Kampa Gale 12 Volt Awning Pump




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Kampa Gale 12 Volt Awning Pump

We have an air awning and have for some time been using the hand pump that you get with the awning itself. This has an advantage in that you can’t over fill the awning with air as it’s designed that it won’t deliver that much pressure. It’s not overly difficult, but does take some time and is a bit unpleasant either in the rain or boiling sun.

I’d seen this pump advertised and thought it looked a good idea, and indeed it was. I wouldn’t say the pump is any quicker than doing it manually but it does have some good features.

You can set the pressure and turn it on, it’ll turn off when it reaches the set pressure. The first time I used it I looked up what pressure to set it to and couldn’t believe it. It suggests a pressure between 8 – 11 psi. Now this is quite low when comparing to tyres, but the first time I inflated with this pump I only went to 7 psi as I was absolutely sure it was going to blow.

I now set the pressure to 8 psi and cover my ears!

The only problem I have with it is plugging it in. It’s a cigarette lighter connection (12 volt). Now my caravan had this in the caravan, but the cable wasn’t long enough, so I have to back the car up and plug it in a connector in the boot. That’s not too much hassle. However, being a device that’s meant to make life easier it only delivers on a bit of that. It’s sometimes a bit tricky getting car near enough to plug it in, although I’ve always managed it.

Kampa Dometic Gale 12v High Pressure Electric Pump for Inflatable Tents and Awnings*
  • Dometic Branded Premium Product
  • 2 volt electric pump is designed specifically for use with Kampa AIR awnings and tents. A perfect match for your Kampa Dometic tent or awning, replacing the manual pump that comes as standard with all Kampa Dometic models
  • Simply plug into a 12v cigar lighter or similar power source using the extra long cable, set the PSI required on the large, easy to read backlit digital display and let the pump take care of the rest
  • The pump comes with a screw on adaptor designed to fit Kampa Dometic tents and awnings plus a range of other adaptors for other inflatable awnings, tents, camping furniture etc
  • An extra-long power cable means that you don’t need to manoeuvre your car right next to the tent or awning to connect the pump to the vehicle battery

Certainly worth buying if you use your awning all the time as we do.

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