24-hr multi-programmable central and water heating system. Runs on gas, electric (up to 3.15KW) or both with new easy-to-use LCD touchscreen control with night-time display setting. Now with automotive-standard Glycol G13 Antifreeze coolant.
  • Aero Privacy flush-fit double-glazed side windows with night ventilation position, pleated blinds and flyscreens
  • Improved lighting system throughout
  • Fixed bed mattresses are lightweight, yet super-supportive with soft-touch Argentum+ anti-bacterial and anti-allergy technology with Silver
  • Fixed Bed Hypnos mattress option
  • Bed frame with easy-lift gas struts for improved-access storage (fixed beds)
  • 6’5” Headroom
  • 7’6″ Overall width
  • 1400 X 440 Large Heki Lux Stargazer rooflight incorporating pleated blind and flyscreen, with stylish surround and independently switched integrated downlights
  • Wide-opening spring-assisted beech slat bases on all bunks and beds for easy access
  • Seat bases with front access and space for bulky items
  • Seat backrest ventilation boards for even heat distribution
  • Privacy curtains or room dividers

Elddis Crusader Aurora Security

  • AL-KO Diamond Standard Secure wheel lock (single axle models include one wheel lock, twin axle models include two wheel locks and an AL-KO side mounted jack)
  • TRACKER ® Thatcham Cat 7 approved tracker (includes first 12 months subscription)
  • Alarm system with PIR (Passive Infra Red) and leg sensor
  • CRiS security system
  • High security external door locks with single key operation
  • All models comply with British and European safety standards as independently verified by  NCC
  • Balanced wheels for even wear and better fuel consumption
  • Concealed security data chip within caravan construction
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm
  • Smoke alarm
  • Illuminated compartment for 2 gas bottles, with fitted Gas auto-changeover valve and regulator (We recommend 2 x 7kg)
  • Isolation taps for gas appliances

Elddis Crusader Aurora Technical

Year: 2021
Model: Crusader Aurora 
Number of Berths: 4
Wheel Rim: 5 1/2 Jx14 5×112
Tyre Size: 185 R14 104
Tyre Pressure at MTPLM in psi: Downrate 62 / Standard 64 / Uprate 65
Interior Length: 5700mm / 18’8″
Exterior Body Length: 6260mm / 20’6″
Shipping Length: 7320mm / 24’0″ 
Overall Width: 2300mm / 7’7″
Overall Height: 2645mm / 8’8″ 
Overall Height Excluding TV Aerial: 2560mm / 8’5″
Maximum Headroom: 1950mm / 6’5″
Interior Width: 2170mm / 7’1″
Porch Awning Height: 2430mm / 8’0″ 
Awning Sizes Ground to Ground: 10150mm / 33’4″ 
Maximum Hitch Weight: 120kgs / 1.97cwt
Mass in Running Order (MIRO): 1373kgs / 27.03cwt
Optional Equipment Payload: 0 
Maximum User Payload: 153kgs / 3.01cwt
Plated M.T.P.L.M: 1526kgs / 30.04cwt
Maximum M.T.P.L.M: 1550kgs / 30.51cwt
Front Mattress Sizes: 1 x Double 1130mm x 2030mm / 3’8″ x 6’8″ 
Side Dinette Mattress Sizes: N/A
Rear Mattress Sizes: Fixed Double 1346mm x 1900mm / 4’5″ x 6’3″


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