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Oh the irony, the sweet irony that won’t have been wasted on anyone that views my YouTube channel. I’ve made a few vlogs where my alter ego “MotothomeVlogger” has been isolating in our caravan on the drive.

I now find myself isolating from the rest of the family. One day last week, I wasn’t feeling 100%. I’d had stomach issues and, well, I’ll save you the details, but I had to spend more time than usual in the toilet.

During the evening I could feel myself getting a high temperature. With me, I get a weird feeling in my head, which is hard to explain. I suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and I was getting like a “whoosh” feeling / pulsing noise in my head (told you it wasn’t easy to explain). Anyway, I’m not the first person on the planet to have had a high temperature, so you’ll know the sort of thing I mean.

Due to the ongoing issues, I’d purchased a thermometer so that we would take our temperatures, being as one of the symptoms of CV19 in a high temperature.

I checked it, it was ok just below 37. During the evening I started to feel a bit worse so went to bed. I woke around 1am, not feeling great. So, took my temperature again. 38.9. Light on, glasses on, google whats a high temperature.

“Your normal body temperature is approximately 37C. A fever is usually when your body temperature is 37.8C or higher.”

Oh bugger mine was 38.9! I can’t ignore this, I would have normally just popped a couple of tablets and gone back to sleep. Mandy was awake at this time, I played it down as best I could. I didn’t have a cough, but I’d had diarrhoea too, this can also be a symptom.

We fortunately have a “spare” living room. A room downstairs we don’t use. It isn’t finished, it has no carpet and no fireplace (not that it matters, I’m just adding detail), but it does have a sofa bed and a TV, although no aerial or sky connection – imagine!

Although 38.9 is considered a mild temperature, now was not the time to take risks.

By 7am it had gone back to 37, so it was normal. I had very slight flu symptoms a little bit achey and a slight headache, which continued the rest of the day. The next day, so day 2, I felt fine.

So now, of course, being a responsible adult, I need to sit it a room for a week. It’s important to be isolated away from others in the house. I could still go for a walk, I can go into the garden, but must not go to the shops.

It also means everyone has to not go to the shops for 14 days. Hmm, lucky we did that Tesco shop, which might have been where I picked up whatever virus I had. I literally hadn’t been anywhere else. I’d just been indoors for 3 weeks prior to that.

We had noticed in Tesco, that although they were only letting a few people in at a time, people just would not adhere to the 2 meter rule. When you’re in an aisle with a shopping trolley it’s quite hard to do, but people where still doing the old “lean across you to reach something you’re looking at”. Like, what are you doing you nutter!

I think people somehow just either forget or aren’t really taking it seriously.

I now have my PS4 in the room, also I have my coffee maker. Mandy brings me breakfast, lunch and dinner. I put all my washing up in a bowl that I don’t touch.

What am I doing in a room for 7 days? Good question. During the day I’m working on my real job (not CaravanVlogger) Of course I’m doing longer hours, what else am I to do? Yesterday I woke at 5am, logged in and stayed working until about 9pm. This was on and off of course, I wasn’t glued to my laptop the whole time.

Other than that, I’ve been watch YouTube. Hale and Pace and Alan Partridge mainly, actually pretty much exclusively. YouTube and their suggestions keeps me going to hours.

Some useful links below. Status checker allows you to inform the NHS that you have “covid19 symptoms” of course I might never know if I’ve had it, they say you can get mild symptoms or even have it and get no symptoms. Mine were mild, if indeed I had it.

NHS Covid-19

Coronavirus Status Checker

I also subscribe to Dr John Campbell who gives daily updates on virus numbers and tips on staying safe. No drama, just facts and basic medical advice.

The vlog was REALLY helpful and helped me a lot during my early “panic” :

YouTube player

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    I think Graham you was driving up north to buy a awning maybe an air one

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