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Caravan Accessories

Once you’ ve purchased your caravan, as if that wasn’t difficult and expensive enough, you then have to decide on caravan accessories. Just like when moving into a new house, you need to purchase things to put in it. I don’t mean furniture etc, but you need bit and pieces, a whole host of caravan accessories. I’m so sorry, but this is going to be expensive. It is, of course, up to you how much you spend but there are certainly some caravan accessories that are essential. Let’s have a look.

As mentioned above, there are some caravan accessories you will need. Unless of course you were lucky enough to get some of these included into your purchase. Like a house a caravan needs a certain amount of “services”. Such as electricity, water and gas. OK, not all of these are technically necessary, but if you consider yourself a normal everyday human being that likes a certain amount of comfort, you’ll need services. True, you can sit in a field, in your caravan, just using the battery to power the lights and if you have a solar panel your battery might last for a while. However, most of us won’t do that regularly.

Essential Caravan Accessories

  • Aquaroll
  • Electric Hook Up Cable
  • Waste Container
  • Waste pipe Connector
  • Gas Bottle


Aquaroll holds your fresh water for the caravan. The electric hookup cable connects your caravan to the onsite electricity. Waste container takes all the waste from your sink and shower. Waste pipe connector will connect your caravan to the waste container. Gas bottle will supply your caravan with gas

You’ll see some caravan accessories at the bottom of this page. It’s ok just getting the essential, but if you want to eat something, you’ll need plates and cutlery. To start with you can bring things from home, bare in mind though and this will become a regular consideration bordering on obsession and that’s the weight of EVERYTHING! So, like replacing china and metal things with plastic. Of course, not everyone thinks it’s necessary, it really depends on how much you let things worry you. There is of course a real safety concern with an overweight caravan, so you should think carefully about what you put into the caravan before towing. Everything has a weight to it.

There is probably no limit to the amount of caravan accessories you will think you need, nut be mindful of how much stuff you’re taking. Once on site take a look at what other caravanners are using in the way of caravan accessories. You’ll get some great ideas and you’ll find that caravanners love talking about their latest purchase

Essential Caravan Accessories

GADLANE 25M Extension Lead – Heavy Duty Caravan Hook Up Cable, 16 Amp Cable 240V Camping Extension Lead, High Visibility, Orange Mains Power Cable – Ideal for Campervans & Motorhomes (25 Metres)*
  • SAFE AND COMPATIBLE EXTENSION LEAD – Confidently use this powerful, water resistant 25m extension lead both indoors and outdoors. Customer safety is our #1 priority. This high-quality, 240V hook up cable is approved by caravan sites for use while travelling, and is compatible with most recreational vehicles for instant power.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Manufactured using innovative engineering and electrical practices. Each extension lead with coupler connectors is CE approved and carefully inspected to meet the highest standards of quality.
  • HEAVY DUTY – With a thick 1.5mm² circumference and premium copper 3 core cable, tradesmen and homeowners will love using this strong and durable mains extension lead to access power in outdoor shops and garages.
  • VERSATILE – This 16amp extension lead will be your go-to hook up cable. This essential device is perfect for connecting site power to your motorhome when you need a safe electricity supply. Plus, the bright orange colour offers high visibility, making this cable an excellent choice for when you’re travelling in a caravan, or completing projects around the house.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – This mains extension lead conforms to BS 7671 and EN 60309. Includes BS6500 (cable), EN 60 309-1 (plug), and EN 60 309-2 (connector). Offers a top notch water resistance rating of IP44.
Hitchman Aquaroll - Silver 40 Litres
121 Reviews
Hitchman Aquaroll – Silver 40 Litres*
  • Hitchman Aquaroll – Silver 40 Litres
  • Product type: BLANKET
  • Brand: ArkiFACE
Xtremeauto Caravan Waste Water Pipe Kit Dual Outlet Caravan Waste Water Outlet Hose Pipe – 2 to 1 Pipe Adapter – Perfect For Waste Master Or Waterhog*
  • ALL YOU NEED FOR YOUR WASTEWATER CONNECTION – The Xtremeauto wastewater kit is all you need for easy caravan wastewater disposal, simply attach the kit to your van and align your waste carrier for simple wastewater extraction.
  • VERSATILE – This kit can be aligned to suit, with two 90 degree angle connectors provided and a long tube for going into the waste tank. Two grey convoluted pipes are also provided to clip onto your van.
  • THE PERFECT FITTING – Compatible with inside diameter 28.5mm / outside diameter 34mm. Keeps your caravan neat and tidy. Will fit most caravans made after the year 2000. Please check your size.
  • COMPACT AND EASY TO STORE – This can be disassembled, making it perfect for easy storage. This is a must have for all caravan and campers.
  • “TRIED AND TESTED – Complies with BS5254 Fits standard double waste pipe outlets fitted on most modern caravans. The rubberised material inside the connecting hoses makes it easy to fit into your caravan waste outlets and provides a watertight seal. Internal curves to allow free-flowing water and prevent any potential backwash to the shower or basins.”

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