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Caravan water. How to fill caravan water tank.

We all like to think of our caravan as a home from home. Somewhere we can get away from it all, relax, watch TV and maybe have a gin or 3. On the face of it caravans are very similar to our homes. They have water, gas, electricity a toilet, a shower, a kitchen, bedroom and lounge etc.

Let’s rewind a bit there. Gas, Electricity and Water? These are the 3 main utilities that use expense infrastructure to pipe them into our house. There are water pumping stations, powers stations, and gas refineries. We don’t have that infrastructure piped to our home on wheels, our wobbly box. How does all the stuff arrive at the caravan in the first place?

Utility Supply : Water

Water is an essential element to enable life on Earth. So how do we get water to our caravan and how is it used.

Let me introduce the Aquaroll (other water butts are available)

Hitchman 40AQ Caravanning Camping Aqua Roll, Beige*
  • Hitchman 40 litre Aquaroll
  • Best selling portable water carrier that rolls across the ground
  • Comes with filler hose and tap connector
  • Features collapsible, removable handles
  • Can be used with the mains adaptor to provide a continuous fresh water supply

Unless you’re on a fully serviced pitch, the Aquaroll will need filling to get water into your caravan. This is done at a service point on site.

Water needs to get from the Aquaroll to the taps, so unless you fancy washing outside, or filling the kettle up directly from the Aquaroll you’ll need some sort of pipe. And unless you want to suck the water yourself, a pump would be handy.

There are a few different systems, usually depending on what make of caravan you have, most use with Whale, or Truma. From memory Bailey use Whale and Swift favour Truma. This doesn’t effect the water but, however, it does effect the pipe / submersible pump you use. i.e. the thing that drops into the water butt to allow water to be pumped into the caravan.

Truma pump

  • Connects with your Aquaroll or Waterhog
  • Compatible with Ultraflow Filter Housing and the Ultraflow Compact Housing

Whale Pump

Whale EP1612 Water Master Premium Pump and Plug 12 V, White, 15.8 Litre*
  • Superior pump performance (15.8 Litres per minute)
  • No need for extra adaptors
  • Kink resistant, wipe clean hose for easy storage after season
  • Easy-fit plug
  • Compatible with whale socket

Caravans have a pipe with a pump attached (see above) genius. Actually you’ll find little things like this everywhere in the caravan. For non caravanners, you’ll be amazed at the home comforts you get in a modern caravan.

So, the water butt, or Aquaroll as we have, has a weird bracket assembly thing. Looks complicated, but it’s simply to aid you moving the thing when it’s full of 40 litres of life giving water. Can you imagine trying to move the Aquaroll without this bracket, it could roll down the hill and kill half a dozed unsuspecting children, and you wouldn’t want that on you conscience would you?

How To Connect Water To Caravan

See our vlog on how to fill a caravan water tank

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