No, I’m not trying to compete with QVC, or whatever the most popular channel is for promoting, useful, but slightly strange products.

But here’s something you can’t do without, it’s absolutely changed our lives, we liked it so much we bought the company. I’ve over done it haven’t I? Now you won’t believe a single word I say 🙂

What is a Bed Sheet Clip

I’m pleased to say I can speak about this with some authority. We have a fixed double bed which is transverse i.e. the headboard is on the side of the caravan. It has a flip up flap at the end which gives us room during the day and a double bed at night.

Transverse bed. Picture speak louder than words…

The semi circle part of the bed is the flap bit. We use a mattress protector with a sheet over it. To hold the sheet in place, we use this :-

No, they are not bed braces…

The photo is of the clips, looking a little like braces for a bed sheet. You get four, one for each corner and they simply clip onto the sheets and hold it in place. It’s a simple solution for a problem we always have – the sheets moving around and coming adrift.

We’d highly recommend them if you have a fixed bed. I assume they’d work equally as well in the home, although we don’t have the issue there.

When we remove the semi circular part of the mattress so that we can close the flap on the bed to give us more room, it keeps the sheets in place on the mattress protector. I do hope you’re following this, it is difficult to explain. In any case, we use this and it solves the problem we have – we don’t like crinkly sheets, no thank you very much indeed. Problem solved and all the sake of a few quid, or maybe a bit more than a few?

Here’s the product, have a look yourself. To buy or not to buy that is the question. We bought it, you might not. I won’t loose any sleep, well, not now our sheets stay in place..(See what I did there – the phone’s ringing, it’s probably QVC offering me a job.) :-

  • We do use this product, we purchased ourselves, not sponsored. Below is an affiliate link, which means if you purchase it from this link, we’ll get a small “commission” it won’t cost you any more (thanks)
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