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There’s a lot of fuss about a caravan being level and also how to level a caravan. You see people with ramps, chocks and a whole manner of equipment. I’ve carried a set of ramps with me for about 700 years and used them once! So what’s all the fuss about leveling a caravan? I have also been on a site where my levelling blocks weren’t high enough so had to borrow some wooden blocks from the warden.

I’ll just say here, because people do enjoy “correcting” me – haha. It is important that the caravan is level. I’ll prove I know why by telling you now…

Why Should I Level My Caravan?

Firstly, the fridge. Our caravan is on a sloped drive and if I don’t level it, the fridge doesn’t work. Secondly, you want the water to drain away properly from the sinks. It’s also important to be level otherwise it isn’t very comfortable inside and no one wants to sleep on a slope! Last, but no least, if you have a sliding door by the toilet it is annoying if the toilet door won’t stay shut.

So, you now know why you need a level caravan. But earlier I said I’d only used the ramps once. That’s because we go on big, well maintained sites, if you want to start using CL’s etc, you might find yourself on an uneven pitch.

How do you level? Well, there’s front to back and side to side levelling. I’d suggest doing side to side first as this might involve pulling the caravan forward up a ramp slightly to raise one side.

Once it’s level side by side, front to back is done using the jockey wheel. Once it’s completely level you’ll probably decide never to use this site again in favour of some more “level” sites. Honestly, you live and learn and levelling the caravan, although to some you’re not considered a real caravanner unless you suffer for the pleasure, I prefer not to have to level the damn thing out. However, if you love a challenge, feel free to pick the most uneven pitch, I’m sure you’ll win caravanner of the year and impress your friends. Of course, going back to the “real caravanner” thing, only real caravanners use planks of wood and wouldn’t be seen dead using those useless plastic ramps. I personally don’t have bits of wood hanging about. As mentioned earlier, I have had to use wood once, a warden got me some from his man cave and we took ages adding planks of wood, moving the caravan onto the ever increasingly high planks. In the end I lied about how level it was just so that I could get on with my holiday. Guess what? The toilet door wouldn’t shut and the shower wouldn’t drain properly.

Levelling Ramps

These are quite cheap and light and can but purchased at most caravan shops

KATSU Caravan Leveling Ramps, 5 Ton Capacity 2 PCs Heavy Duty 3 Step Plastic Caravan Camping Motorhome Ramps for Vehicles Garage Workshop Car Service 161912*
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Fiamma Level Up Kit Grey + Storage Bag Caravan Leveller Ramps
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Fiamma Level Up Kit Grey + Storage Bag Caravan Leveller Ramps*
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  • Light, strong and anticorrosive. Keep your vehicle perfectly levelled for improved operation of equipment when parked on uneven ground. Will not crack or break like wood. Non-skid finish. Solid construction in UV-resistant polyethylene.
  • The best-selling level of the range. Ridged surface to grip to the vehicle’s tyres. Consists of 3 levels. Lightweight and made from rust-proof material, easy to clean and UV-resistant. 2 piece package. The Kit Level Up is sold complete with Level Bag.

Lock ‘n Level

Lock n Level Single Axle*
  • Lock n Level Single Axle
  • Brand : AMONOY
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Lock n Level Twin Axle*
  • Lock n Level Twin Axle
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You could also invest in E&P self-levelling to the tun of about £3,500 or of course, just use planks of wood.

Some more here:

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