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I’ve dabbled with Fenwicks caravan cleaning products in the past. I haven’t be a loyal customer though I’m afraid, I keep wondering off, like a lost child with not direction.

If you watch YouTube videos or read blogs on caravan cleaning – what? You mean you don’t? Anyway if you were to you’d see a lot of people use Fenwicks Caravan Cleaning products to clean their caravans.

There’s one reason caravan’s use them; they’re good. Fenwicks have a range of caravan cleaning product, now some people argue that they’re pretty much all the same and that the algae remover is just a watered-down caravan cleaner. But, I personally like a product that’s designed to do one job and do that one job well.

Are Fenwicks caravan cleaning products really better than anyone elses? Well, that’s a matter of opinion, but if you want products that are consistently good, then Fenwicks are good choice

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