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You may know we’ve recently sold our caravan, so at the time of writing this, we don’t have a caravan. However, it’s a good time to rethink the accessories we have had and some we don’t know own. Of the ones I don’t own, which caravan accessories would I buy again. And those we do still have which are worth keeping.

Kartt Jockey Wheel

It might seem odd to you, but when I sold the caravan I left the Kartt Jockey Wheel on. I could have put the original back on, but I had a pang of guilt. If I didn’t think the original was any good then I shouldn’t put it back on, it didn’t feel right. Besides, they aren’t the most expensive thing in the word, so I’ll definitely buy a new one for the new caravan.  

Specialised Covers Front Caravan Tow Cover

This is a bit of an oddity. I bought a Specialised Covers Tow Cover and had a rather nice CaravanVlogger logo on the front. But I didn’t sell it with the caravan and it’s only useful on a Bailey Unicorn IV. So why did I keep hold of it. Well, a few reasons, firstly, I didn’t want the buyer to know I was a YouTuber. Secondly, I didn’t want someone else towing a caravan with the “CaravanVlogger” logo on the front. I could just imagine people saying, “I saw you on a site the other day and you ignored me”. This does of course mean I have a perfectly good tow cover for a Unicorn IV that I can neither use, not sell. I don’t think the logo will come off easily, although it might be worth a try.

I’m considering buying another for the new caravan, however, I won’t be getting our logo on it this time!

Do I Need A Tow Cover?

AirHawk Handheld Tyre Compressor

This is something I’ve had for a while and still have. It’s not specifically a caravan accessory, however, I do use it to inflate the caravan (and car) tires.

It’s really easy to use and I highly recommend it. 

Corner Steady Feet / Pads

This is another thing I left on the caravan, of course I could have removed it but just felt it’s something that is really useful and cheap enough for me to buy again. They’re available from a few different suppliers, all do pretty much the same thing. For us they’re really useful as we have a gravel drive and it gives the steadies a firm footing. Works great on both grass and hard standing pitches, a real must have in my opinion.

Here are the top 3 best selling caravan steady pads on Amazon:

Caravan Security Products

I’ve cheated here and added two things under one heading. Well, it’s my blog, I’ll do what I like 🙂 

Firstly. it’s the Nemesis Ultra caravan wheel lock. I use this because of how easy it is to fit. Although I have a twin axle, the insurance doesn’t specify how many wheel locks I need, so I only use one. Keeps the cost down and really, if someone is going to steal it, the amount of locks won’t stop them! However, you should check with your insurance for their requirements.

Secondly, is my hitch lock. I went to this specifically because it can a) be fitted really quickly and b) you can leave it on whilst towing. I’ll just quickly add, I don’t leave it on whilst towing, but I did intend to, then changed my mind. Now they are more expensive than other makes and I can’t sit here and say that are “more secure” than any other. However, they are easy to fit and I think look a lot more understated than some of the other hitch locks available.

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