Floe Caravan Drainage Kit

The Floe Caravan Drainage Kit is an ideal addition to your caravan survival kit. Available for both Truma and Whale water systems it allows you to easily expel any lingering water in your water system.

Why do you need to worry about the water left in your caravan pipes?

Well, 2 reasons really. Firstly the remaining water can turn stagnant during the periods where you’re not using your caravan. Secondly, during the winter the remaining water can freeze. This can cause pipes to expand damaging parts of the water supply or heating pipes.

Flow Caravan Drainage Kit is easy to use. Just connect it to you “water in” socket, attach a compressor. Then close the taps and pump the required amount of air into the pipes. Once the pressure is reached open your taps, or drainage valve and the pressure being released will remove all the water as well.

Floe Caravan Drainage Kit. What You Get

It comes in two pieces, one attaches to the water in socket and the other to a compressor, or a pump. It’s well made and feels durable.

Although reasonably expensive the Floe Caravan Drainage Kit is a must-have purchase. This could save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repair bills in the spring when you first use your caravan in the new season.

Floe Touring Caravan Drainage Kit - Whale Connection*
  • Caravan Motorhome Drainage Kit For Removing Water From System
  • Whale Connection
  • Removes Stale Water
  • Removes Water For Winter Storage
  • Product emonstration CD Included
Floe Touring Caravan Drainage Kit - Truma Ultraflow Pistol Grip Connection*
  • Caravan Drainage Kit - Truma Ultraflow Connections
  • Removes Stale Water
  • Ideal For Winter Drain Down

We have yet to use it at the time of writing, although it will be used before the first frosts hit. It’s a constant worry for caravanners that leave caravans unattended and unused in the winter months. Prolonged cold weather can cause havoc with caravan water pipes. Better safe than sorry, take a look at the Floe Caravan Drainage Kit before it’s too late.

Below is a VLOG I made showing you the Flow Caravan Drainage Kit. I’ll explain what it does and how it connects to your caravan. Whilst you’re there, why not subscribe to our channel. We try to be a bit different and have a bit of fun, whilst giving you the information you need.

Floe Caravan Drainage Kit

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*Last update on 2022-08-08 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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