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Site Overview

Homestead Lake Park Touring Site is located about 6 miles from Clacton-On-Sea, which is a coastal town in Essex. There is a fishing lake, as well as a separate rally field. At the front of the site there’s an accessory shop, coffee shop as well as a place where they all caravans (new and used). On the face of it, it’s a perfect getaway place, certainly for a short weekend and certainly if you live in Essex or the surrounding area as we do.
We were visiting friends that live in Clacton-On-Sea, so it’s only a short drive from the site, to their house. In fact, it’s drivable from our house, so we didn’t really need to take the caravan, but we like to get away as much as is possible and this was the ideal opportunity.
We stayed on a pitch facing onto the lake, and although you could describe it as a large pond, rather than a lake, it’s a very nice outlook. You can request a lake view when you book.
Essex seems to have an overall lack of caravan sites, certainly ones open year round. There are a number of CL’s which tend to be farms, which as really nice, however, if we want to go away, somewhere not too far, there isn’t really that much choice, unless we’re missing some, which of course is entirely possible!
The fishing lake is apparently well stocked, I don’t fish myself, so I couldn’t testify one way all the other. I can see the appeal of a site like this to those that do enjoy fishing. It is a quiet and relaxed site.
The cafe (Cabin Cafe) offers all day breakfasts, they have a kids menu and offer hot food until 3pm. There’s a daily specials board. For this type of site, it’s a perfectly pitched menu (excuse the pitch pun)They offer tea, coffee and cakes too. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to try, but it was certainly doing a good trade – a sign things are good!
For a small extra fee (£5) we were able to stay on the pitch until 4pm on the Sunday, which we made full use of, it’s nice not to get up and rush on going home day.

Lake View

Toilet Blocks

The toilet block is clean and acceptable at Homestead Lake Park Touring Site. They maybe weren’t the warmest I’ve been to, however, I compare any toilet block to Caravan and Motorhome Club site loos. I had noticed that there is only one toilet block, this shouldn’t be a problem normally, as it’s not a large site. However, it does have quite a large rally field, if that was full, the amount of toilet and shower facilities wouldn’t be enough. There were only a few caravans in the rally field when we were there.


Site Access

Site access is very good as the front of the site, where for caravans for sale are located is on the main road. The touring pitches are behind the main buildings, which are access via a barrier at the side of the main building. 
As you enter the site reception is directly ahead, opposite the caravan sales are, the shop is also here.

A few pics of our caravan and pitch


Everyone was very friendly and helpful.


After looking at the site’s website, before we booked, I knew we were going to like this site. It has just enough for us to do onsite, without us having to go anywhere, without having a clubhouse. It might not have been the same, if we’d had children with us, but Clacton is only 10 minutes away.We like this site. For us, the added “attraction” of the accessory shop (which is really very good), the caravan sales area and a place to grab a coffee (or more importantly cake) makes it perfect for a short break. We do breaks like this just because we want to get away in the caravan, although this time we had a reason to go, in that we were visiting friends, we’d quite happily go here and sit in the caravan all weekend, without the need to venture out anywhere. Of course, you have Clacton pretty much on your doorstep if you waned to sample the usual delights of an Essex sea side town..

There’s a rather oddly name pub just outside the site. We never visited ourselves but have been told the food is good.

Rather oddly named pub just outside the site..

Caravan Breakfast Anyone?

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